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  1. Downtown Raleigh's Future

    I going to borrow this comment to post this. Hooya.   Hobgood-Hargett.jpg-large
  2. One Glenwood

    First off, not all parts of "downtown" are the same, and secondly, the suburbs certainly are allowed to densify and mold themselves into a more urban form. Regarding the One Glenwood site, this is an interesting piece of land downtown...sort of the center of a bow tie. Its has railroads cutting through, Edenton dumping up on to Hillsborough, and Glenwood terminating...all in one spot. Heading west you have an historic swath of structures that serves and serves well, as a transition zone from downtown proper, to both the Glenwood, corridor and the NC State corridor. All this taken together along with the simple topography and I think anything over say 15 or so, would start to look almost as awkward as the Pickle on 15-501.  For my money I'd rather see a residential building here with ground floor retail on all sides...something like say an Art Deco warehouse, along the lines of the Creamery but with apartments instead of office space. It'd connect the actual Warehouse district with the warehouse-y powerhouse area and the older Glenwood buildings on extreme southern Gleenwood. The block needs thickened up. Its super walkable in the immediate area, and to all the other downtown areas. People should inhabit this block in my opinion and office space feels like an under utilization. 
  3. One Glenwood

    10 stories is actually a really nice step down from 29 at Wells Fargo, to 20 on the Campbell Law lot, to 10 here, and then those 2-4 story office buildings along Hillsborough mixed in with the older apartments and such.  My choice, 30-40 story lot, is immediately west of Sheraton...demolish that old parking deck or maybe both parking decks...and get a huge class A, headquarters on that spot that can benefit from the hotels and convention space. Plus that lot is on the plateau/ridge through central downtown is very prominent from several angles (south Saunders, Boylan, Hillsborough St). But I digress, as I often do...
  4. Durham City Center Tower

    Oh yeah, right on. There are definitely certain, creative, etc,...that like to live downtown and their companies are important catalysts on many fronts. Also, I work in the State government complex and the targeting of cities in every way possible, makes me want to just walk out sometimes. But, alas, I have a mortgage on a downtown property to in that way, I like to think I am helping by diverting those State dollars back into downtown Raleigh...little sliver that it may be...
  5. Durham City Center Tower

    I'm not disagreeing with either statement, but could you fill in your logic between the two? Whole books get written on the subject, and you skipped straight from growing city to educated people. Just curious what your thoughts are. Afterall, Durham had and has a large urban, but poor and largely uneducated population. Raleigh also has a large educated class that chose to live just outside of downtown for 100 years (and Durham too). Do you mean just a change in planning attitude since say WWII? This entails changing mindsets on transportation, sustainability of infrastructure finance models, race and racism so on and so forth. Durham is doing some great things...just want to hear a local's perspective. 
  6. One Glenwood

    Yeah guess it has to be that...pretty poor journalism to say the 10 story building and parking deck are on the same site...anyway, if they love this part of town as much as they say they do, I imagine they'd leave some room for another project. I look forward to it. 
  7. One Glenwood

    The parking deck and building aren't on the same site. I wonder which one they mean...
  8. WRAL

    I hope any change in business model includes stifling the racist comments on the comment boards. 
  9. One Glenwood

    Looks plenty good to me. I hope it has good street presence on all three sides. Reminds me of Charter Square South. Regarding 607 Morgan, its so deep, I could see the deck sitting in the center of the lot, and allowing for street fronting buildings on each side of it for Hargett and Morgan, but I suppose we shall see. I think this is one of the most astute pick-ups, especially for an out of town company, of all the projects being planned. For all of the changes we've seen in the last 15 years, it seems like the next 5 will get things 'over the hump'....almost all dead spaces gone, districts connected, people on the street at all hours....  
  10. Raleigh Wishlist

    On top of this area, and the other stuff in the North Hills thread, things like bringing Bush or Apache under the beltline to Industrial Drive would provide connections needed to support the densifying that is happening all through this swath. This particular connection would have also helped me get in and out of Trader Joes much easier tonight as well, assuming that shopping center's owner would allow/want a connection to the punch through.... 
  11. Raleigh Wishlist

    That's some good detail. I know the original light rail plan spoke of, sans detail, of this becoming a denser area if they put in a station. The road extensions have been timidly explored by Raleigh planners, and I think the most serious one is taking Six Forks to Capital. I always thought bringing Crabtree over was important too, but the "it'll bring crime" crowd probably makes that a tough sell. I also like killing that cul-de-sac off Hodges and punching it through. You've also, at this moment, got 5 breweries either in this frame(Big Boss, Lynwood and Sub Noir) or very close to it (Neuse River and Nickel Point and also the  Bison, which is an awesome Towny bar), so the pregame crowd is currently got a good setup, new development notwithstanding. 
  12. Cameron Village Developments

    I wonder why they couldn't just move Rite Aid downstairs as they are doing, and then reinforce the building into a pedestal to support the Raleigh standard 5 stories of stick construction over that? And what the area needs is more people walking to it instead of forcing in their white Tahoes, Suburbans, Expeditions, Yukons...etc...(seriously, why are so many of them white?)....wouldn't apartments have provided built in walking customers? But surely other things are cooking over there and I'll be interested to see what they are....
  13. Banks in downtown Raleigh?

    My money is on them leaving their name on and regional staff in 333 Corporate Plaza here and moving HQ staff to Charlotte and building say 20-25 stories there. I don't know jack about the banking industry but this smells like the cresting into big time for these guys finally and Charlotte is indeed big time in banking and has all the perks those white shirt types like, such as Panthers and Hornets skyboxes.  Edit: Plus this
  14. Triangle road & traffic thread

    Fun idea. I think it's easier to take out the part from 501 to Mangum/Roxboro. Like Ctl said, the loss of a direct shot into downtown from the south is harder to deal with. Maybe making Pettigrew and Angier a one way pair from the connector into downtown fixes that? Angier would need routed up on to Main probably...anyway, freeways that bisect historic cores of cities are terrible ideas (as opposed to going around or adjacent to historic cores) and this seems like a good one to take out. Had the north/south freeway been built in Raleigh, we'd surely think its a great idea to take that out in this day and age...
  15. Banks in downtown Raleigh?

    Since our downtown is physically small, yeah our density will need to exist in other places too. The whole Browning/Computer drive area seems like its ripe for redevelopment and could possibly be connected across the beltline to the Quail Hollow/St Albans area as part of a massive reorientation of the lots and streets.  EDIT: Whoops....reading farther down I see you already covered this