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  1. The article says that, but I've been carrying 11 stories on my map since I first heard about it.....I don't recall it ever being said to be 12. I think the N&O just effed up and some point.
  2. Where should HQ2 go?

    Hoo, boy...I got Newark, Philly and Atlanta. I do think Philly would be a good option if there was anywhere to put it(is there?) It's got Durham style cool all up in Fishtown and Northern Liberties. It has culture galore and at least some greenspace. Not sure I have convinced myself what reality will be...Atlanta seems so opposite of where a millennial IT worker would want to live. DC is really expensive and commutes are among the worst even with Metro. Something in me says RTP (sans Chatham Park...blech) still has a better than negligible shot.
  3. Triangle Economic News

    You could certainly campus up the whole area between Wade and Macon Pond, Edwards Mill and Blue Ridge. Connect that thing right up to the Arena/Stadium, flush it up with the art museum and Rex, and you got a pretty good, very modern city thing. Umstead would also be a short bike ride away. It's not crazy.
  4. 4th Ward District

    FWIW, people have already moved into West+Lenoir. Also the new bar, Night Rider, is a good chill hole in the wall, if you like hole the wall bars, which I do. The owner told me a bottle shop was coming to the row that Boulted is on too.
  5. Southeast Raleigh

    Indeed. It'd be a half-a$$ version of proper urban form at best. FWIW the blocks (if you didn't pull it up) are penciled in from dropping a road north/south between the rear of the strip shopping center and Renaissance Park. It'd need sidewalks (which there is surprisingly some of in the area), redevelopment that fronts those sidewalks within the commercial blocks and maybe some transitory residential over retail stuff in between the retail and Renaissance Park. Might as well try it instead of succumbing to the standard suburban spec.
  6. 600 Willard Apartments

    It looks like shoe storage now.
  7. Southeast Raleigh

    Interesting...they are proposing square blocks there tied to the south bound Wilmington St ramp. I hadn't realized the gateway concerns extended this far south...pleasant surprise.
  8. Those were purchased separately by Kane. I would consider those the last vestige of Smokey Hollow too, along with maybe the Cardinal and the white house across from it (they are on a hill but close enough to the Railroad to possibly be railroad housing). Melrose Mill, Pine State, Google, Raleigh Wine Shop, Rockford...all that stuff is Smokey Hollow vintage and I'd call it part of the extended neighborhood. The original Smokey Hollow houses were late 1800's early 1900's in age, so Rollins/Watkins came like two generations after that original buildout. At the moment, no plans have been announced for them. I am hoping at least Rollins gets's a sweet 1940's warehouse with a clerestory down the center. Great beer hall or something like that.
  9. Dorothea Dix Property

    CTL, they are acutely aware of every little tidbit you can imagine. I was surprised. They have the whole landfill delineated. They know the entire graveyard area and some suspected other graves are being investigated. They are fully engaged with NC State and Ag. The have a construction historian investigating exactly how the additions were added on to the currently main building. I have been extremely impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism. JeffC, It sure looks like that they want returning it to the old alignment...glad to see it. That'll make walking down to the creek and rock hopping a little easier for folks, as right now it's a cliff of trash there. Of course some of Rocky Branch was permanently realigned when Western was laid down (near the main entrance), but at least that seems to have been professionally done. That connection to Pullen is looking like it'll become a focal point...the sort of "have to see" thing Raleigh sort of lacks much of. Green bridges ( or red ones like near Hoover Dam) are sort of my jam.
  10. 600 Willard Apartments

    I am curious to see if the rebar is salvaged from all of the concrete. Most demolition does that me that says a lot about the price of steel, or at least it's price vs. cost of just dumping in a C&D landfill.
  11. I think the total height is 11 floors.
  12. They have been sinking piles for the Publix/apartment building for a few days now. I'd consider this building under construction now. Also the grade for Peace has been raised a good bit as part of the interchange project...2 foot I'd guess. Might seem inconsequential, but it keep alive my dream of pushing the [future] greenway under Peace one day. It also helps make clear, how this *could have been an at-grade intersection.
  13. Durham City Center Tower

    I hadn't considered this, but you're totally doesn't overwhelm the low rise stuff nearby nor the street experience in general. I think this is a super important aspect of this project and after studying it for a bit, I think it's because while the pedestal portion of the tower does front the sidewalks, the column portion does is set back (and in this case, even katty corner) from the street frontage. Whether it was on purpose, or by accident, it certainly works. I've long thought you could build towers in the center of blocks and retain most of the old buildings facing the street....just like the Parking Deck placement in Raleigh for Moore Square and Wilmington Street. It seems to be a perfect balancing act.
  14. Dorothea Dix Property

    I believe very long term leases secure those locations. I hadn't seen any mention of the complex other than to ensure what is proposed, maintains good neighbor status, and if possible, create one large humming fabric. It was pointed out, in way of appreciating the complexity of all of this, that at that intersection (Blair/Barbour) four different agencies control the property there in one manner or another...NC State, Ag, City and Food non-profits....os it sounds like they are safe where they are. Tangentially, several people have suggested farming/Ag demonstrations be part of "preserving" the big field (it was active farm land for a long time) and that the crops grown, be given directly to the food groups, It'd be seasonal stuff of course, and would not take up the whole field, but producing and teaching all at once, while working with the food security folks, is about as good a symbiosis as I can dream up.
  15. 600 Willard Apartments

    Clarion renovated it (enclosing the balconies being the obvious exterior change) when they bought it from Holiday Inn first time around. Once downtown started looking like a real money maker again, Holiday Inn wanted back in(and redid the entrance) I guess...I don't really understand how branding vs ownership groups works...could be same owners slapping a different name on it