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  1. Surely we will get some height with this development.
  2. This is quite an impressive list for an airport of GSP's size. Great job by airport leaders to secure these tenants.
  3. Interesting. Understandable that GSP isn't as attractive a market to them anymore. It's sad that SWA is bailing on its roots as a low cost carrier. I remember when they were the only profitable airline several years ago, and they did it as a low cost carrier. Sadly, SWA is primed to fail as a mainline carrier. I see no way they can compete with the likes of Delta and American on price, service, or destinations.
  4. I honestly don't understand why anyone would fly Southwest. Their fares aren't usually the cheapest. They have an unfamiliar boarding process. You have to pay extra if you want to reserve a seat. The only places they fly from GSP are Chicago, Houston, and Baltimore. Only one of those was a new destination from GSP (Baltimore), and it is in the Washington-Baltimore metro area which was already well served by GSP. If Southwest had the lowest fares, people would probably be willing to put up with having to stop in one of the aforementioned cities to go where they need to go. But with only 4 arrivals into GSP, and 4 departures out of GSP each day, and to destinations which aren't really new for GSP travelers, it's no wonder they aren't doing well. Before anyone tells me that Southwest lowered the fares from GSP...I'm not debating that. But now that other airlines have reduced their prices as well, and Southwest isn't usually the cheapest, it's up to Southwest to do the other things well. They must not be, or else their planes wouldn't have so many empty seats on them. Most of the other airlines at GSP are doing well.
  5. I don't know what Myrtle Beach's airport looks like, but Columbia's is above average and Charleston's looks awful. Greenville's will certainly be the nicest in SC, as it should be.
  6. If they aren't meeting their quotas, it's their own fault. Southwest is a far cry from the "amazing airline" they used to be.
  7. Why would someone who paid good money for that land put something like a park there that generates zero in revenue? The owners would be paying property tax every year, just out of the goodness of their hearts so Greenville can have another park? Not going to work. The only way for a park to work there is for the city to buy it. I'm not comfortable with the city wasting millions of dollars to buy the site, just to turn it into a park which isn't likely to be used very often. The city should save that money for something else. The most recent development made a lot of sense with apartments. They provided density on a weirdly laid out piece of land, as well as people in a new part of downtown where there is not currently a lot of residential density. I'm hoping for something similar to be built there.
  8. Wow! This is in line with the kind of big developments mentioned when Verdae's master plan was first announced.
  9. I bet Bob Ellis misses hearing from you, gman.
  10. The local law should supersede the state law, in my opinion. Greenville leaders know better than the state government what is best for Greenville.
  11. Greenville

    The West End

    Sounds great! Best of luck with the project! And please keep us posted!
  12. I'm not sure, but I always enjoy his posts. Hope everything is okay.
  13. Not surprised to see Charleston more expensive than Greenville, but who thought that Atlanta and Charlotte would be? Shocking, but good for GSP.
  14. Then why don't they have a location in New York listed on their website?
  15. I thought they were definitely going to Haywood Mall. Did something change?
  16. Good. So it sounds like a concern/change on the developer's end. Hopefully it isn't something significant.
  17. Okay, but why would it be denied? This is, by far, the best proposal for this site since it became vacant 20 years ago. It seems to utilize the difficult shape of the lot nicely. Additional apartments built in an urban fashion are a great solution, so I can't imagine that the DRB is having trouble getting behind this proposal. If the DRB denies this, they are basically saying that nothing is good enough there.
  18. Pretty Lowcountry-heavy, as is expected. Still some nice shots of the Upstate too. South Carolina really is a beautiful state.
  19. Greenville

    The West End

    Excellent graphic, GvilleSC! The development in that area over the past 10 years has been dramatic and impressive, for sure. I agree about The Greenville News building being a key redevelopment piece. The visitor's center should be an important development to keep an eye on as well. I think we will continue to see development toward and across Academy. The city's plan for a riverfront park on the other side of Academy can be a huge stimulus in that direction. I also think we will see some changes to Academy Street as a result of development spreading that way. It could ultimately transform the entryway to downtown from that direction.
  20. Wow, that's a lot of employees. I'm sure they will enjoy working downtown instead of the GHS campus (not that the campus is bad, but it's still a hospital and it's not downtown).
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