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  1. I am keeping an eye on the progress of the Music City Star...I commute to Philly from NJ by train and I love it. My monthly pass is $163 (I live at the end of the line), so $143 isn't too bad. I am thinking of moving to the Spring Hill area, and would love to have the option to commute into Nashville. It is soooo much better to work in the city than in the boooring suburbs. Even if the train ride is an hour each way, which is what I do right now, you can use that time to read, sleep, listen to your iPod, or just relax. Has anyone heard what the next phase will be, after the 1st line i
  2. I'm just comparing to my own personal experience in Philly. Septa's Regional Rail has only three "downtown" stations (Market East, Suburban, and 30th Street), and I would say probably 95% of people who take the train into Philly can just walk to wherever they are going. Of course, Philly does has decent bus and subway coverage, plus cab service, so I suppose one could make use of that to shorten the trip. I don't know how downtown Nashville compares, but I would think that if the downtown train stations are strategically located, then that would minimize the need for additional bus service.
  3. Umm...walk? I'm not too familiar with downtown Nashville, but it is small compared to cities like New York and Chicago. If the system is built right, they will have enough stops in the downtown area for most people to walk to their jobs. I work in Philly, and no matter where you work in downtown Philly you can get there using the regional rail lines and your own two feet.
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