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  1. Interesting move, but one I feel is needed. I always enjoyed High Cotton in the past, both in Charleston and Greenville, but last time I ate at High Cotton in Greenville (about 1 year ago) I was disappointed. The food and service weren't as good as they once were. I have been to Halls Chophouse in Charleston and consider it the best restaurant in Charleston. It is definitely a step up in terms of quality compared to High Cotton, and the location and interior at RiverPlace will be perfect for Halls. This is definitely a net win.
  2. And they won't need nearly that much space for long, given the decline of mainstream newspapers.
  3. It's amazing what a waste of space the Greenville Transit Authority building has become, with all of the development occurring around it. Hopefully something with more height and usability can go there in the not-too-distant future.
  4. I really like this hotel and development. Great addition to the West End.
  5. Then they should have to pay back the incentives they were given which helped them locate and prosper here.
  6. Me too. The drive down Church Street into downtown will be dramatically different in the near future.
  7. They will still keep their location on Roper Mountain Road in the Crowne Plaza, yes? Greenville's business community can support two Ruth's Chris locations, I believe.
  8. While I love the idea of the mill being redeveloped, and see it is a huge catalyst for further redevelopment in West Greenville, I question the idea that enough people would be willing to pay the money to live in what is currently a pretty rough area. Sure, there are some cool art studios and other things happening there, but it is largely a not-so-great area where crime has to be a concern. This would be much more of a leap of faith than Mills Mill was when it was built (that area wasn't as bad as West Greenville).
  9. I think this is a great idea. Makes much more sense than trying to cram a conference center into the West End with small streets. Prime land like that needs a better use than a conference center which may or may not be used most of the time. If Greenville wants to become more of a "convention city" (and I think it should try hard to), then something like the AGFA site would still be a great location with much better accessibility, as you stated.
  10. Glad to hear you can go somewhere else. Is 400 Rhett letting you out of your lease early, or is it up now?
  11. Okay, so what's the rule on the height differential allowed then? If you have one story homes, how tall can a new development across the street be? If you say 2-3 stories, then I hope you are prepared for a much more expensive cost per square foot, which will be needed so that the development makes sense for the owner(s). I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you, just trying to understand what you deem appropriate. I for one don't mind mid-rise buildings there. That real estate is only going up in value, and I would hate to keep the structures low and look back in a few years only to wish we had built a little more height there.
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