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  1. Jones_

    Person Street

    I got the same email. I am a regular at their run club and in the area...I'll see what I can find out.
  2. Yeah that was lame. I didn't notice until after I posted the site link. Apologies for getting anyone's hopes up. Maybe since there are placeholders, they'll have some real info soon. As an aside, I've never seen so much obliterated all at once in my own backyard before, to be replaced with 5 new projects (that result is barely any more housing units) that totally rewrite the area's feel. I know it happened a ton when I was little or before I was born....but never seen it in my adult lifetime.
  3. Also found this for the Clark St Townhouses
  4. Demo fencing up around NC Equipment Co building.
  5. Jones_

    Triangle Economic News

    Does anyone know if that rail line through Carpenter has ever been in play for Regional or Light Rail? That passes right through the Davis/540 area...
  6. Jones_

    Triangle Economic News

    At this point, perhaps we need to be more concerned with making RTP into a proper urban construct, and properly connecting it and integrating it into the surrounding cities. The neighboring municipalities have more or less grown up to its this point it's not so much sprawling out more, as it is heaping more stuff into a poorly designed area. It's become 'dense suburban' in my mind....still disconnected, not walkable, single use. Which is the opposite of 'low density urban', which is say, Oakwood. Connected. Walkable. Mixed Use. Free your minds from density=urban.
  7. Jones_

    4th Ward District

    The [altered] project at this location has some movement. The slightly larger tri-gabled house is gone (demolished?) and the smaller, but architecturally more interesting house, is being readied for a move.
  8. Jones_

    Triangle Economic News

    Indeed. Perhaps that was enough scouting to make a decision. I am up to two people, who are telling me the same thing now (work for different groups in the same building) so that rumor mill is running full steam. One happens to be married to an Apple employee who apparently knows nothing.
  9. Jones_

    Triangle Economic News

    I have. Related to a certain CEO being in the triangle this weekend and some speaking he'll be doing. I'm a good 3 levels down this whisper tree, so I guess just sit back and we'll see if this is correct...
  10. Jones_

    Triangle Economic News

    Anyone else hearing major 'whispers' about Apple?
  11. As long as they put something to keep cars from slamming into the building (those flimsy aluminum railings provide some crap false security), it looks to be a solid project. Retail would have been nice, but I suppose not necessary. I am expecting the Scooter place, Subway, whatever they are now..Theory be a redevelopment at some point with retail there.
  12. Jones_

    Glenwood South miscellaneous developments

    The old Anderson Sanitary Maintenance Products building? (418 W Peace?) Hopefully it is part of the Park plan since the building sits right on top of the creek bank. However the curbing just completed on the north side of Peace, suggests perhaps not...
  13. Jones_

    Glenwood South miscellaneous developments

    It has to follow completion of Peace/Capital because the project's site offices are in the old solid waste offices.
  14. It's way better than a Elan/Gramercy/401 Oberlin tiny window tan diarrhea box.