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  1. Jones_

    Triangle Economic News

    Well ain't that quite the hypocrisy.
  2. Jones_

    Cary Towne Center

    In the last 25 years, malls in general, have fallen out of favor. I guess people prefer real life to disney land fish bowls.
  3. Jones_

    Triangle Economic News

    301 and N&O would both just about be under way if not for the specific circumstances that stopped each of them. The current owners of each site are exactly that though, speculators to some degree.
  4. Jones_

    Charter Square (Site One)

    Maybe more of us should take on some high interest loans with them at Raleigh branches with the condition that all the interest payments get put towards the Raleigh building...?
  5. Jones_

    Triangle photo of the day

    That's a sad situation for Charlotte, because I estimate Raleigh has less than 5% of the commercial buildings that were standing in 1914....there are online maps, with that being the latest version, that make the counting easy. Convenient, because that is about when cars started to influence development patterns
  6. Jones_

    Triangle Economic News

    It'd be pretty hard to gerrymander away 50,000 tech workers and their families.
  7. Jones_

    American Tobacco Historic District

    Ah, cool. Will try. Also, I usually can get a print screen capture before it rolls up, but on my little laptop keyboard I'm trouble doing that...
  8. To further drive home the point of this being looks only, check out the rear of Stanhope on the before/after portion of the Hillsborough St project website (scroll down). Also, I am sorry I have made you guys suffer through 4000 of my posts, but I just noticed that is the point where UP goes from calling you a 'Town' to a 'City'. Urban. Finally. (13 years)
  9. Jones_

    American Tobacco Historic District

    Thank you much. Based on the number of guys around here that just write phone apps in their spare time, or the large numbers of IT conversations around me practically any place I drink, this non-IT guy has suspected this all along. More reason to speculate on behalf of Apple and Amazon of course. Now if we can just get the urban planning stuff sorted out around here...and the tobacco spitting politics.
  10. I think the decider was trying to figure out how far up an average pedestrian notices or 'feels' this difference. Stanhope, next door, has 4 of 5 floors brick. Why not just do the 5th too? Stupid Theory, has brick up like 4 floors on one corner, and 1 or 2 and another corner. Naturally all the marketing pictures zoom in on that mostly brick corner. Not long ago, Founders Row had to re-stucco their entire complex. Ripped off all the old stuff to the studs and redid it. The assessment that went with that correlated with a good dozen units that all went up for sale at the same time in late 90's or so (early 2000's maybe). Shorting material quality up front is a tried a true method of making that long term maintenance curve soar. Will the REITs that own these huge rentals actually pony up like the Founder's Row owners did? Do capitalists and investors give two sh&^s about the long game? Perhaps a few. But not the guys snorting blow on their yachts off Ibiza.
  11. I distinctly remember when Ryan homes (1980's) , in my folks subdivision that was being built out, went from a full brick foundation about 3 feet tall, to lowering the brick on the rear edge, down to grade. It saved perhaps $2000 per house. This would fall under "value engineering".
  12. Jones_

    American Tobacco Historic District

    Enlighten those of us who seem to always be at their 3 article limit...
  13. Jones_

    Southeast Raleigh

    Greenman I think you mentioned a while back seeing a something related to 10 Arros phase II being 6 single lots/plats. Anyway, that's confirmed with the project website. Two great prices to choose from. $750,000 or $815,000 with one of the higher priced ones sold already. I used to enjoy browsing homes for sale and imagining living in the various places I could afford. In the box roughly surrounded by St Mary's, Peace, Tarboro and MLK/Western I can afford perhaps 10% of the homes listed for sale even with the equity in my existing house within that box being liquid. In other words, while I could cough up a 20% down payment from equity and savings, my salary, growing at a modest 2-4% a year, isn't coming close to covering the mortgage on the remaining 80% at the levels prices have skyrocketed to. 10 years ago, 50% of the homes on MLS were within my reach in this box. Same job. State Government engineering supervisor with a staff of 5. A sizable number of people who live at these financial levels are preferring downtown settings, forcing everyone else to the the 'burbs. Non-walkable, non-mixed use, no transit etc. The big picture is getting out of control rather quickly. Tolerance for just a few more buses as our transit plan, tolerance for continual development of disconnected sub-divisions in the exurbs and no real policy for addressing affordable housing (maybe that policy is just build some transit to the affordable, farthest reaches of the region...different discussion), is creating a massively unsustainable situation. The next economic downturn will likely yield blight in places not accustomed to it. I mean, it's happening already....subdivisions on Perry Creek Road have houses with roofs falling apart and siding coming off. You'll have HOAs that end up like towns in eastern NC trying to cope with shrinking populations... they start out seizing homes that dues are not paid for (legal right of HOAs) and before you know it they have 20 such houses, no money to fix them and no buyers. So sure, downtown is in demand, and that might be fine on the surface....fine within this tiny little boundary we all focus on. But's its a symptomatic cog in a very unhappy and overheating machine with, weak, ungreased axels churning, everyone assuming we'll make it to Valhalla instead of the head gasket going out on the salt flats.
  14. That overhead really doesn't look anything like actual Hillsborough St. Must have used an old google map view and polished it up and never actually come visited the site. Regardless, I'd almost rather this be regular, but a smaller apartment building with full time, employed residents. It isn't horrible on its street face but the scale back though the site is massive. I get this feeling that the next economic collapse will be tied to mega-block and/or student apartment complexes being overbuilt seeing too much of stuff like this and Theory all at once instead of a measured buildout...
  15. Jones_

    Southeast Raleigh

    Ah thanks. 625 is the Disabled Veterans building. 901 is a vacant lot, next to one of very nicely rehabbed Victorian cottages off Idlewild. For those who don't frequent the area, streets with notable numbers of large new or extensively rehabbed homes in the last 24 months include east Lenoir, Davie and Martin, Fort Alley, Bart, Tarboro, Pettigrew, and Battery. Essentially everything north and east of Roberts Park is being swept up and the Wynne/South elbow is 100% rehabbed or newly built, including a rehabbed house that appears to have been bought, and immediately a second rehab begun that is adding two stories to the rear. East from downtown to Swain is essentially 100% gentrified with home prices in that swath being upwards of 250-275 a sqft and stuff out near Tarboro cresting the 200-225 range. Not long ago lots were $20,000 out here and livable houses under $100,000. (under $100 a sqft, as was my house as recently as 2008) Neither defending nor criticizing, but just keeping folks up on the area.