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  1. Same (of course....what would this site be without me screaming about preserving old things all the time), but it looks like Rollins already has its windows out and interior being removed (it has old equipment and stuff that can be scrapped)
  2. Jones_

    Cameron Village Developments

    I'm curious to see if the cream colored brick is a seller or not. The prices are over a million according to an article but they don't seem to list them on their website. They shield them from the listing sites too, so they must want to meet you and size up your exclusive characteristics before discussing price. Can't have rabble bad mouthing them online using things like specifics.
  3. Jones_

    Five Points in Raleigh

    From the lazy, thanks! So condos, but in the form of townhouses. And in a style roughly like Hargett Place. I'm betting these crest $500 a sqft.
  4. Jones_

    2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    They are actually affordable too...targeted to a maximum income of $38,000 (not sure if per household or capita....probably the lease holder's income).
  5. The two photos of renderings (third and fourth in the post) where the bait. The 'new renderings' (1st and 2nd in the post) are the switch...switched to the same garbage that maxes occupancy while minimizing cost so as to max profit for the REIT boyz. Our city is being cheapified, homogenized, and price gouged (the opposite three of what it was in this area...funny how cheap and homogeneous used to at least get us affordable) to the saddest possible state you could arrive at.
  6. Jones_

    Five Points in Raleigh

    That'll make 4 of those in a row now. It's replacing a fairly new, set back office building, built to look like a house. I don't remember what was there before (probably an actual house), but I remember that office-house being built in the very late 90's or 2000 or so.
  7. Nice piece of McCrap to replace a nice row of 100 year old houses and apartment building.
  8. Jones_

    Where should HQ2 go?

    Huh...I didn't even think about you think they ended up with the full incentive package in both locations?
  9. I am always over my 3 article limit it seems like...where exactly is this going in the eastern edge of Cary?
  10. I noticed that too. My best guess is a salvage operation.
  11. Jones_

    Downtown Raleigh's Future

    Chick-Fil-A Closing in downtown. I wonder what this could mean? Doesn't the Sir Walter have a new owner? The place is always super busy so that can't be it. As much as I don't want downtown to be a chain store downtown, Chick-Fil-A is sort of an institution in NC and important cheap, fast, tasty food in central downtown to boot. What the...
  12. Jones_

    One Glenwood

    Interesting. I've never seen it in a load bearing application...only internal. There are still those steel vertical members in the rear so I'm guessing some more rigid skeleton is holding all the framing together. From the limited times I've held metal framing, it doesn't seem like it handles torque very well, but I could be wrong.
  13. Jones_

    One Glenwood

    I've never seen internal framing go up before the super structure was complete. I don't think it's a pedestal either...there is steel super structure rising above that framing against the tinker toy deck if you look closely. Weird...
  14. Jones_

    North Hills / Midtown area developments

    It is a sewer project. The Crabtree Branch Interceptor or somesuch. Indeed. And a good year behind schedule because the contractor didn't dewater the trenches correctly before laying the lines and did't achieve the correct grades. City got close to firing them but I guess they made good on correcting the mistakes.
  15. Jones_

    North Hills / Midtown area developments

    Oh right...they skinned 4300 down to the girders and demolished a smaller, identical design/architecture, building either right next to it, or where the round branch went. Man, that was a prototypical 1960's stretch from the belt line to Millbrook back then.