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  1. Celeste, isn't that Hanover Buckhead? The one beside the theater? They are going to have an incredible view of the Buckhead skyline.
  2. WOW Lady Celeste... that last photo you posted of the Midtown skyline looks awesome. The vibrant colors and clarity show more variety in the buildings than is normally seen. I can pick out Yoo and Azure also!
  3. That 528 square miles number cannot possibly be correct. Virginia Beach alone has almost 250 square miles of land. The city of Chesapeake contains 341 square miles of land. Those two alone would exceed that number. That doesn't even include Norfolk, Hampton, Newport News, Portsmouth, Suffolk, the other cities, and the 7 counties that are part of the MSA. The only explanation is that is the developed land area (built up area). The MSA total area is WAY larger than 528 square miles.
  4. Unifour


    Wow LadyCeleste, those numbers are amazing. Few cities are undergoing such fundamental change. Midtown is essentially one big construction zone. The new buildings are having little trouble filling up. The lowest lease rate I've seen was over 60% for one. Most of the rest are at 90% or above. It should still be enough to show a sizable increase in population.
  5. Peachtree at 17th is pretty elegant. Nice stylish tower. Midtown is so different than it used to be. I can't believe how much I like Azure. I hope it goes condo.
  6. Unifour


    Thank you Martinman and LadyCeleste. I also wonder if the census was totally accurate. Mayor Reed didn't think it was but it has not been revised up so the census is sticking with it. The demolition of public housing was a huge part of it. I've heard anecdotally that many of the displaced residents went to the suburbs. The foreclosure crisis hit other areas badly. Some areas were over 60% vacant afterword. So many areas still have entire abandoned blocks. Census estimates can go either way. During the 1990's, they UNDERCOUNTED the metro and the city. The 1999 estimate had the metro at 3.8 million and about 100,000 in growth every year. The 2000 census found 4.1 million in the old 20 county metro. I won't make the mistake again of thinking these estimates are written in blood. There is a lot of construction going on in the city. However, they are being filled with a lot of single people. We'll just have to wait and see to be honest.
  7. Unifour


    Given how dead these forums are these days, did you think you would get a response?? Well, you got one! LOL! (I do wish the forums would come alive.) The 2010 census was a shock. The estimates didn't take into account the number of black residents and others who moved OUT. There was a loss of 31,000 blacks during the decade. There is now a black-flight phenomenon. The foreclosure crisis also affected the numbers. It's up in the air but at least maybe it can approach 500,000.
  8. Thank you for responding. I did not intend to be nosy. It's just that I remember you so well from years ago. You were a prolific poster here in the Atlanta forums. It's such a same to see the forum a graveyard now. I used to have so much fun here and I learned so much about Atlanta. I intend to move to Atlanta eventually and invest in real estate so I participate in all the online forums regarding Atlanta. I was born in Va. and am very familiar with Nova. I hope you enjoy living there.
  9. Boy it's been a lot of years since I was here... This forum used to be hopping... It seems so quiet now, even though Atlanta development is more exciting than ever. All these new proposals are really destroying those parking lots fast. By the way, has Lady Celeste left Atlanta?? She speaks of it as though she is elsewhere now...
  10. The Census 2009 estimate has Meck at 913,000 and Wake at 897,000, with Meck adding 21,000 during last year and Wake adding 29,000. Both counties have gauged a slowdown, so it's up in the air. I think Charlotte's status is safe for a good while longer at least. Even if Wake has surpassed Mecklenburg (not known for sure yet), Charlotte's suburban counties are growing faster than Mecklenburg is. Charlotte Metro extends into South Carolina and York county now has 200,000 people, giving metro Charlotte 4 counties in the 200,000 population range. Charlotte will probably get Iredell county added to it's metro soon, giving it yet another fast growing county with nearly 200,000 people. Charlotte is becomming another metropolitan mass like other cities. Metro population determine more than anything what a city possesses. Atlanta wouldn't have near what it has if it wasn't for its large metro population. It's not the end of Charlotte's success or status by any stretch.
  11. Exactly. We won't know until we know. Those estimates can be very wrong. The info regarding the school district is more concrete proof to me.
  12. Oh, I agree that it is probably going to happen. Mecklenburg didn't have as big a lead on Wake as say Fulton had over Gwinnett in Ga. Wake county is only slightly smaller than Mecklenburg so Wake doesn't have far to go to catch it. At present, based on the "estimates" (educated guesses, but still guesses nonetheless), there is no evidence of an acceleration in Meck. Those "estimates" are mostly off though. They usually underestimate true population. I was just throwing out hypotheticals by stating that land area does not determine population size. You can fit innumerable people on relatively small land areas. I read somewhere that you could theoretically fit all the people on Earth in Texas and they'd still have room for a back yard. However, that is impossible since there'd be nowhere to plant food so the point is moot LOL. Don't you think that if Charlotte could start pulling in as many people as Atlanta has been without annexation that it could theoretically keep Meck ahead of Wake? I believe it would be possible, however unlikely it appears at present. Charlotte has suburban counties growing fast too, and Charlotte Metro remains considerably larger than Raleigh so Charlotte won't lose it's status I don't think. It's a technicality like a Jacksonville vs Miami type situation. Cheers, bud!
  13. Well, nothing is ever written in stone. After all, for decades the census and the AJC routinely predicted that Gwinnett would overtake Fulton in Georgia, but it didn't happen. Now Fulton is outgrowing Gwinnett and Gwinnett is slowing down. I've seen predictions of this sort fall flat before, but it does look likely at present. However, land area is not a reliable predictor of population size. Russia is double the land area of China but China has MANY times the population of Russia and nearly half of China is desert. Density is the factor here, I think. If Charlotte can keep capitalizing on the trend of intown/urban living and the development of high density high rises and developments continue, Mecklenburg stands a chance at pacing Wake. Currently it does look like Wake will overtake it however.
  14. It's amazing the amount of population Atlanta has added this decade. When one looks at where it was coming from as recently as 1990 and 2000, one cannot help but be astonished. Remember, in 1990 the famously undercounted census number was 394,017 and 2000 showed only a slim gain to 416,474. While the census clearly showed an acceleration in growth this decade, they were forced to continually revise the estimates in an effort to keep pace. First they showed only modest gains again, then several times upgraded by tens of thousands of people. It is astonishing that a city's fortunes can be reversed as much as Atlanta's have. From 416,474 in 2000, the city has skyrocketed to 540,921 according to the 2009 estimate. That is a gain of 124,500 people in NINE years! Also, we must remember that these are rough estimates and are usually undercounted. The census almost never OVERCOUNTS people. When you look at the MSA and CSA figures, it is equally astonishing given the economic troubles the nation has confronted. Atlanta still added a whopping 1.2 million people, from 4,247,000 to 5,475,000. Again, remember this is likely undercounted. The census showed metro Atlanta housed more than 200,000 more people than they estimated it would in 2000. More counties could be added in 2010, as they normally are for such a rapidly expanding area, so it's number could be significantly higher. And of course the lastest CSA estimate was 5,831,000, so you may as well get used to calling Atlanta a 6 million plus metro. It sure didn't take it long to get there either!
  15. It will continue to gain new stores I am fairly certain. Of course no one can really know for sure what the econmic future holds, but Atlanta, now being a metropolis of 6,000,000 mostly wealthy people, has simply grown too large to ignore. The stores MUST cash in on the fast rising population. One can only wonder how much better Phipps can get or what terrific stores will locate in Streets of Buckhead, but this development I like far better than a "mall" type situation.
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