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  1. I am very pleased to inform that the Palmetto Parkway (I-520 in Aiken County, SC) will have their ribbon cutting ceremony on December 16, 2009, 3PM. After almost 40 years, Augusta finally has a complete spur perimeter, interstate highway, along with TWO new Flyover intersections.
  2. Article on How Augusta is fairing in this economic downturn as compared to other metropolitan areas in GA and the country. We are definitely very fortunate. "Augusta is among the strongest metropolitan economies in the country." "Specifically, Augusta is 23rd, according to Business Week, and is the only city in Georgia among the top 40." Article Link: http://blogs.augusta.com/node/3631
  3. Apple store is projected to open on July 7, 2009, According to this site. http://www.ifoapplestore.com/stores/apple_stores.pdf Construction apparently has been going on since Last month. http://html.ifoman.com.s3.amazonaws.com/chronology.html More Photos at 2nd link, just Ctrl+F and type in Augusta you should find the info.
  4. The Savannah River Banking Company held it's ribbon cutting ceremony today for their new building on Walton Way Extention (next door to Chick-Fil-A) And it looks gorgeous, if I must say so myself. I work for the Architecture Firm that designed it, so I may sound a bit biased, but hey, it's definitely a pleasure to be a part of Augusta's progress, very exciting. On the same street, there a plans for a Cheddar's Restaurant to open in Fall. Been to the one in Macon, and the food is pretty good, similar to a Chili's. And in other news, Augusta is ranked in the Top 100 Cities to Live in the US for 2009, along with Savannah and Atlanta Suburbs.
  5. Here is a report from the AC that talks about all the new Apartments that are popping up around West Augusta, and North Augusta. With the housing crisis still hitting hard in the U.S, the apartment market is picking up more demand, especially in Augusta. I'm glad to see more new construction and growth come to the city. Article
  6. And also, I just wanted to put a graphic of the Proposed MCG expansion. The New School of Dentistry is on the Current site of Gilbert Manor, that was recently sold by the City.
  7. In the Augusta Chronicle today, plans for the New Judicial Center Downtown are right on task, and still under budget. Should be expected to be Occupied by 2010. Projected Cost: $67 Million Article Link:http://chronicle.augusta.com/stories/052108/met_304147.shtml
  8. Yeah, this is a really exciting project. I've been following this all my life. I can't wait till it's finally done. I did figure t would take a lot longer than expected, the first completion date was a bit underestimated, IMO. But it should definitely come to be a highway traveled by many on the SC side of the metro, and all over.
  9. From reading the breaking news section of the paper, the Commission just narrowly approved a new 20 million dollar Convention Center on Reynolds Street. the vote was 6-0 after a first vote that was 5-3-2. 4 commissioners actually were not present during the 2nd vote, obviously making a difference.
  10. Has anyone heard of what they are doing with the Old White's building downtown? It looks like they are planning to converting it to a mixed use retail/residential complex that will bring Downtown's current condos to over 70, before they build the new condo towers. And they're trying to get a starbucks there too. Article I think this definitely will give a much needed advancement boost for downtown. Glad to see that our older, historic buildings are put back to use.
  11. Here's Blanchard and Calhoun's new Office Park development, off North Belair Rd. These offices will feature medical practictioner space on the upper two levels and street level retail. It would be a nice interesting mix when they get this done. The article
  12. Hey CanukInAugusta. From what I see in this post window, there is an attachments tab below where you type your post, with a browse button for uploading from your computer folders.
  13. The Columbia County Planning Commission is planning a meeting this evening to discuss approval for 2 New subdivision developments. 1 is a 350 acre mixed use residential/commercial development Northwest of Grovetown on the corner of Baker Place Rd and Chamblin Rd. (Around a proposed High school and Middle school) The other is a 90 acre expansion of River Island. Both are expected to be debated upon with school overcrowding. IMO, I think at this point Columbia County needs to plan at least two of each level of schools if they want to start catching up to the growth. By the time they plan for one, two additional ones are already needed. And also with all this westward development along I-20 that is Finally starting to be more apparent, more exits at Chamblin and/or Baker Place also needs to be planned in the Long Range transportation Plan also. Definitely in 20 years or so I see the delvelopment trend heading more this way since Up-the-river land is running low. Here's the article.
  14. ^ I had always thought that Graniteville already was it's own city, but I may of been wrong. Linking three together would really make it interesting. I still would LOVe to see more growth in that area, especially between Graniteville and Clearwater along the corridor between US1 and I-20. On another note, an article in today's chronicle talks about N. Augusta's new Archelogical park by the River and the OFFICIAL groundbreaking ceremony for Phase 2 of Palmetto Parkway is scheduled for January 22, 2007.
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