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  1. One Glenwood

    Oh right, I did for get That does have some coordination with the Peace St project that will dictate it's speed at first...utility configurations might change, the Pigeon House Branch culvert configuration might get redone or reconfigured a tad, plus I *think Kane is paying for at least part of the new Johnson St connection (not sure why I think that so weigh in with any definite info)...anyway, might be herky jerky until the below and at-grade stuff is set.
  2. Penmarc Village

    I hate rumor mill stuff as much a anyone, but a realtor friend says the old plan for this area is dead (never was actually) and that new interest is coming to town with their checkbook, so stay tuned. I got the feeling something better, perhaps a lot better, is coming for this spot.
  3. Charter Square (Site One)

    Honestly I am cheerleading North Hills as much as I am downtown. Sure there are transit and transportation issues at North Hills, but people up there love it just as it is. Since downtown proper is geographically small, a second high rise area was going to be needed giving the growth rate here. And if I live long enough, maybe I'll see a third and a fourth.
  4. One Glenwood

    I presumed incorrectly....Shelton's still stands but foundation work on the main building site is proceeding. With Dillion topping out I am glad to have another big project to check out during my downtown ambles.
  5. Charter Square (Site One)

    Knowing him, he's working up plans to request a variance to build something bigger than any of us expect.
  6. Triangle Economic News

    For my money, it is a parallel 10 story buildings eventually lead to 50 story ones, Pendo's lead to Amazon's. Momentum. Solid foundation. It's quite a groundswell here any a number of fronts. Rising tides...
  7. Charter Square (Site One)

    The Wilmington St frontage will be pretty solid through there. Too bad the Duke corner at Wilmington/Davie sucks. The old plan for the Lichten building is still a good thought in my head, to round out that whole block face.
  8. The Edison

    Highwoods can and has built on spec. Beacon can't and won't. Therefore don't get too excited until you see construction fencing going up.
  9. Sh%$ man. That building at the corner of Chamberlin and Clark is one of the cooler old shacks in this City...makes me think New Orleans however the period is much later.
  10. Triangle Economic News

    Park Center in RTP is the bettors pick should this area get selected. Downtown Raleigh options, I think, I are still the kick out the State and have Kane and MLS come up with a grand campus wrapping from Harrington around to Wilmington St. Also a possible area is the whole swath in SE Raleigh from the Keeter training center, through Cargill and Ace's lot, and on to include the light industrial stuff around Hammond. Pop Hammond wide again and don't pinch the halves together until the 40 interchange, and you get another could of city blocks in there. Sure this office section would be separated from the rest of the office core by a residential area, but downtown could use a geographical expansion. Not perfect I know. Also reconfiguring the whole S Saunders/MLK area to be downtown in form, would come close to allowing enough space if you included some adjacent areas in that mix (parking lots in front of Duke Energy Center e.g.
  11. Triangle Economic News

    Where are you going to find 100 acres / 8 million sqft of office space up there? I think east NHE is only 30 some acres and a good chuck of that is not developable. Maybe if NHE was sitting there as a complete blank slate, but I think it's way too far along to accommodate Amazon now...
  12. Dorothea Dix Property

    Whelp, be careful what you ask for. Officially I asked to be an 'alternate' but am on course to be an attendee at the Park's master plan workgroup meetings. Yay I think. I have not yet been assigned one of the six workgroups, but feel like no matter what my status is, I'll be allowed to provide input. I requested to be either on the 'buildings' committee (This sub-team will focus on how the buildings operate within the future context of a park including historical value and influences, potential programming and revenue generation, and appropriate treatment for existing structures (adaptive re-use, renovation, demolition, etc.).) or the 'site' committee (This sub-team will focus on the physical site including environment and natural resources, land use conditions, water resources, and native landscapes and habitats.) Comments should be relate to one of these topics. I'll let ya'll know what sub I am put on and what the extent of my role ends up being as soon as I know. Anyway, it is important to me that I hear from folks who care about how this turns out no matter your primary concern. Urban Planet has some of the keenest folks on the myriad of downtown and regional issues that are in play here I am asking for input. I want to funnel as many well formed thoughts to the final decision makers as possible. Certainly I have some of my own ideas, but, as with all of the workgroup members, I am approaching the start of this with an open mind. So having said that, in order of preference at this point in time (only if you want to of course!) 1) PM me with thoughts on Dix Park. 2) Comment right here in the open for all to consider 3) I could still be talked into group get togethers, like the old UP days. Know that I prefer to do this in a drinking establishment. Edit: Confirmed, Buildings committee.
  13. Triangle Economic News

    Yeah that's kind of what I was getting at....meeting all of the criteria expect space. I think Raleigh and Durham stand a decent chance when this is factored in.
  14. Triangle Economic News

    DC has so many areas lumped within "DC" and I don't have a great feel for the outlying areas...what areas up there would a campus best fit? Out near Dulles I'm guessing...?
  15. 4th Ward District

    Yeah from what was Bid, but the engineering plans should still be sitting on a shelf somewhere...or someone here maybe saved a copy (I do that sometimes)...anyway, I assume the design has not changed.