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  1. As you can see my concerns are not unique. They temporary halt is currently in effect. Petition comments echo my rancor
  2. Especially since I've never seen it done for actual food deserts. I wonder how they justify this beyond upping their "foodie" cache.
  3. Any idea why they need to demolish the old station? In the way of new tracks or something? Kind of a cool little building.
  4. Well Orulz, Clark/Oberlin has plenty of stuff I'd rather see ripped out like the BOA, a crummy 1970's quad apartment and that real estate office building facing Oberlin. The whole north third of that triangle is available if you pry loose those parcels. Since this project can't front Clark it doesn't improve the urban environment at all in my opinion no matter the objective points. I should remind everyone this is a National Register historic district. Those don't get slapped on any old areas. Every one of these should be saved. Also your map is very much a throwback to actual proposals in the 70's. The Ferndell connector was fiercely fought and eventually removed entirely from the planning maps. It was part of the city wide plan that included making a freeway out of Western Blvd and connecting that to the north-south freeway through Oakwood.
  5. And there it goes, all of Maiden Lane in one full swoop. So many victorian houses wiped clean off our limited inventory all at once for more absolute crap. I don't even have to see the proposal to tell you it'll be absolute crap. If you try to frame this as "progress" I will give you a virtual beat down...
  6. If it matters, the Dillion apartments will be two distinct buildings, one on each side of Hargett St. I imagine the south one will go up first so the north lot can still be used as a staging area.
  7. I swear I will take a picture day wit ha decent camera and post some stuff sometime before christmas. Time and energy are in short supply though, with this silly marathon I signed up for as a way to deal with being a 40 something...
  8. I was worried West and Harrington might get abandoned as a cozy pedestrian area in favor of big city style urbanism. Cars will still reign supreme around here with Capital entrance into downtown and Peace as the connector to CV. I had envisioned Peace with diagonal parking on the south edge and only one travel lane (plenty of turn lanes where needed), and Peace, West and Harrington all given planted medians and bulb outs like was recently done over at Boundary/Brookside/Glascock. I'm still wondering how soon the West apartment sites will have a taker since those will greatly influence how Smokey Hollow connects and interacts with the area south of here.
  9. This would start to realize my worst fears of ripping out the entire area between Hillsborough St and Cameron Village for mediocre student apartments. This is exactly the opposite of what the University and City wanted when the re-did Hillsborough want to see student gehtto? Wait 20 years for this area to stop being maintained properly after another company takes over management. Like poverty, you can't cluster all the students in one area and think there won't be negative side effects. Don't get me wrong...I was a student at State and lived in this exact area...but we were dispersed among the home owners in the area, kept our parties mostly quiet etc. All the huge keggers were down on Gorman and Avent Ferry where you only had students around you.
  10. This is infuriating. The Chamberlin ones were just remodeled and renting at pretty high prices. Not slums at all. I've had it. I'll be approaching the developer directly as well as council members.
  11. Pretty Cool. Good way to keep historic structures viable economically and still retain their integrity. A similar thing was done to the Mahler Building with Hatem's condo. As an aside, the article is wrong about the building's age....I can say with certainty it is older than 116 years because it shows up on the 1884 Sanborn map...all 4 buildings in that grouping do actually...the one adjacent to Wilmington St actually already has had a 3rd floor added in the 1980's, that caused the basement supports to buckle...I got to go inside and see the repair job once. As another aside if anyone ever went inside Quality Grocery and saw a picture of a tiny grocery Store called Dughi it's location was 235 Fayetteville St and is also see on this 1884 Sanborn map.
  12. Well since First Tennessee loves downtown Raleigh I'm holding out a sliver of hope they'll eventually look to make their way down here. Raleigh's job base downtown is diverse enough to never end up being Detroit like should any one industry take a hit....Detroit had so many people dependent on a single low skill manufacturing industry, that it sticks out. NC had similar results in textile towns but instead of a million people moving out, perhaps 1000 did per town out of a town of say 3,000. So don't worry about downtown Raleigh. Even if jobs pulled out, residents and the need to live, will keep it going as long as the jobs stayed in the local area, like NH.
  13. I was just about to ask if anyone who hasn't exceeded their 3 article limit per 30 days, or who subscribes to TBJ could enlighten us on the First Tennessee situation. So i guess no info on where exactly? Any info on how much space they currently occupy in Winston? They seem big on downtown Raleigh and I know have financed Citrix and the El apartments off the top of my head. Seems like I saw their sign on another project in that area too but it escapes me...anyway thanks.
  14. Second vid at 1:12....Raleigh Drinking Team! Somebody trying to slip in a funny. But seriously, I know one the guys that owns the company that makes that shirt and they are among the all stars around here.
  15. Can you tell if the entire chunk between the original Dillion facade and the slanted tower portion with the projection, is all parking deck or not? Would be a little deflating to think almost 50% of the volume seen is to accommodate vehicles... Also is Harrington St being turned back into a natural area...whats with the isometric topo lines