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  1. I'm actually glad to see Trammell Crow withdraw. I wasn't crazy about their proposal, and am glad that the city has certain aspects it is not willing to compromise on. This is the difference between a city that is "hot" and can be choosy, and a city which is desperate for any investment. Greenville has come a long way, and I applaud city leaders for sticking to their guns. This site is too important to not have high standards. While the Trammell Crow proposal would have been nice, it isn't close to fulfilling the potential for the site. I'm really excited to see what happens here. I don't think it will be a long, drawn out process either.
  2. Greenville

    The West End

    That would be great. Hampton Inn departed from their typical bland suburban look when they built the hotel at RiverPlace. I bet Homewood Suites will do the same.
  3. Greenville

    The West End

    Homewood Suites will be great for that location! It will provide some great urban infill, and a midrise building at that. Love it!
  4. Incredible transformation occurring at this intersection.
  5. This looks like a great improvement.
  6. This site is important enough that there should be street level retail fronting ALL streets, as well as the plaza. No excuse not to have ground floor retail on Main as well as Broad, as well as the plaza as much as possible. Blank walls/pedestrian dead zones are unacceptable for a development of this magnitude IMO.
  7. Hopefully at least one person here will go and let us know what is said.
  8. I agree about Target being great for downtown. I may have missed it, but is Walmart Neighborhood Market no longer locating at the Church St/University Ridge development?
  9. I don't love the architecture. I feel like this significant piece of land could use something more imaginative. Don't get me wrong, it will be much better than the Greenville News building, but it doesn't wow me. I wish they would have gone for more height. Instead, it looks like just about any routine urban cluster of buildings which I fear will look dated in 20 years.
  10. Maybe he will scope out a place for a new building while he's there.
  11. This would transform Greenville. I love the vision! Go for it!
  12. Greenville


    The haters don't have nearly that much influence.
  13. Greenville

    The West End

    Ha! That is perfect.
  14. I was under the impression that Ryan Homes builds a lot of track homes of debatable quality, and often at a much lower price point than what I expected to see in Verdae. But I don't know details.
  15. I wasn't saying that Greenville is just like Austin, nor would I want it to be. My point is that Austin was an insignificant city on a national scale 20 years ago, and it has worked hard to make a name for itself in a state that includes much larger cities like Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Sure, it has some advantages that Greenville does not, but having the University of Texas and the state capital are far from the only reasons for its success. Developing its tech industry, helping to grow its local headquarters, promoting its music scene, and appealing to young professionals has been huge for them. Greenville can play up its strengths better than it has, and leverage those to increase the desirability of the city. That was my point.
  16. This would be outstanding. I hope it happens.
  17. And as the big three cities in SC (Greenville, Charleston, and Columbia) continue to improve amenities, and attract more and more professionals, those white collar jobs will come. The taxes are good, the cost of living is great, and the weather is good. The only thing lacking has been the perceived amenities in our cities. Greenville is doing a great job improving that, and has a motivated group of business leaders who understand what it takes. How do you think Austin overcame the influence of bigger cities like Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio to become Texas's hot spot? It worked on its amenities and cool factor. Greenville can do the same living in the shadow of Atlanta and Charlotte.
  18. Is that big enough for a convention center? It seems that there is way too little space there for a sizable convention center, not to mention parking and other needs for such an important attraction. I'm guessing that the nearby hotels would be the "convention hotels?"
  19. Greenville

    The West End

    This is really impressive to have so many developments in such a small area.
  20. I still like the Memorial Auditorium site, but am not sure it is large enough for both a convention center and large hotel. I suppose the hotel could be a block or two away if they are willing to have an underground indoor tunnel connecting the two. That would probably get expensive though... I don't really know of any other sites large enough for this, especially if we want to become more of a convention city. It HAS to be downtown, in my opinion. A convention center alone isn't going to generate a new hub of activity in Greenville to the point of justifying a non-downtown location. Besides, connectivity somehow to downtown via mass transit would be necessary, and we know that isn't going to happen anytime soon.
  21. Greenville

    The West End

    This is awful. Please reject this, DRB.
  22. I agree with a convention center on the northern side of downtown. While the West End is currently the trendy area, something of this magnitude (convention center plus hotel) needs plenty of space and easy accessibility from major roads and the airport. Having to drive through downtown's roads to get from I-385 to the West End sounds like a nightmare for bigger events. Let's utilize some vacant or underused land near North Main/Beattie/the arena and do something great there. It would give that side a nice boost, and we wouldn't lose the great things going on in the West End.
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