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  1. Is the Rackham Hall study room, and other places like that open to the public, or strictly students and staff? MrCoffee
  2. I will vouch for the warmer winters in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. And summers also get hot in that area as well. In fact, there were snow storms east of Chicago last December, while Minneapolis/St. Paul didn't have any snow on the ground. The coldest months are December, January, February, and March. It starts warming up in April, gets hot by the end of May, then starts cooling off in the middle of September. November is when it starts getting cold, with below freezing temperatures towards the end of the month. Minneapolis/St. Paul is well adapted to the colder climate, and other
  3. Oh, but I'm in Pittsfield Township. OK, so if the students invade that's fine. I'll just sign an enlistment with Eastern Michigan, and "go with the flow". The "kiddies" in their early 20s will just have to get used to an old fogie who's over 40.... MrCoffee
  4. So far, so good. I've been in Ann Arbor since the first part of July. It does seem a lot quieter than where I was at in Minnesota (Burnsville, a suburb South of Minneapolis). You can bet I won't miss the loud strait hot-rod pipes on cars I had to endure in the Twin Cities! Hopefully, it will stay this pleasant and living costs will remain reasonable (which they seem to be so far). MrCoffee
  5. Thanks for the information, Wolverine. I'll be locating to Ann Arbor from Minneapolis/St. Paul. Housing is getting too expensive here, and the current management can't garantee me that the rent will stay the same next year. Housing is increasing draumatically in Minneapolis/St. Paul, but they don't consider it a bubble, as incomes are high in this area too. The cost of housing may be a good thing to some people, but for those on a fixed income, it makes it a bit difficult to stay. Hopefully, Ann Arbor will remain a pleasant, yet somewhat affordable place to live. MrCoffee
  6. I am wondering, does anybody have photos of Pittsfield Township? I am especially interested in the area around Highway 23 and Packard. Also, does anybody have any photos of Ypsilanti? It seems like Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti are both college towns, and I am fairly certain that those areas are thriving, but probably not on the same level as Grand Rapids. MrCoffee
  7. Got it, Wolverine. Thanks! MrCoffee
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