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  1. Yes, let the spring begin! Moscow Kremlin panorama, 01/III/2006 (not mine)
  2. New religion ? Ivan (John) the Great Bell tower in Moscow Kremlin & Mercedez roof sign
  3. Where is it?? (San Jose --> Frisco) bridge?
  4. HAPPY NEW 2006 YEAR ! Moskva. Red Square. Night St.Basil's Cathedral = Cathedral of Intercession of Holy Virgin, at the Moat (built in 1551-1561) P.S. image isn't mine
  5. Moscow night (one month ago) P.S. this photo depicts new buildings near PavelEtsky railway station. They imitate Soviet "classical" monumental architecture of Stalin's era
  6. Promised continuation of the Mosow laser & pyrotechnic night show (part1 is available, too
  7. MoskvA. The silhouettes of Kremlin domes
  8. PetrOvsky Road Palace (1776-1796) in Moscow
  9. OK, monuments Moscow. Pushkin: connecting people Alexander PUshkin (1799-1837) is the greatest Russian poet. 06/06/2005 it was his 206 birthday -> people listened to chorus near his monumet
  10. Hellow from Moscow! http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=11956 Let me begin to show my city. Golden domes of The Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moskva, Russia I called this picture (my photo + Ph-p slightly) "Symmetrical twilight of Gods" ("
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