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  1. Yeah 100%. If you aren't sure people see something the way you want them to, you blurt it out awkwardly and emphatically.
  2. I was sort of hinting at this over on Raleigh Connoisseur by saying that big box store formats and downtowns don't really work that well together. I acknowledge the benefits of the grocery store and the mixed use building, but accommodating the big box store format has consequences that are hard to mitigate.
  3. Jones_

    Downtown Raleigh's Future

    Here's the tax record and photos, including one from before its most recent renovation. I'm not sure when it was originally built but it doesn't really have that nice Rte 66 mid-mod or downtown Vegas look to it, even in the older picture. I've seen some wicked cool re-dos of old motor lodges though, so maybe they can pull it off. My fav is the Wall Street Suites in Bend Oregon which combined two old rooms into single larger suites.
  4. Jones_

    Triangle Economic News

    Meh. This is what I call suburban mixed use. Terrible street layout, nice big parking lot at the corner of 54 and Davis etc. Landscape architects make poor master planners and should just stick to designing the pockets here and there within developments or accenting existing developments and buildings. I realize Surface 678 has an extensive and high profile portfolio, but there is a decided 'de-urbanizing' to their approach...too Frank Lloyd Wright to ever be urban=proper (mind you Frank Lloyd Wright was world reknowned, but precisely for his ability to get people mentally and physically far far away from the dirty old city).
  5. Jones_

    Downtown Raleigh's Future

    Can you link to, or provide any info on these other proposals? I'm not aware of anything else publicly disclosed.
  6. Jones_

    Triangle Economic News

    Wait....there was hype about this place? Like, other than paid for hype?
  7. Jones_

    2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    I think nowadays most people follow the jobs and worry bout the particulars later. Low crime and good schools are also primary drivers for where to locate. If they spend most of their non-working, waking hours commuting in a car to every thing that is facet of their lives, then that is a casualty, a trade off for the other things. It does not mean there isn't a need or desire. It is simply lower down the list.
  8. Jones_

    2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    So I went to see what they actually had for greenways. Wow...virtually nothing. So little, that they link to the ATT and Town of Cary as resources for Apex residents. All the future plans noted are to be funded by Wake County. Weak.
  9. Jones_

    2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    I keep seeing one glossy eyed person here and there, swear we'll be the Jetsons very soon with self driving cars taking over our lives. Technology is always the answer and, we are powerless to stop it. In twenty years you *might have some self driving semis on highways. There might be some cars within specialized corridors (highway exit to highway exit) or zones (say, RTP) where the destinations are well defined, the obstacles familiar and the road rules clear, but beyond that, engineers who work outside of laboratory conditions, are telling you, to readjust the excitement meter. There are so many things to consider. Homeland security hasn't even begun to share their concerns. Nor farmers. Nor people who live in places without many real roads. And supply...who'll be setting that? How do you pay? What about people without credit cards? I can assure you 1/3 of U.S society does not have one.
  10. I'm sorry I'm a complete idiot...The Oak is not open. Its the other place next to it which..I don't even know what it is...Japanese steak house maybe? Had an O and K in the name too...I suck.
  11. Jones_

    Triangle Economic News

    Back about 15 years ago or so, Raleigh had a downtown revival website that highlighted all of the projects happening downtown, public, private and institutional. That was nice for keeping up with things, but offered nothing in the way of a *plan for how to grow. I realize there was a City-wide master plan (since redone)with small area plans meant to *guide growth. But even those felt like just a book report that recapped what the private sector was already asking for. The planning has always felt ad-hoc here. The vision at points along the way, utterly lacking. Stealing from Raleigh Connoisseur comments, it is 'protectionist' and welcomes 'antiseptic', basic stuff. I know one reason people move here is low taxes...well I believe is very much hamstrung by these low taxes...we can't building anything without selling bonds...infrastructure repair is quite obviously always behind in what is apparently a thriving city with low unemployment. Very different than the business progressive State and local ideals back during the RTP formation, good or bad, there were well developed plans for everything...State government, highways, office centers...nowadays we're all like 'we want some big progressive tech firms to come here', but don't have a plan full of the goodies they want. Hamstrung. Unsure. Unprepared. That's RDU right now.
  12. Jones_

    Triangle Economic News

    Because, you know, tech is tech, and is less attached to an office park, I get the feeling lots of cities have a better scenes than a casual observer might think. From my travels, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Tampa all had enough urban cache and a knowledge base to go with it to be up and comer places. I have a gut feeling that in my lifetime Raleigh will level off dramatically, and these other, cheaper places will rise (or rise again in all of these cases). The coasts are so. damned. expensive. The midwest is not. Gulf Coast is the cheaper Florida coast. Sarasota ain't bad to a techy either...lots of coffee shops, busy and cool historic main strip, arts and design university. Don't beat me up...its just a feeling.
  13. Jones_

    2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    If only property tax went towards interstate maintenance.... And from my joke comment now I any states do like an interstate property tax levy? Maybe then you could TIF their expansions and such....?
  14. If memory serves me correctly, he blustered about a 30 story building on Hargett at the old Ace Towing lot and it 'being in design phase'. More realistic sounding was a rezoning next to Crank Arm on that dirt lot the Pit uses for Valet parking to get up to 12 stories. That would be a good partner project to Schuster's building I think. Some of my favorite streetscapes alternate tall and short with narrow buildings.
  15. I figured it was just a matter of time before the warehouse district went wild, for maybe 3 reasons....1) downtown isn't allowed to grow vertically to the east (no prob with me), 2) it is the junction of Glenwood and downtown proper, (the One Glenwood folks cited this as a factor in their location choice) 3) it has/had the cache of warehouses and artiness that attract modern development. FWIW, Glenwood has about as many legit warehouses as the warehouse district does....Creamery, Google, Clouds, Tobacco Road, 42nd street, Melrose Mill (not sure what Samad has in it right now), the Allen complex (south of West at North) and the Tire warehouse adjacent to Melrose which I think is now owned by GoTriangle. I think those warehouses helped Glenwood launch before the warehouse district because they are older and cooler buildings..and also at the time the area was mentally considered an extension of Five Points. Anyway, the warehouse district has finally caught up in blazing fashion.