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  1. TaureanJ, I agree that simply saying something sucks is not productive. But often what is 'negative' is in the eye of the beholder. Often on this board someone will say "I am glad Tally is building more, because it isn't developed enough" or something like that. That could be construed (sp?) as negative by those who are anti-development. But those that are pro development think it is just fine for example. Just a thought.
  2. I would guess Brad Johnson or Deal Palmer.
  3. hey, I chime in when I can. I think this board does great
  4. I am waiting for the punch line here. No, I wasn't there unfortunately. That is why I love this site...I can count on your updates with sweet pics.
  5. Name: Mike Occupation: Computer Consultant in Health Care Live: Southwood Grad: FSU (GO NOLES!!!!) Age: A LOT older than everyone here (35)
  6. "Also, I got a glimpse at the 10 companies proposing to do some developing along Gaines Street downtown. Their resumes were quite impressive (some of them) others I'd throw away. " I hope Tally doesn't make this a low rent district or unappealing. Tenn. Street is a total nightmare. Gaines Street is there next shot, but I just don't have a ton of confidence in the city doing anything special...more specifically anything worthy of being a 'destination' spot. Let's hope in 5 years I can eat those words...but until them, I doubt the COT ability in making this worth a damn.
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