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  1. I always love Fuquay's two town history. Wake Forest also, used to be three towns (Royal Mills, Forestville and Wake Forest) Even further away, Eden used to be three as well...I am sure there are others...anyway, always a fun footnote to me...
  2. Mods will probably move this to the Coffee House but Raleigh and the area in general accommodates all of the things you mentioned in your second paragraph. Even surfing is possible with the Wilmington area beaches only about 2 1/2 hours away (Wilmington itself is just 2 from downtown Raleigh). Downtown Raleigh and Durham both have substantial nightlifes. Even several of surrounding smaller towns are developing happening little downtowns...most have a brewery and a coffee shop. Raleigh and Durham are chocked full of many of both. The Raleigh Greenway system is substantial and is almost fully connected all the way to Durham and the American Tobacco Trail via Cary and Umstead Park. Raleigh now owns the old Dorthea Dix land and is working on a master plan for how to use is beautiful and practically adjacent to downtown Raleigh. Durham is a little edgier, Cary is a little more family oriented. Raleigh sort of splits the difference between those two. Chapel Hill/Carrboro is dominated by University of North Carolina in a good way. RTP is an international airport and I fly all over the place with ease (just got back from Philly on Frontier actually). I would suggest reading the other forums in here to get a good feel for the various new things coming along and what gets folks here excited. It's a changing, growing, solid area to live in and is very much a "something for everyone" sort of place.
  3. Looks like the materials are about the same as Charter South but the rendering seems to be purposely vague. But it's fine by me if the are similar...Charter South is a pretty good building.
  4. And I believe some investment arm of Duke got Wakefield if memory serves me correctly.
  5. Whelp there ya go, all official and stuff. IKEA. Interestingly though it says * adjacent to CTC, not in it or part of any redevelopment there. That would seem to solve the 'not close enough to I-40 to fit their model' "problem". Major Edit: This is why you should never ever read WRAL for news. Please don't judge me for doing so. The N&O clarified that it is the eastern half of the CTC site and SEARS and Macys old spaces will be demolished to accommodate IKEA.
  6. Cool. Thanks for the various thoughts. I had visions of Quay being a sweet mid density urban rail stop. With its two downtowns it has a unique chance to evolve into something pretty's pretty cool already. Of the "small" Wake towns (meaning not Raleigh or Cary), I think it as the third best downtown....Apex, then Wake Forest, then Fuquay. That's pretty good company to be in there Quay. I realize Holly Springs, Garner and Morrisville are larger now, but they have almost no historic downtowns and not much still today.
  7. Pardon my transit corridor ignorance, but could Fuquay's existing rails ever be part of a future regional or light rail configuration in Wake County? I guess I mean are planners thinking about Fuquay or is it considered too far outside the densest areas.
  8. FWIW this is the first I'd heard of that house being torn down. I suppose even if it is, the next two houses up Bagwell are exact copies of the 6 Bagwell. As an aside, Hillsborough St density is or will be creeping back to Clark in several places now....
  9. It won't help through traffic, but at least they are connecting Jones Ave (lovely name for an avenue...) to Main for a little help. I hope its a good design too, but I am 100% sure the pedestal will be concrete and the residential above it will be stick. Your best hope is that the facade is all hard surface (no EIFS). Actually I think some modern looks would be fine too, Google maps doesn't have the complete building shown, but this guy in Philly has all black where you see the green and it is both modern looking yet fits in well in this historic area (Fishtown in this case). The property tax system has crap consequences. Mine just went up 200 a month. A few years ago my rent wasn't much more than that. Interesting times.
  10. I assume the massing layer cakes are supposed to represent floors...looks like up to 7 (option A looks like 6 residential sitting on one commercial), with fewer facing Fuquay Ave...looks like 4 in both options facing that direction. So wondering...are you excited? Concerned? This sort of megablock apartment building going up in a small Wake County downtown I think is a first. Could be potentially very good for downtown Fuquay I am thinking....?
  11. Lundy's president passed away.. This probably caused a major disruption within the company and I imagine the progress of the project as well...
  12. The parking deck is wrapped inside the outward facing units on option B and in the upper right on option A. I guess the police department is relocating....? Also, I love Fainting Goat Brewery...maybe we already talked about this ha...
  13. THIS is what caught my eye in the article "Between Union Station and Citrix, GoTriangle hopes to redevelop an old warehouse into a mixed-use tower that serves as a bus station on the ground floor, according to Jeff Mann, GoTriangle’s general manager. The idea is to create a “multi-modal” campus, he said." I know 'tower' could be like 6 stories, but it's the first I've heard of any renewed push to do anything there. Several immediate thoughts: - I hope we don't have a just a big bus platform facing West street and that the busses are routed behind some street facing retail like Moore Square - Speaking of Moore Square, I assume this would separate GoTriangle from GoRaleigh for a very long time since Moore Square transit center was just beautifully redone. - How would Go-xxx deal with this, since integrating your busses is sort of a bare minimum in future coordinating of coordinating transit modes. I am fresh off a trip to Philly and they have a near perfectly connected system of busses, trolleys, light rail, regional rail, and airport. As a visitor I had it figured out in no time and for my rapidly aging brain that's saying something. Anyway I'd hope they at least put in a free trolley for transfer holders..or free for all as part of a different R-Line route. - Please don't touch the building Five Star is in. I anxiously await further info especially rough timelines
  14. Ok, thanks for that. Next question....what in the world kind of jobs are these?? I only know a handful of people who make money starting around there..realtors, doctors, dentists, restaurant owners, top level engineers and scientists.
  15. What is the median salary? Those handful of $5,000,000 salaries are distorting what a typical employee makes. Having said that, a median of 75k is still enough to buy up some more 300k houses with.