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  1. Jones_

    Kidd's Hill/Crabtree area development

    I have some education in this but no professional experience so perhaps you can answer question. Are flood mitigation devices included in the map elevations or is it just runoff coefficients/impervious/pervious areas and slopes? I would imagine so and they'd get treated like separate basins upstream of there point releases, but never witnessed a model in action.
  2. Jones_

    Downtown Durham Development Map

    Indeed. I was just filling out my thoughts on how it might be approached. Thanks on the Macy's info. I haven't been in North Gate since about 1990 or so.
  3. Jones_

    Kidd's Hill/Crabtree area development

    And luckily for mall management, the last WRAL map I saw was only about 5.5 inches of rain in that area over 3 days..well within the bank full limits of the stream.
  4. Jones_

    Kidd's Hill/Crabtree area development

    They actually moved the creek to situate the mall where it is currently. It floods with about 2 inches of rain in an hour or equivalent runoff peak. Even if the quarry was turned into the flood control device it was planned to be eventually, the dozen or so flood control structures already in place barely make up for the addition of so much hard surface upstream. The only fixes would be to elevate the mall, or route stream over to the next basin,thereby flooding that one instead.
  5. Jones_

    Downtown Durham Development Map

    Northgate is so unique in how it's's right up next to the walkable, low density urban parts of the City already. The fact that it's not huge, and felt more like a neighborhood shopping district than a mall in the first place, might be it's saving grace. I bet just some tweaks and reorientation of some parts, vs a complete leveling, would work just fine there. Say, close Sears, move Macys into the Sears space, then level the rental car area, Macys and its parking deck and rebuild that with apartments over retail, fronting Guess and Club.
  6. So the development group doesn't own the Rollins Building?
  7. Is this parcel the tan and glass block building that faces West St? That was the one piece didn't own if so, which means he would control everything except the Wake County Services Center between Lane, Peace, West and Capital (except the West condos which are already newly developed of course). As it stands now, he is in a position to pull something of a master plan. The 'eh' level for Link and Metropolitan, if anything, up the possibility of going higher and denser on Kane's parcels I'd think. I also wouldn't rule out either of those being torn down and replaces with bigger more durable buildings before the end of their useful life, if downtown's market heats up and builds out fast enough. Back to the Wake County Service Center..if Kane got a hold of that, punching Tucker through to Capital even becomes a possibility with a limited exit for southbound traffic say...or hell, punch it under Capital to a future soccer complex...
  8. Jones_

    Kidd's Hill/Crabtree area development

    What a mess. Even the most basic attempt to improve the situation around there from a transportation and transit perspective results in people who live in $5,000,000 houses screaming to "save Ridge Road". They left off "for the wealthy's exclusive use and enjoyment". There already is a direct connection to the Beltline...connecting Crabtree Blvd via the beltline wouldn't change much for Ridge Road people.
  9. Jones_

    Downtown Durham Development Map

    More $400-$500/sqft stuff I assume? These projects all look nice but holy crap. Mind you I don't have a list of price per sqft but seem to remember some of these smaller ones coming in around there...
  10. Jones_

    2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    We've been gerrymandered back to 19-dickity-9 and not even the local media fights back...they just roll over and play possum. For a State that had some inkling of progressivism at one point, it sure capitulated with ease and completeness.
  11. If Clark connected from Dixie to Brooks and somehow was the major alternate coming from Gorman/Faircloth, it might be that way. But as is, it's not a good alternate route except for us folks willing to tip toe through the many turns involved in bypassing Hillsborough coming from downtown proper.
  12. That window design seems to be popping up more and more lately as a cheap, sort-of-modernist standard. 2/3 unopening single pane, 2/9 a crank panel, and 1/9 a pop open (whatever you actually call those). Were I designing Hillsborough St from day one, this is probably what I'd put here...medium height residential building fronting the street, walking distance to other retail. As an aside, I do wish the bike lane made it all the way to Gorman and on to Meredith to get the proper urban's time the sort of warehouse area that is the Royal Bakery complex and Raleigh Brewing, to be connected up to where this condo building is going and on to the rest of the city.
  13. Jones_

    Downtown Durham Development Map

    I should probably add more links to the Raleigh one. I really only started that for my own info...haven't settled into any firm color scheme or how to show certain things. Also, I wish I knew how to get a mouseover image to show up....
  14. Jones_

    Downtown Raleigh retail updates

    Morgan Street Food Hall is open, I suppose most of you know...but wow was it packed. Holy crap. And Urban Outfitters is about ready to open it appears....the displays are all set up and looking nice. Quite a few people walked up when I was looking in, and attempted to go in, but the door was locked. Also I thought Weaver St was going in the NW corner of the main Dillon block, but now that Steakhouse's logos are up there. Any insight from anyone? Is Weaver St actually going in the north building (west side)?
  15. Jones_

    Raleigh City Hall

    Heavy construction costs are almost spiraling out of control. It is really straining local government units. Often they can't even get 3 bids for things and hence the skyrocketing costs. Either maintenance costs will be deferred or tax rates will have to go up faster to match these cost requirements. Growth alone isn't (never was actually) covering this.