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  1. This is a great point. We haven't heard a thing about the lot across the street in what, 8 or 9 years? The last thing I remember mentioned for that site was a high rise by a local developer (who I believe owns the site). This was during the high rise proposal "boom" in 2005. Like many of the proposals at that time, It never materialized though.
  2. It says a lot for Greenville that there is so much interest in this property, especially since it has not formally gone on the market yet. Potential buyers from around the country know what a prime site this is, which is great for the city because the sale of it should get top dollar. And that means a high-quality investment by whomever buys it.
  3. Great news! I hate that government projects such as these take so long to plan and build though.
  4. Excellent! This can be a really awesome development if put in the right hands.
  5. This looks even nicer than the original. Great job!
  6. Interesting, because some Charlotte residents who post here (who shall remain nameless) have enjoyed telling us how GSP only got Southwest because of incentives.
  7. Greenville

    The West End

    Wow, sounds like a nice addition to the residential market in the West End. At 4,000-7,000 square feet per unit, these won't be cheap.
  8. I agree, that's a midrise and not a high rise. Some of the people complaining about how "out of place" this is are being ridiculous. It's not like this is going to be a 20 story building or anything.
  9. That sucks. Any idea how full that flight was? I'm guessing there isn't much demand for travel between the two, but it would be nice to see someone else replace the flight.
  10. I realize that Southwest caused the average fare at GSP to decrease, but to call themselves a "low cost carrier" is not true these days. I've checked Southwest numerous times at various airports over the past few years, and they are rarely the most affordable. They are sometimes competitive on price, but given the fact that their boarding/seating policy sucks, their service often leaves something to be desired, and they have limited cities they fly to (or "through," depending on whether you have a direct or a non-stop flight) they end up way down my list of preferences. And evidently, plenty of other people agree with me since Southwest isn't meeting their quotas and is now pulling out of cities when it never had to before. They no longer seem to be the amazing airline they earned the reputation for being. Currently, they provide a low cost airline experience at legacy carrier prices. Not good.
  11. That's a shame, because in my mind, they promised all these great low fares and amazing service. My experience with them has been far from that lofty promise. Their fares are not that great, often higher than legacy carriers, and their service is often disjointed. I was so excited to get them at GSP, but if they leave now, I'll view their tenure at GSP with a bad taste in my mouth. I did not have any experience with SWA until a few years ago, but I have to wonder if the current Southwest is a shadow of what it used to be. Sad.
  12. The article was eye opening for me, because I did not know that there is a six story height restriction for University Ridge. Given the elevation there, six stories would provide nice density and still allow for nice views. I would be disappointed with a bunch of 2-3 story buildings there, though. It needs to really pop, in a mid-rise sort of way. There seems to be a lot of momentum for this idea right now within city and county governments. I know Knox White recently said that this could be several years away before a firm plan is made, but I'm hoping things can materialize much faster than that.
  13. It's simple and could be located anywhere, but I like it.
  14. That would be HUGE money. Trump, here's your chance to enter the Greenville market.
  15. I hate to lose the jobs too, but as newspapers continue circling the drain, these jobs will be eliminated rather than just moved. Now we can focus on redeveloping the entirety of the Greenville News operations downtown.
  16. I agree on all points. I don't see a benefit to having it adjacent to the arena, except for the space available. With that site, I still fear that it would feel "too far" from the main activity downtown. It could also serve to extend the activity away from Main in that direction, but I doubt it. Access to the Greenville News site is a great point. I was only thinking about it in terms of pedestrian access and location, but where would people park? How would delivery trucks get in and out? Could be a huge problem there. Is there enough space at County Square to have a convention center and a hotel? If so, that would work well I think. This is probably my top choice at this point. Finally, is there anywhere across Academy that would work well? I know we don't want it to be too far off the beaten path, but it could be a huge boon for that area to have a convention center there.
  17. Interesting article. I'm sorry to hear that a plan for this seems several years away, but perhaps it is a good thing. This is a huge decision. Does Greenville want to market itself as a "convention city?" Is Greenville capable of becoming a convention city? If so, we need to plan for any downtown convention center to be large enough to interest larger conventions. I am sure it's hard to decide on the best size to have, because you don't want it too small to recruit legitimate conventions, but you also don't want it so large that smaller conventions (which could be profitable, if there are enough of them) can't consider it as an option. Regarding potential sites, County Square is an obvious choice, whether it occupied most of that site or was one component of it. Greenville News site is also a possibility in my mind. And before this article, I would not have considered having it next to Bon Secours Wellness Arena but that is certainly something to consider.
  18. Greenville

    The West End

    I don't mind the low-rise and mid-rise buildings. When done well, they have a nice impact on the pedestrian. Plus, with increased density, the necessity for high-rises will come.
  19. This looks outstanding! Given the challenging location of the property, as well as the shape, I think they have done a phenomenal job. It will have a huge effect as you come into Greenville, and perhaps be more appealing than a 20 story highrise there. I'm excited to see the impact it has on that immediate area.
  20. Greenville

    The West End

    Very interesting. I like this idea. I'm not a B&B person, but I don't recall any B&B's in the West End so I think the idea could really work. I would think this would be a preferable option for many compared to Pettigru Place, which is certainly well known but not as convenient a location for downtown activities.
  21. Greenville

    The West End

    Me too. I'm trying to visualize how much space 300 apartments will occupy. That is a lot of apartments, but how those 300 would be arranged on a 5 acre property is well outside my area of expertise.
  22. That will add quite a lot of additional people who are spending time and money downtown. Excellent!
  23. I am actually okay with it not being mixed use. Think about it, any retail there would be in no-man's land because it feels so out of the way from the action on Main, and there is nothing beyond it except the arena. For the rent which would be charged, I don't see retail being successful there. Office space could work, but I think it would be hard to get in and out if you are a client-driven business. I hate that this is only four stories, but having several buildings there will still dramatically change a site which has been an eyesore for over 15 years. I would have loved something "wow" there, but at this point I'll gladly take this. Plus, more rental units downtown seem like a great idea.
  24. Are stores like Nine West and Guess closing a lot of stores, or is this specific to their performance at Haywood?
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