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  1. Keep in mind, this is not the rendering of any hotel that is planned for the SoB. 1 Hotel is still in the design phase of the hotel for Atlanta.
  2. Downtown is by far the city's most urban district. You must not know what an urban area is like.
  3. This is going to be an amazing shot this time next year when The Mansion, 3344, and Terminus will be up, though not close to being finished. The structures will probably be in place.
  4. You could say that about any store that is in NYC or any new store in NYC. If there was a NM in NYC, I'm sure it would be a huge success. In other words, your statement is ridiculous.
  5. Well, you do remember about Buckhead Place which is suppose to start in the first quarter of 2006. And that is going to have a great Peachtree street level presence and the little office building in front of the Disco Kroger is to be torn down in the Spring.
  6. This is the kind of infill needed in Midtown, or to close in the gaps between Midtown and Buckhead. But guys, don't forget about the condo going up on Juniper. I think its 905 Juniper. That one is also one of the best.
  7. I do hope that it is sucessful.
  8. They are crazy if they think that is going to happen. I personally don't think people are really going to shop there if there is bad weather and if they don't get more stores that you can't find in the malls. I am sure they are going to get a lot of traffic when it first opens. As far as "Atlanta's Downtown Mall", I would hope we could get significant retail downtown. They're are people okay with everything in retail being in Buckhead or Midtown. We don't need to make either a replacement for downtown. Though, most retail is in Buckhead, if you are going to revitalize the city, let's make sure downtown gets the same attention as Buckhead and Midtown. Some people have created an attitude against Buckhead, because of what is has that Downtown can't offer, I don't think its okay to now try to make Midtown the new Downtown.
  9. I love all of the new buildings going up in Midtown and Buckhead, but it is absolutely amazing how much is actually being built in Buckhead. It's like an entire skyline being built right before our eyes.
  10. That should be a nice addition to Peachtree in Buckhead.
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