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  1. I'm guessing those are hiding the HVAC units on the roof. Basing this on apartment roofs I can see outside my office window.
  2. At last...Dillion tower crane going up today.
  3. I figured the Anderson space would move since the city trucks moved...I don't know for sure, but always assumed they were a supplier for the City somehow, but admittedly I do not know exactly what they sell or provide. Looking at the topography, that site seems like it's needed to correct some hydrology problems along Pigeon House/Devereux Meadows. I'd be all for incorporating that into the park site. This area is really changing much faster than I'd anticipated.
  4. Well one ground floor retail location at 51,515 sqft is clearly the grocery store/Publix. If that fell through, I am sure it could be subdivided too. FWIW an acre is 43,560 sqft... Edit: there is a 2750sqft retail building separate from the main building shown on the bottom right/SE corner of the site.
  5. ^ Hell yeah that'd be awesome. Along those lines some part of me is hoping the N&O site gets a recreated Park Hotel, which in my opinion, is our greatest architectural loss
  6. 1) No immediate plans 2) [implied] 7.7M for 0.7 acres!!
  7. The city has indicated more than once that height east of Moore Square isn't happening. The neighborhood (of which I am a part) ain't having any of it either. There are multiple sets of townhouses filling in some gaps over there, that will represent the densest it'll ever be in that direction...which I think is fine. But having said all of that, there are quite a few 10-20 buildings discussed in other threads that are off the Fayetteville St spine. One Glenwood, Smokey Hollow, 301 Hillsborough (two buildings supposedly), a rumor something at 404 could happen, The N&O site is seeking approval for up to 40, Hilton Garden is still planned across from the L....I think that covers the 10-20 range off the spine.
  8. As far as I can tell, GoTriangle is holding onto the stretch of buildings between Union Station and Citrix. I suppose that some unseen master plan might still suggest using that block or in a better world, those buildings as a station expansion. Just a thought...I have no idea what the plan is...
  9. North Hills it'll always be to me. A mid town to Raleigh would more appropriately be Glenwood in my mind...but I know that would never ever catch on nor would many people agree with me, so I just stay quiet about it mostly...
  10. I dig it. It's small-ish. Its almost entirely brick, but has enough variation from the brick to keep from being boring, and the tension rod canopies look nice.
  11. Scanning some old threads for some stuff, and just wanted to bump this and say...5 of 6 have been built Not a bad batting average.
  12. Maybe we'll get lucky and the school will move it's tennis courts. I have thought through like 4 different ways this could go, but decided I'll just sit tight and see what is drawn up, and not speculate...too many possibilities
  13. Whelp this is a surprise
  14. Hey ya'll. Just a shoutout...I spent last weekend in downtown and along Spring Garden/Walker/Elam areas and had a fantastic time. I should note that I was born in GSO but moved away at three years old, so it's a treasured place to me anyway...but I was very impressed with all the various happenings. The Southend is looking good with HQ Raleigh, the distillery, Boxcar and Gibbs Hundred being some bigger operations either up and running or coming soon to compliment all the stuff on Elm that has been doing their thing for some years. Also the Battleground/Eugene area is looking good with a nice mix of breweries, new apartments and other things. It was a good slice of cool things without the pretentious pricing of the Raleigh/Durham area I have to contend with all the time (brunch, antiques, a pint of beer are all stupid expensive here). That its all within easy day trip reach, means I'll be back...hopefully soon. Cheers!
  15. Where would the Credit Union go? It's core members are State Employees, the largest concentration of which is in downtown Raleigh. And while I'm not too up on the differences between banks and credit unions, they are not the same in some very important ways. I am pretty sure credit unions cannot create money to loan out, they must do so from assets. Credit unions also do not pay the sorts of taxes. The idea is they were a source of credit for people who have not had the chances to land loans in other places. If I remember right, the SECU will loan you money for a car regardless of your credit score, if your credit history with them is in good shape, as an example. And props to them for building a pretty nice headquarters building downtown...(as we've all discussed before)