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  1. And since you brought up the front door, there is a sign on in it saying that it is not an entrance, the entrance is in the rear.
  2. Also, only one block across the street (Greene) has two six story buildings on it, which both sit on hills making them look even taller. Then of course there is the high-rise about a block and a half away... I guess my point is the building won't have that big of an overall impact (in terms of appearance) to the rest of five points, just to that one block.
  3. I think that by declining the 5 points south building the committe showed to the public that they plan on being very strict with what they allow to be built. Maybe they are actually thankful for the $38 or so million spent on the beautification and we can trust them to only allow the finest developments in.
  4. AHA I knew I wasn't crazy... or well not that crazy. I had to brave the weather today in a suit for a few hours and it was horrible.
  5. ^^ Exactly, and to me it just sounds as if we're going to end up being stuck with another Food Lion strip.
  6. I guess I can agree with you, I just think its all a little suspect.
  7. That whole article is a little weird. Did anyone else notice the part about how they have tons of other plans ready for Columbia and would only comment on the details of this plan if The State would run an article on the other plans first. I wonder why they wouldn't just run the article.
  8. Processing chicken... the new american pasttime
  9. Its old, but someone other than Krazee needs to put something on here... I really do just love the Palmetto Center for some reason
  10. I actually love this thread, but can't contribute because my camera is somewhere between here and the Kodak headquarters... as soon as its back though, watch out!
  11. ^^That fountain just makes me tingly inside... but I think thats just my brain trying to remember things that happened around it and well lets just say something is stopping me from remembering
  12. OH GOD YES, that parking deck looks absolutely horrible. I would beg and plead, given the chance, for them to please reclad that thing.
  13. The map is absolutely amazing!! Now, just start the park, the pictures almost make my mouth water.
  14. You know, those could be the best idea housing wise that I've heard of in a while. If I had just taken a job in Columbia, I would have loved to live there.
  15. I like the new coat of paint alot more than what the building used to look like. Now, just bury the power lines.
  16. ^^ its that kind of thought that creates disunity among a peole, whether it be nationally, state, or city level. I say that the people of SC need to wake up and start to trust the people that they put into office. Except for, of course, Mcconnell and his cronies, they need to be removed from government; hell, they probably need to be removed from society in general in my opinion.
  17. ^I despise that parking lot in the last picture. Quite possibly one of the busiest intersections in the state, the pinnacle of Columbia's strength to outsiders (capital centre), and the state house right there; it just bothers the he!! out of me. Nice pictures
  18. John Mccain is having his whole presidential bid thing tonight... but I say everyone boycott it because theres a bunch of people standing out front of Adluh flying confederate battle flags (note how that is not capitalized). Some people are determind to ruin the image of SC and more importantly Columbia.
  19. And I'm not arguing that... just thought it was interesting input. Now back on topic, if anyone wants to join USC students are protesting the Nazi march this weekend. I really hope it doesn't turn into some sort of riot or something. If someone gets hurt, its going to look horrible on the university, but if someone just accidentally found a way to accidentally tear down the flag accidentally that would be great. But only if its an accident done accidentally.
  20. ^^Oh, I love our city and the outside opinion of it is just to make me more arrogant in regards to the city. I just got used to, as a small child, the idea that Columbia was just one large ghetto. Then I moved here... and I don't know if I can leave once I graduate.
  21. Well, on a slightly different topic, my parents came into town tonight from Greenville to visit me before graduation. I took them around the city and then went to go eat at Ristoraunte Divino in the Vista. Afterwards, we all walked around a while and let them just "experience" Columbia. The responses I got were amazing. My mom said that the Vista blows Main Street at home out of the water. And my father mentioned how he remembered only twenty years ago coming to the city when his company was using the old fire tower... and was shocked by how much the city had changed from "a bunch of rundown w
  22. yea, they finished the first floor late last week and I thought that they hadn't really started putting the floors on for the second floor yet. But, apparently I'm wrong because it appears that half of it has been filled with concrete. At this rate, we should have a frame up by the time of the USC graduation!
  23. Did you really just put Orlando and Columbia's skylines in the same category... I am usually a homer... put Orlando may be lacking height but geez its so dense and just booming like crazy. I think Columbia has somewhere around 30 towers currently (in the entire metro) while Orlando has somewhere around 200 or so. I can see Columbia in 25 years looking very much like, as previously stated, the late 70's ATL. My only problem with that comparison is that I don't see us getting anything near the size of the Westing in that time and the ATL skyline at that time was pretty much dominated by the W
  24. On a slightly different subject, mainly because this discussion usually tends to get ugly (I support taking it down), has anyone else ever noticed the random, gravel parking lot next to meridian on main? Why in the world hasn't that been developed, especially with the two new towers on each side of it, it should be prime real estate for a restaurant or some form of retail.
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