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  1. Downtown Raleigh's Future

    This? Sorry it's a few months behind (I know it sucks...I only made it so I could remember what was going on)
  2. Glenwood South miscellaneous developments

    I would imagine AC has the most say so in how it will look. But having said that, I speculate that Kane's developments mostly turn profit for himself and that enables him to stretch his horizon out further (pay for better quality, more long term relevance style wise etc.). Developers with a huge binder of investors to answer to, must meet specified profits and still make a living themselves. Cutting corners usually wins out in those cases. I think Roland Gammon is the developer here, and he tends to land somewhere between those extremes (IIRC he developed the Cotton Mill on Capital.....pretty cool and risky in DTR at the time, but he gutted half of the first floor for parking which is effing stupid...I think he also did condos like Governor's Square on Person....great place for condos, but they are those crappy suburban garden you get a sense of how his stuff goes. )
  3. Triangle Economic News

    Separation of [compatable] uses drives me crazy.
  4. Glenwood South miscellaneous developments

    Y'all that old 1920's apartment building and row houses behind it are a huge loss for historic stock in this area. Those alone, would make awesome rehabbed condos....I know they are office space now but were all originally residential. I don't think shoving a hotel back into a residential area has a good feel to it....and most of the Glenwood-Willard-Boylan-Johnson rectangle is residential. Old, historic residential. This project continues the push to wipe out this entire area eventually.
  5. Triangle Economic News

    Cary is impressively, 7th ranked in Nc population. At their current growth rate they'll be 4th in our lifetime after Charlotte, Raleigh and Durham. Winston, Greensboro and Fayetteville are not growing nearly as fast as Cary. They have an opportunity to set an enviable standard for a modern, fast-growing, municipality, and actively are working on greenspace, urban/active downtown and selective densification. As long as it stays desirable, the tax values will stay up, the tax rates, down and it'll stay on top ten lists. Will be an interesting evolution.
  6. So since Kane (and Williams Co.) own a good bit of land south of this, and east of this, I bet we rapidly see plans for those sites as well. Kane will need to bolster the Publix shopper base and this area seems like (though I cannot say for sure) it is zoned for the 20 story stuff he likes to build. There is still some Amazon potential for this area, but even without that, I'm betting on this area being fully built out in ten years.
  7. And they need to cook their pork on one of these!Coal locomotive smoker!
  8. Triangle Economic News

    Is it going to be on the old EPA Fortress site? (NW corner)
  9. Triangle Economic News

    You know, I have this theory that living in suburbs and being car dependent, makes people angry.... Seriously though, take a deep breath and re-read my other comment. Here are the cliff notes: "Perceived or not". I opened by ensuring I made no claim to a universal truth with that caveat. "Separation of uses". Objective truth embedded in suburban zoning laws. "Car to get anywhere". 99% objectively true. I've never used a "GoCary" bus, but imagine the routes cater to the carless. "Largely a New Town". As stated, objectively true depending on how you define "new". I felt like this backdrop observation provided the causative framework for the other things I've pointed out. You also maintain that Cary and DTR are different by discussing them separately. And that is just the simple point of my post.....MetLife is aiming at one. Citrix and Red Hat aimed at another. Ok ok, "soul sucking" is a bit of a bash....but monotony is very much codified in Cary. And I think it's fair to say that monotony sort of encapsulates why somebody might choose an older, urban environment over a suburban one (urban amenities sort of buried in that thought). Did you make that account just to counterpunch at the ghost you thought was coming to get you? Now that you have it, why not weigh in on some of these threads with some thoughts on what you like, and why you like it. I've tried to mellow some of my testiness (age is helping on that front) because I like this forum a lot and enjoy hearing from the other folks here. I try to back up my sharpest views with some reasons why, beyond just "I prefer". But sometimes it's just "I prefer". And I try to allow for others to have a "they prefer" because I value the different thoughts and opinions. It's not just an echo chamber in here. One last thing....I certainly do hear people from the 'burbs bash downtown...the crime, the noise, the people peeing in the bushes. I am 1000% sure downtown has endured much more criticism from the burbs than vice 30 years of living here has giving me more than enough 1st, 2nd and 3rd hand evidence to back that up. Most of the time I just shrug and invite people not comfortable with downtown, to just stay away without taking the criticism of my neighborhood too seriously. Sure, another last thing...I am a licensed civil engineer in the State of NC. My house has grass in the front and I trade garden vegetables with my neighbors over a picket fence. I go to sleep at 10 pm and wake up at 7am. I drive a 2010 Mazda. If this is your image of a hipster, then I imagine Cary must be full of them too....
  10. Triangle Economic News

    Perceived or not, it's the soul sucking monotony of the place. I know that there are plenty of cool places tucked away, and also lots of good ethnic restaurants, but it's largely a new town and governed by the separation of uses and car to get anywhere approach to life. Interestingly, North Raleigh is exactly that as well (from my vantage anyway). RE Metlife, I have this feeling that their target employee, looks for exactly this in lifestyle choices, as opposed to being walking distance from your favorite bars and coffee shops.
  11. Triangle Economic News

    That's my thought as well, but with a big swath of State Government land thrown in to get to the 400 acres they said they need. I suggested to the recruitment team, they should package this with the MLS proposal and wrap Amazon buildings around the stadium. Each proposal strengthens the other quite a bit.
  12. So with the northern-most buildings in this foot print having been demolished last week, can we consider this project underway? Kane's financing is bullet proof so it's just following the demo and construction sequence as dictated by the DOT sequence at this point. Speaking of which, I can't wait from Harrington to punch out to Peace....wonder when that'll materialize.... Quick recap across downtown: Dillon topped out minus the cap One Glenwood drilling footings Smokey Hollow clearing site 4 sets of townhouses framing up (West+Lenoir, Stones, St Mary's and 10Arros) an aside the lot just west of 10Arros is being cleared across the block from New Bern to Edenton....that's about an acre..they don't need all of that to stage for 10Arros...has anyone seen a site plan submitted for this spot? Metropolitan site cleanup mostly done it looks like, so possible rebuilding coming soon-ish 400H, 301 and Charter North all farther off it seems.
  13. And the building is named Theory...what is your...theory...regarding this zen koan...
  14. Triangle Economic News

    Are there any large vacant properties in RTP? Is Nortel still around? Also what would it take to add TMC to the Park? I'm thinking there is some sort of State charter that needs amended but am not sure. I am sure the local units would gladly give up some taxable land value in exchange for Amazon...
  15. Triangle Economic News

    RALNATIVE I can tell you as an insider, never Fedex or UPS anything to a Mail Service Center address. That is essentially the State post office. I don't know if that is what you did or not, but we put in all caps in our footers, USPS, us the MSC. Physical address only when using Fedex or UPS. Ah yes yes, that's it! Thanks! I bombed a trivia night tonight which is an additional indicator of failing memory. But that's neither here nor there. Triangle Metro Center is 180 acres of land that hans't had much happen and its reasonably close to Park Center. I bet if you urbanized Davis between the two sites, with bike lanes, real sidewalks and stuff, then together you have the 400 acres Amazon wants. If you can massage the area with greenways from Lake Crabtree and on over to the ATT, the bike commuter route along 40, the outdoor center and mountain bike trails officially given up by the airport, then maybe Amazon would consider it good enough...? As an aside are those Davis Park townhouses off Davis on Finsbury St, park of Triangle Metro Center? They don't suck. If that's the beginning of an urban area that includes an Amazon campus, it could appeal to them...