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  1. P.S. I think the Rennaisance (SP?) is including sound barrier type walls in some of the units.
  2. I live 5 houses across N. Davidson St. and the tracks. It is just right. I am not a heavy sleeper and have yet to be awakended by the train. You have to love trains to live much closer to the tracks, because it might as well be rerouted through their living rooms. I was told the light rail will use that track, but also told it will "share" that track with trains. That would be interesting... but I hope that train goes for the sake of those who live along N. Davidson.
  3. Yes, they are going to preserve Fat City. KC wouldn't have it any other way. monsoon, I think is being a LITTLE pessimistic... but granted our city leaves him reason to be this way. Still, Uptown is NOT ONLY for the well off. Much of our middle class lives there. We also have section 8 housing in First Ward among many other spots. You don't want to build to allow large quantaties of POVERTY... look what kind of crime goes along with that. History has proven itself in that realm. N. Davidson has MANY mills and warehouses yet to be built. AGAIN, NoDa was an INDUSTRIAL town and to preserve its history is to rennovate those, save the houses and to build in a similar fashion. However, IT IS the arts district. That isn't going anywhere... we have more galleries than ever. We also have several low rent projects going up within the next year for artists. Fact is, there will be a little bit of everything in this area which is more beautiful than having it one way or the other in my opinion. That is true diversity... true color.
  4. SWEET SWEET. Yes, save some of those buildings!!! I think this will add much more new life to the Uptown(ish) area. I also believe it will increase the appeal for Uptown living with new restaurants, shops and a theatre going up that close to Uptown.
  5. Yeah well, I am not going to get all bent out of shape either way. I would like to see something else there, but I don't care if it stays. It isn't causing any harm.
  6. Sweet... I am not homophobic... but I am lack of class 100 yards from my house phobic.
  7. ARE YOU SERIOUS???? I haven't heard about this one. What for, the sign?
  8. No spamming Uptown!!! Kidding of course. Yes, there are still some interesting businesses in the area. I would imagine that they will be out of here within the next year or two.
  9. Funny thing is, I don't know anyone from the hood that actually went to the Blues Travelers show.
  10. Common monsoon, it isn't that bad!!! LOL. Just because there are a lot of black people doesn't mean you are in danger. That is what I learned by moving in here. If you are talking about TALCO express, I just walked my dog down to that store. I have lived right down the street from them for some time. They just turned 36th into a 2 lane road with 2 bike lanes on both sides. The people that live on that road are fixing up their homes and and the large homes on that road all just went of for sale. They already rennovated the back side of the low income housing project there and they are going to keep going. NoDa obviously has something to it if WINTER PROPERTIES FROM ATL and DAVID FURMAN have moved to the neighborhood. As I stated previously, Crosland was just the beginning and we had to welcome them here in order for other developers to follow. You just don't bite the hand that feeds you. Bluestravelers are playing this weekend in the Neighborhood theatre. So does the David Grisman Cortet, John Hyatt and several other respectful names. That isn't enough to get you out this way?
  11. Thanks guys. I appreciate it.
  12. Thanks monsoon! It is an original, but I looked in a book at a hair salon and found virtually the same photograph taken by a photographer a year later. I was happy to find the copyright date was after the photography class I had taken this photograph for. For kicks, here is another one of the sculpture Uptown that someone decided to later spraypaint. Idiots. I plan to do an oil painting of this.
  13. As I said, to each their own. I am curious, what types of places do you like to visit in Charlotte? Do you not like The Neighborhood Theatre or the Evening Muse? Do you not like the gallery crawls? They are still there. What would bring you back? I like to know these things, since I live there.
  14. Well to each their own. I think it works and it is reflective of the area's history. I would like to see some more funky architecture. Maybe we will see something different with Fat City.
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