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  1. Excellent summary of many planned developments. Downtown Greenville has a lot of momentum right now - very exciting! Office and retail are sure to follow.
  2. Thanks. So this is their ultra modern line. Yawn.
  3. I love basketball, but I can't stand this.
  4. The Point. That was going to be a game changer, and a "second downtown." However, maybe it was a blessing in disguise that it never materialized because we might not have seen all of the downtown developments we have in the years since.
  5. That is great news! Someone will purchase the site soon because it is too prominent a site to not be developed in mixed-use fashion. An urban Target as mallguy mentioned would be perfect here.
  6. Greenville

    The West End

    Wow, that Whiskey Hotel design is awful. I wouldn't even want that in the suburbs, much less in the West End. Hopefully the design gets shot down.
  7. This all sounds really good to me. That section of Augusta Road needs a really good grocery store, and that location is perfect for one. I think Harris Teeter re-enterting the Greenville market will be a good thing. Their new store concept sounds great, and I think it will add to the already great grocery options in Greenville. While I would love to save the post office, I think history has shown us that a store hidden behind it does not perform as well as one with better visibility and more parking. Starbucks makes sense too, and will do well. Not sure why anyone would have a problem with that.
  8. I agree, but why not put retail anchors off of Main? Doing so would be a great way to extend the pedestrian activity downtown, rather than using (wasting) primo land such as the Greenville News site on an large anchor. I share your desire for a nice urban Target downtown, but why not put something like that a few blocks over on Academy where the land is cheaper and not as important? Target doesn't need to be adjacent to the Peace Center and Falls Park. A destination development like we will have on the Greenville News site does. To me, this site screams mixed use and focal point. I LOVE the mix of retail, hotel, and business uses while also incorporating a nice park which will complement Falls Park very well. This could be a game changer for Greenville.
  9. Wow, very interesting indeed! I'm intrigued.
  10. Looks nice. Will this be considered class A office space?
  11. I view Verdae like I do Magnolia Park - as a huge disappointment. I don't expect top level, forward-thinking developments from either of these anymore. We were promised that both would be game changers, and it became clear years ago that neither would be close to what was planned. It could be worse, I suppose. But I'm way past having any substantial expectations for either one, so you won't hear me complaining.
  12. Given the site layout, I thought the last proposal was the best we have seen. It was urban and made good use of the space. If someone wants to build a high rise, that would be great, but with the difficulties we have seen with projects there I'm not going to expect anything too significant.
  13. Over the last two years, Barnes & Noble has been closing an average of 20 stores a year. It was perhaps drastic for me to say that B&N is going out of business, because they still have hundreds of stores. But they are certainly struggling, and I don't see them turning it around anytime soon.
  14. Greenville

    The West End

    Wow, this is bold. But I like it! I hope it gets approved, because I think it will set a nice precedent for other West End developments moving forward.
  15. I can't imagine it is a significant or sustainable upswing. Too many people read books on their Kindle or iPad these days, and those who still read hardcopy books aren't going to brick and mortar bookstores as much as they are going online to order. Borders went out of business for a reason. Barnes & Noble is going out of business for a reason (despite devoting more and more space to the Nook).
  16. I don't understand why anyone thinks opening a bookstore in 2014 is a good idea. Sure, we all love the idea of a cute bookstore, but the small quirky bookstores have been struggling for 20 years. Now, over the past 5-10 years, the huge national booksellers are struggling. While hardcover books are not going to be extinct anytime soon, the demand for a bookstore to peruse them in is dwindling. A store which addresses diminishing demand + expensive downtown rent = recipe for disaster.
  17. Very cool! Great addition to the North End!
  18. Because this development was billed as being innovative and different. It started as a huge chunk of land with unlimited potential. We were promised an urban, mixed-use development. Do you think that has happened there? I sure don't. Other than having houses really close together and green space/playground in the middle of the residential component, I don't see it being much different from other residential developments. The apartments are a run-of-the-mill suburban design. The houses are overpriced in my opinion. If they bring in some really great retail and corporate tenants, and do some innovative things with transit, then it will be different at least. I envisioned a mini-downtown for Verdae, with an urban design, mixed uses, walkable streets, etc. I hoped it could replace what was initially promised for The Point before that project fell through. Verdae could be something similar to Atlantic Station. At the very least, it could be comparable to Daniel Island, if not better. What we seem to be getting isn't even close. Questioning what we have seen so far, and doubting what it will become, isn't unreasonable, gman430.
  19. This will really change the feel of that intersection.
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