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  1. I didn't say it wasn't potentially an upgrade. But its not infill. Infill is building around existing (in between, and behind) structures. This is tear down and replace. I've been livid about the misuse of this term since Whitaker Park Apartments in Five Points was demolished ($465 a month for an apartment) and it was replaced with *fewer housing units (starting at over 700k a pop in the early 2000s). The developer was all like, well you see its **infill**, if we don't put it here its gotta go on the outskirts of town for more sprawl. Uh, excuse me, how about that 100+ units of people that were forced out?
  2. This is a massively s-h-i-tt-y situation for Raleigh and historic architecture.
  3. I reread those drunken comments and stand by them. Also, I see that site almost every day. Retail frontage will be good, but the high end student apartment thing still is wrong on multiple levels. Its not infill. They are tearing down multiple buildings for this.
  4. The Kildaire/Maynard intersection has an almost proper urban feel to it. I think its the Caribou. Regardless, this intersection seems like it could be tied into and up to Walnut with a few good builds in between the two. The food Lion shopping center is screaming redevelopment and the BB&T (94 Kildaire) has clearly shown how nicely it could be done.
  5. Hmm. Interesting. I only edit it on a desktop, so not sure whats going on.
  6. Yeah but those LI people all "have a place at the lake" meaning a finger lake.
  7. My guess would be, based on the "one" address, One Walker would be SE most building and One Walnut, immediately west of that. The E shaped building seems like it'd residential. But all i'm doing is guessing...
  8. Rough outline. I've had this map for years...I know it sucks, but it helps me know what happened when. Also I'm a few months behind updating it but I just added Merge.
  9. These whole stand alone, Disney Land developments always feel meh to me.
  10. I can sort of guess, but where exactly is this going? Up against the library parking deck maybe?
  11. Phase I's street level is absolutely horrendous. Orulz noticed on the plans way back when, that it looked like a solid blank wall along West St. Well that's what it is. And along Harrington too it turns out minus the little triangle retail space that has a car pull through behind it. The Peace St face, sure, has a walk in entrance but right next to that is a massive car entrance. This is the primary problem with a grocery store of this size in a downtown...it is setup such that carloads of groceries are the expectation for the seller and the buyer. The pedestrian is an afterthought to these large scale, weeks worth of groceries, transactions. It looks like Ph II is substantially better on that front, at least.
  12. Jones_

    N&O Site

    Whole Foods would never work at this site. Its too far for most people to walk easily and not easy for Tahoes and Escalades to get into. Both of their classic customer types are shot.
  13. I love how they made the rail line look like an actually functioning transit line.
  14. Jones_

    N&O Site

    I'd like an Earth Fare but they seem to be only interested in the super car dependent and car oriented developments. Not very earth friendly there Earth Fare. This would be a good block to vary the heights on...30 on Salisbury keeps the heights on the spine of downtown but 10 facing Nash Square ensures you can look out your window and see actual park features and not indistinct green blob below you. No point in being next to a park if you can hear the birds singing in the trees. Anyway that's the only change I'd make. The use makeup and the ground level and above ground level is varied and that is excellent.
  15. Several years ago Greg Hatem was talking up a 30 story on the old Ace Towing lot he now owns, but we all knew that was bluster. Haven't head of anything else though.
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