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  1. It looks like all the properties *except the Legends parcels have sold on the same block as Hue and The Dawson. They were all being marketed together, and I imagine Legends being found a suitable replacement space (a condition of that properties sale) is what is holding up its sale as well.
  2. They did, at least, power wash all of those white vertical elements.
  3. I too work near the Albemarle and while I've not heard anything about a DD, I have have my sources (aka the people who never leave the State complex and eat in one of the cafeterias every. single. day...) and will get back to you... FWIW here is the DOA info sheet on the project Obviously they won't make the Feb 2017 occupancy but the agency layout stacking plan is interesting to us State Employees.
  4. It did indeed. Good point. To my surprise, the residential rental market isn't yet saturated downtown. All the newest places have very high occupancy rates (not sure about Gramercy since I don't live on that side of downtown anymore). Without some corporate expansions, this next round (Dillion x2, Smokey Hollow, Charter Square, 301 and now 400H) may be the last push for a while...but that is the push that gets the grocery store, so we'd be over the hump...
  5. It would actually make a lot of sense to stack those two and then maybe even flatten the residential some into the hotel footprint, for a better step down towards the west. Also I personally tend to favor shorter residential buildings since I like being part of the street scene from a balcony window and such as opposed to way the hell up in the sky where my city is little more than a painting in the distance.
  6. The Charter folks are pretty good at 1) drumming up those ore leases and 2) bridging financing gaps. I'd expect it to happen at some point soon. But there is a ton of competition all of a sudden so I'm thinking something will die in this rush to build 20 story buildings all over
  7. That Peace is being ignored from Capital to Wilmington is a huge shortcoming given all the other work going on. Maybe selling off the training center should include at least some of the improvements you mentioned.
  8. The council of state put the Peace property sale (and Caswell Square) on hold. McCrory went off on them calling that property super ugly and badly in need of redevelopment. One of the concerns of other members was creating too much traffic on Peace street. As an aside, I am 99% sure that waggle on Harrington is because the street went around a farmhouse that existed prior to the street grid there. It's visible on the Drie map and a large very old oak tree sits right where the waggle starts like a farmhouse shade tree perhaps. But yeah that street would be better straightened out. Also demo of buildings is starting for the interchange with the warehouse of that home furnishings place going down last week. It was the only semi cool building there but likely only 1940s or so and surrounded by so much crap it had to go too.
  9. This is starting to get dizzying....
  10. The whole neighborhood behind the plaza is zipping up on value too. Even a couple of tear downs too. Like Mordecai, it had a short bohemian phase that i think it is leaving behind soon
  11. As an aside they are being deeded as condos because the variance from the neighborhood conservation district overlay was denied meaning no "townhouses". So same shape of buildings. Different deeds and association bylaws.
  12. The fact that Hobgood keeps that condo tower on its front page gives me hope that it'll happen at some point. It would probably be my personal favorite new structure since I've lived downtown (20 years). On a related note, I just stopped in the new DGX (don't call it a Dollar General, they will correct you) at Davie/Blount and its pretty good. Small and packed with apartment necessities. Whoever picked out the product list, clearly knew what they were doing. Also the prices were definitely cheaper than Teeter. Score.
  13. Kinda has some Hobgood look to the design.
  14. True. My most victories visit resulted in only one small shelf being bought. Every other time it was a carload. The idea to tuck it in the back of a redeveloped CTC would be a good compromise though I'm not sure they'd go for the reduced's kind of ironic has the purveyor of space saving ideas and furniture, needs so much freakin space. As an aside regarding Cary, over near Bond Brothers, that new building facing Chatham in front of BB was originally criticized for looking too suburban (by me too), but it actually turned out to have a nice street presence.
  15. An IKEA would be cool and all, but is anyone aware of a walkable shopping center than an IKEA is a part of? I've been to three...Charlotte, Potomac Mills and Newark and all suck pretty badly for pedestrians...