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  1. Any idea if the southern West street extension is part of this plan? If so, that would help some Ithink.
  2. I mean, I think everything looks weird shadowed by huge buildings
  3. I can see it both ways...Peace/Clark is one of our few retail areas that is fed by large walkable but low/medium density residential districts around it like Alberta Street in Portland OR or Bardstown Road in Louisville. These roads have a human scale and hence human interaction that is quickly stolen by huge buildings. But having said that, I do like (prefer) small floor plate mid rise buildings scattered around on corners to act like book ends to districts. The opportunity for architectural variety and not very menacing shadows is a good balancing act in the overall fabric.
  4. Apologies for sounding snarky but this is how it is supposed to be designed if a city is designing for cyclists and not the covenience of parked cars. Hillsbough Street's 'design' was an afterthought and criticized by all people who regularly ride a bike or advocate for bikes. Raleigh barely gives a crap as evidenced by its minuscule funding (the poor staff are doing what they can on a shoestring) and while the State DOT does have a bicycle division their recommendations are roundly ignored (per staff who I know). Not even kidding, if we don't shut up about the Chapel Hill one, the GA wi
  5. A running buddy of mine is one of them. He's stoked since his entire life already centers on downtown.
  6. Oh so you're saying growth is bad because 'costs' or good because 'benefits'? Who says Orange County isn't bearing the costs of adjacent county's reckless lack of planning?
  7. Why exactly does Orange County need growth? The presumption that growth is the be all end all of a successful area is very objectively, false.
  8. As a former John Locke employee I am quite familiar with the bylines, logical retorts underpinned by false assumptions and underlying drivers that necessitate their use. Bottom line, you're just reiterating my point that Meadowmont and other swaths of Chapel Hill ain't that liberal.
  9. No no, its the opposite. Carrboro is the closest to 100% liberal as you'll find anywhere in the country. Chapel Hill has a solid conservative bloc and is the fertile ground for people like the guy who donated $1,000,000 to Trump's election fraud campaign then asked for his money back. Meadowmont has a solid chunk of conservatives too...those were the ones fighting the light rail through there 'cause them dark skinned people might get off and decide to shop there. Hillsborough has a sizable liberal contingent too...who do you think supports the Weaver Street Market there?
  10. I'm basing this on nothing but feel like both of those previous typical choices (bold downtown skyscraper vs suburban campus) are being nudged out by something that more closely resembles 'urban campus'. Things like American Tobacco, and Smokey Hollow where an employer (I realize Smoky Hollow dosn't have an anchor employer)surrounds themselves with a live/work community with plenty of retail and at least some residential are where the momentum really is. Even RTP is trying to rebrand and rebuild with that in mind though its not really achievable there.
  11. ^^ Its Greg fudgeing Sandreuter that's why this thing sucks. Dude only knows how to bulldoze downtown to make money. At least wit him there's a 50% chance the project never gets started.
  12. That actually works pretty good.
  13. Well since it's on Boylan and not Glenwood, how about calling it "Boylans's Highest"? Should help the neighbors down the street feel better about the obvious encroachment on their beautiful historic neighborhood.
  14. Too bad they're still like "located in the warehouse district!!!" while removing over half the remaining warehouses. Call it something else for your schtick fellas. Depot district? Downtown west? I dunno, but stop.
  15. Yada yada yada, Epic Games.
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