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  1. Hey ya'll. Just a shoutout...I spent last weekend in downtown and along Spring Garden/Walker/Elam areas and had a fantastic time. I should note that I was born in GSO but moved away at three years old, so it's a treasured place to me anyway...but I was very impressed with all the various happenings. The Southend is looking good with HQ Raleigh, the distillery, Boxcar and Gibbs Hundred being some bigger operations either up and running or coming soon to compliment all the stuff on Elm that has been doing their thing for some years. Also the Battleground/Eugene area is looking good with a nice mix of breweries, new apartments and other things. It was a good slice of cool things without the pretentious pricing of the Raleigh/Durham area I have to contend with all the time (brunch, antiques, a pint of beer are all stupid expensive here). That its all within easy day trip reach, means I'll be back...hopefully soon. Cheers!
  2. Where would the Credit Union go? It's core members are State Employees, the largest concentration of which is in downtown Raleigh. And while I'm not too up on the differences between banks and credit unions, they are not the same in some very important ways. I am pretty sure credit unions cannot create money to loan out, they must do so from assets. Credit unions also do not pay the sorts of taxes. The idea is they were a source of credit for people who have not had the chances to land loans in other places. If I remember right, the SECU will loan you money for a car regardless of your credit score, if your credit history with them is in good shape, as an example. And props to them for building a pretty nice headquarters building downtown...(as we've all discussed before)
  3. Huh. Cutting out escalators is getting kind of desperate. Yeah the amphitheater site was where the gas production site for the city was located, primarily on the NE quadrant of the block. The facility is marked as number 38 on the Drie map.
  4. Large capital projects typically have two dates to establish at their conclusion. Substantial completion is when the owner receives beneficial use of a facility and the warranty period kicks in. Final Completion is when the punch lists are 100% complete, liens are waived, the surety consents to final payment and everyone can finally go home happy. As an aside, its kind of piss poor that some (or more perhaps)test boring wasn't done up front instead of just dig and see what you find. This is how contingency budgets get blown. It'd be better to know whats there up front, and have people bid on it to keep the cost of remediation down some. As is, the contractor can inflate these costs a little above what he would have bid to have it taken care of. I am sure the City contracting office can't get their own sub out there fast enough (to save a little tad of money) without further blowing the completion dates. Interesting to me, is that coal was probably laid there before the streets at West and Martin were raised up to their current level...the substantial street raising being evident by the stream culverts they found 10 feet below grade made of chiseled granite/quartzite. Imagine how dirty Rocky Branch was with coal laden rain water washing down after every rain event...
  5. Curious about your map....are those City owned parcels?
  6. Hargett Place's site is being cleared as of Tuesday (July 5th). That'll be 19 townhouses immediately north of Lincoln Apartments that will make that block completely built out. My understanding is that the City owned all this land and sold it to the Lincoln developer. As an aside, this removes from play the land the City had been using to move threatened historic properties out of harms way for a good 20 years or so now. Perhaps with Monarch Properties now in the house moving business, any other large threatened houses will end up on one of their lots on the east side...the entire area between Glenwood and St Mary's is under pressure to lose such houses, with three being torn down in the last six months (all along St Mary's)
  7. Ok, screw it. I'm just going to free flow thoughts into this thread from now on. Next wishlist type thought....the City owned lots in front of Duke Energy/Memorial Auditorium (currently a parking lot) should be developed into a combo park and plaza, possibly with that gigantic fountain people mentioned a few years back. This space is about to have two hotels facing it. I personally like hotels facing greenspace. I also personally like the idea of a second widening of the corridor (in addition to City Plaza) for a larger gathering spot in front of a visitor attraction (the Memorial complex). The City had originally included these two lots in the RFP that resulted in the Charter Square and Residence Inn projects. Taking these off the development map will put pressure on future projects to go higher (what people want right?). It will also maintain a better view of the Auditorium complex from points north. The proposed realignment of Salisbury St (in the downtown plan) would provide ample replacement surface parking behind Memorial. So...wishlist!
  8. ^^ Well shoot...there's the pedestrian connection of Dix to Downtown right there. Being up on the bridge over Western would be awesome indeed. Gotta find a way to elevate these ideas...(no pun intended...)
  9. Wishlist indeed. I hold back quite a bit myself but wander town all the time and think "this so and so would be great right there.." Anyway, a never mentioned thought of mine sits squarely on you map...Wake Forest Road is four lanes and even at rush house, is nowhere near capacity. I propose putting in a planted median (nice like Glenwood from Peace to Five Points), bike lanes from Person to the wonky Atlantic connection at Circus Burger and a continuance of that bike lane out to Crabtree Greenway along Automotive Way and Crabtree Blvd. Also, since the BRT service is supposed to come nearby, have a park and ride in the flea market mall parking lot. Then you've A) made Wake Forest road much more pedestrian friendly and more neighborhood is fronted by houses after all....and B) you've provided a good bike connection to a mass transit express pickup point. Lots of folks in the Mordecai/Oakwood/east downtown areas could utilize the BRT to RTP and get to the area on bike or by car. Greyhound is also conveniently located where the park and ride would be. You could even do roundabouts at Person/Wake Forest and Wake Forest/Atlantic/Brookside/Automotive. The Capital Blvd realignment/relocation could even play into that perhaps. Anyway...wishlist!
  10. The "limit" is just fast track approval vs. additional review and scrutiny. It's not an absolute limit.
  11. I like it. I have envisioned several ways to make new old buildings including making a whole town out of houses moved to the site that were facing demolition elsewhere. You're idea takes what I've seen in places like DC (shiny buildings built around and over existing old buildings) a step further. I have also about rebuilding lost buildings here exactly as they were. Most of our cast iron stuff is gone (Briggs and one just down from it are about all we have), so find a foundry that can recreate the pieces, and find some old brick for facades, find barn wood for floors and rafters (maybe hide some supporting steel in there) and bring them back! I can think of about 10 key spots that would change the entire feel of downtown.
  12. Something I've been mulling over for a while, I think is a tad of a problem. The eventual demolition of the NC Equipment Company building will only exacerbate the problem...namely that Raleigh lacks the building stock that small tech and other leading edge creative firms prefer. Two others are gone already Staudts Bakery was demolished for 927 W Morgan apartments a few years ago) and the Dillion project...nice as it is, is taking one of those offline forever and also the Carolina Coach building was just taken down. Southland Ballroom is up for demo too. These are mainly old industrial spaces. They are of course part of the recruitment strategy for getting the type of talent these companies need, but also are cheaper to renovate (provided the building is structurally sound) and naturally provide flexible floor plans which matches modern collaborative workplace strategies. We have virtually none of these types of buildings left (particularly downtown) as seen by the fact that the old Winn Dixie warehouse on Whitaker Mill now has been pressed into service for Lynwood Brewing and some small tech firm in there now... the point being this space is nowhere near downtown and is relatively modern compared to spaces in other cities. Other buildings that cross my mind as taken or are using just an old space (not a warehouse) in Raleigh are: Helig Levine - has Cherokee Investment Partners among others "the lighting building" at Peace and West - Leoforce and Sprectraforce IT companies moving in soon Dr Pepper Building - Personify moving in soon 518 W Jones - Google of course Raleigh Denim's space Citirix Nehi Bottling Royal Bakery Centerline HQ Raleigh Raleigh Wine shop (The Southern Railway company store) - also has a tech firm moving in upstairs Powerhouse Buildings - Tobacco Road moving in Trolley Repair building - Clouds Brewing Creamery Stones Warehouse in on deck Raleigh Brewing The Seaboard Warehouses (not old at all, but being put to commercial use) The Hanley food court in an old post office warehouse. Anyway....I hear a lot folks lament the lack of highrises in all forums, and the argument put forth that we are running out of parking lots for them, so build taler now. My counter point is that we are not running out, but have essentially run out of the spaces we really cannot recreate...this old warehouses spaces that do not need a giant anchor tenant, but are suited to the smaller innovative firms and businesses that really are what is driving Raleigh. I know I know....Red Hat is in a shiny tower. But they are an exception. Also Allscripts going to North Hills is an exception. What options are left? Some near Raleigh Brewing facing Hillsborough St. Thats about it. So all of this typing just to point folks thoughts towards the situation, whether it is of particular concern to you or not...
  13. Huh...that is indeed very North Hill-esque. TIL there are numerous places in western DC metro that resemble downtowns in some manner.
  14. Ah thanks for the pics, especially the first one. I can see North Hills from my downtown office but can't see details...the residential building in that pic is looking good. A lot of people sat on the sidelines of our downtown revival until they were sure they had a slam dunk investment wise. So now that the slice of humanity that like to take chances and make things interesting has ratcheted up the cache, all the national developers and biggest local developers are all like, we want in now! Lets just hope those guys don't make it all so bland and expensive that the creative folks have to move on again. North Hills also reminds me of Ballston Metro area a little, same side of the DC area...
  15. Student rents and resulting REIT dump-offs must be extremely high for this to be economical. We're not talking about removing a vacant eyesore....Lulu sunk some money into this thing and also has to relocate. They paid 3.5M for the unrenovated building in 2007 and moved in in 2009 iirc. And since this is the Hillsborough St thread, I'll just say I am really extra mad, because FMW isn't just going to demolish the frat house by Gorman and Hillsborough, they are taking all three of those old brick houses. We will then be reduced to two original Hillsborough St single family residential structures between Gorman and Oberlin, both beside Readers Corner.....Hillsborough St was a good street just the way it was... Anything ever happens to Cup a Joe, and I am gone. Leaving. Out of this place.