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  1. Strict design guidelines have been used for decades as a means of class warfare. That may not be the case here, but I believe it's a valid point to bring to the discussion. If you think you have a case where they're breaking the established rules and it's going to affect your wellbeing, take it up with an attorney. You may have a case. It just seems futile though. If I lived there, I'd be praying that those lots get filled and the transit element gets implementd.
  2. Wow wow wow. I feel like I gotta chime in on this. Yes, it is true that new urbanism traditionally incorporates a code for aesthetics. But new urbanism isn't exactly 'new' anymore. And it's been been getting a bad rep from planners for awhile now. (For the record, I have a degree in finance and am pursuing one in planning.) Aesthetics codes have often been tools for the entitled upper-classes to keep lower-classes out of certain neighborhoods. If Verdae is relaxing these codes, it's for economic reasons, and the development will probably fail if it doesn't. I know how much everybody want
  3. The positive thing about the Walmart design above is that it is adaptive, and therefore sustainable. If people didn't support it, or the company simply wanted to relocate a few years down the road, another retailer could easily reuse the space. And with residential space included, it's even less likely that the whole building would go to disuse. In other words, it would be a positive addition, even if it is a Walmart.
  4. Glad to hear. The article I mentioned earlier from a few years ago was from the Toronto Star, so there's that. I really hope Verdae will be all it was cracked up to and more. When so many developers are still striving for quantity over quality, I'm just used to being pessimistic.
  5. A hundred years or more, perhaps. I posted an article a few years back titled "why suburbs will never have tall trees" that is no longer available online. This page explains the reasons about 2/3 down where it says "why urban sprawl and urban forestry do not mix". Basically, by running the construction equipment all over the land and using builders loam and probably very little topsoil, the tree roots can't grow naturally and you will likely never see tall trees in developments like this in your lifetime.
  6. I think the disappointment is in the fact that it
  7. I'm thinking with the Fed lowering interest rates, we'll seem some good progress this year on this and some other projects that have had slow progress. (Maybe delays on the Pinnacle on Main were for the best afterall?) While I have mixed feelings about the rate changes and tax rebates we have all been hearing about in the news, I can't help but think this will boost construction and development efforts.
  8. Ha! They could use the river walk as their "test run track". Anyone know if they sell Michelin wiper blades at the downtown location?
  9. Methinks I'll be getting a "Donate Life" or "Endangered Species" plate upon my return... http://www.scdmvonline.com/DMVNew/PlateGallery.aspx?q=All
  10. Since I can't take any Greenville pics, I thought I'd have some fun and play with yours, taking your idea one step further. A sloppy job, I'll admit, but I don't have any fancy software or patience. If you have a problem with me posting this, just send me a PM, and I'll get rid of it.
  11. Been wanting so badly to get down there for a bike ride, but I'll be in Ohio probably till fall at least. Maybe they'll have a trail connecting it to downtown by then.
  12. Our upscale shopping center here in Columbus, OH has a McDonalds, as well as a Cheesecake Factory, integrated in it. Trust me, it works, and the developer won't let it be your average truck stop McDonalds either. The developers will want to attract families with children, as well as your middle class folks who try to fit in with the upper classes by shopping for the overpriced name brands, but don't necessarily want to max out their cards when it comes time to eat. It makes sense to have a variety of dining options, as there will be a variety of shoppers here.
  13. Well forgive us "loonies" for not yet having grown old and boring and caught up in the way things are that we still look at some things the way they should be. Desire for progressive development is not a "no growth" position. Personally, I'd like to think that one day these massive parking lots will be a thing of the past. Perhaps I'm just whining, and according to your post, I am no one anyway...
  14. Gonna really miss getting these views of the Bookends, etc. once there's a skyscraper in the way. Not that I'm complaining...
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