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  1. Guess I've walked by it but just far enough away that I have never seen it! I'll have to check it out next time.
  2. Love your pix....I think it's funny we have almost the same image of the flags on the brick rowhouses! I've always thought downtown Norfolk's Freemason residential area was beautiful. Also, where is the fountain in your images?
  3. Feel free to grab the pix for use in other threads. BTW, where do I post Va. Beach pix? I have a couple of Town Center.
  4. I kinda hope they keep the Texaco Building and turn it into lofts or something. I don't know why but I do like the facade - the Texaco stars in particular! It has a sort of nice look to it - maybe it's the brick...or maybe it was the heat and humidity today!! But I likey the building.
  5. BTW, the 2 guys in my photo stood at that light/intersection for at least 15 minutes looking at the construction site....ok guys, fess up...were they anyone from this board!!! Or maybe...??
  6. Last but not least for today....the recently sold Texaco Building on "the other side of Brambleton." I drove by and notice several of the units on the 2nd and third floors on the left appear to be storage while a couple on the right side look like someone is living there. Maybe I missed it but what is being planned for the building. Hopefully it will kick start something in that area....and what's up with the bus terminal....is it going bye bye or are we stuck with it! More pix later...
  7. Several random shots of downtown residential around Freemason and the Pagoda....it was really pretty out today but HOT!
  8. Trader....these guys were busy!
  9. more over in Ghent...love how you can see The Pink Lady in the background!
  10. Over around Granby and Monticello and 14th - 17th is a HUGE development going on. I'm a little confused about the name. Several posters here have called it The Bristol at Ghent but all the signage up at the site says The Row at Ghent. Here are a couple images from all sides!
  11. The "backside" of the St. Paul Lofts - as seen from Freemason.
  12. Next door, sort of, to HH is 388 Boush Street - lofts. Here are two views. These guys were working through lunch!
  13. Harbor Heights around lunch time today. No workers around at all! Not much to see right now.
  14. Call me a slacker...It's been a busy couple of days for me. I will be in DT tomorrow and will get lots of pix for all here. Hope the weather cooperates. I'll be over in Ghent too....so I'll look around and see what's up with some of the stuff going on over there as well.
  15. I noticed the message too late. I went downtown and took a couple quick images from the car. I'll post later. I also happened by VB Towne Center and took a new pic from the Ruby Tuesday's parking lot across VB Blvd. I will try to post them later. I'll get some of Harbor Heights in a couple days.
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