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  1. It may be "boring," but it says a lot for a city like Greenville to have not one, but two Ruth's Chris steakhouses. Most cities don't have one, let alone two. With the increasing number of business travelers spending time in downtown Greenville, there is something to be said for a place like Ruth's Chris which is familiar as a result of travels to other cities. The following metro areas have at least two Ruth's Chris Steakhouses: Los Angeles, CA San Diego, CA San Francisco, CA Atlanta, GA Washington, DC Miami, FL Tampa, FL Honolulu, HI Maui, HI Chicago, IL Indianapolis, IN New Orleans, LA Baltimore, MD St. Louis, MO New York, NY Charlotte, NC Raleigh, NC Philadelphia, PA San Antonio, TX Salt Lake City, UT Seattle, WA I'd say that's pretty good company for little 'ol Greenvile, SC!
  2. Greenville

    The West End

    I agree. Great idea to build it up to Academy Street and make it more urban in nature.
  3. Thank goodness. I never went, but I hated the name enough to not want them in Greenville's downtown. Not the kind of desired image to convey.
  4. Greenville

    The West End

    Interesting. This seems like a huge boon for that area in terms of redevelopment. Maybe they are getting in on the "ground floor" of development along the river on that side of Academy. This should be a nice complement to the city's desire to ultimately put a park near there.
  5. A convention center on the Greenville News site would be incredible!
  6. Although not as significant a building as Greenville Memorial Auditorium was, the implosion of this will be more dramatic due to the height of the building. I hope this gets captured on camera by someone because I'd love to see it.
  7. Sounds like some nice density going in there.
  8. Will it be a Walmart Neighborhood Market?
  9. I agree about the great potential of the district. The thing I like most about it is that it's near downtown, but not in downtown, yet offers its own "town" feel with the urban nature of those several blocks. It is tailor made for this kind of adaptive reuse!
  10. I guess we disagree with this being a high profile location. Woodruff Road, to me, isn't high profile. To me, Greenville doesn't have an upscale retail destination. Haywood has potential to be that, with continued improvement to the mall and surrounding area (if the master plan is any indication). But Woodruff Road? It is solid, but not high profile IMO. As for Magnolia Park itself, it was intended to be high profile when it was proposed. But the economy seems to have derailed those plans in a huge way. Magnolia Park has resorted to some very disappointing tenant additions over the years, to the point that it is no longer an upscale development. Thus, I don't see Cabela's as inappropriate here. My larger concern is the traffic it will generate, especially if there are lots of boats and RVs going in and out to add congestion to what is already an extremely busy road.
  11. What a silly post. Cabela's is not redneck. What about an outdoor store is redneck?!? If outdoor pursuits = redneck, then cities like Denver, Salt Lake City, and Portland take the cake on redneck since those cities have far more of an outdoorsy vibe than Greenville. Among the outdoor stores, I consider Greenville's (REI and Cabela's) to be more upscale than Bass Pro Shops. Nothing wrong with BPS either, but if we're arguing which one is "redneck," it would be BPS.
  12. The Delta SkyMiles American Express is $75 per year (free the first year), and it allows one free checked bag with each ticket, plus priority boarding, plus SkyMiles for all money spent, plus 30,000 free SkyMiles upon signing up. It is a great deal, and pays for itself many times over.
  13. I don't claim to know details, but from my outside perspective, it does seem like Verdae is being developed in a way that is not nearly what was promised. I remember the original plan talking about this game changing development, with walkable streets, parks, retail, offices, etc. It was supposed to be a "city within a city," where you could live, work, and play, yet still be close to great shopping and dining in the Woodruff Road area and also close to downtown. The last time I drove through Verdae was about a year ago. The location is obviously great, and the little central park and playground are nice. But most of the houses I saw were very disappointing. They had some interesting architectural elements, but were mostly just odd looking and did not seem to be built with the quality to justify their price tag. They also seemed crammed in there, just as any other suburban development would be which strives to maximize the number of houses built. I assume that there are specific design standards for TND, because based on Verdae, TND just seems to be code for "cram houses in there and dress it up as urban and community-focused." I also do not see why a seemingly routine apartment complex was approved there. The same goes for a development built by Ryan Homes. They seem to build cookie cutter homes everywhere. Again, I say all of this with very limited knowledge of the details of Verdae. I'm simply basing my opinion on the original master plan, which seemed like an incredible opportunity never seen before in the Southeast, to develop a game changer of an in-town mixed use "city within a city" development. The way it appears now, I certainly wouldn't live there. The location is great, but why pay more for a home that isn't constructed well, on a postage stamp lot, in a development which seems to change its standards as it goes?
  14. Hang on. Has Southwest really been conducting business as a low cost carrier? Every time I check flights, Southwest is rarely the cheapest and certainly not low cost like Allegiant. I'm sure there is some excuse about oil prices or government interference keeping airline prices high, but regardless, it's not fair to blame Greenville travelers for not using a low cost airline when said airline doesn't have prices any better than airlines like Delta, American, etc. Because all things being equal, I'm going to fly an airline like Delta who lets me reserve my seat without an additional fee, board early without an additional fee, have a snack without an additional fee, and has generally superior customer service. But that's just me.
  15. Excellent point. Their fiscal conservatism and not wanting to waste money (both of which are good things in my book) trump their lack of innovation and progressiveness, so hopefully we will see a nice urban development there. The possibilities for this prime piece of downtown land are endless, really. Exciting to think about. I really like the convention center idea. One highrise could be county offices, another a convention center hotel, maybe some good retail thrown in if we could attract some prime tenants...
  16. No, because this would require Greenville County to be progressive and forward-thinking. Given their history, I predict a bland 2-3 story building with a continued sea of asphalt and zero regard for the urban setting of the site. Maybe they will surprise us.
  17. Thank you for the helpful info. I don't understand why someone would spend money on a prime site such as this, sit on it while other mixed-use developments happen which include the things you plan for your site (hotel, residential, restaurants), then you announce a crappy 3-4 story apartment complex. Because other successful developments have occurred mere blocks away, it's clearly not a problem with the area of the city or the economy (although I know plenty of developers like to use this as an excuse). This oozes huge disappointment, and the only reason we have so far for why is because these developers don't have a clue what they are doing.
  18. I hope they don't leave a lot of open space around the building(s). If they do, I'm sure they will frame it as a "plaza" or "park" or "greenspace" to make it sound great, even though in reality those are usually buzzwords for a non-urban development with wasted space around it. I don't know how much the site cost the owners, but maybe it was high enough that they will have incentive to maximize the space...
  19. I can live with low- to mid-rises if they are built densely in an urban fashion. Obviously a highrise or two would be preferred, but infill there would go a long way to improving connectivity through that part of downtown. Unfortunately, I predict that this project will suck.
  20. I was in town on Saturday also, and tried Tupelo Honey Cafe for the first time (outstanding!). In the process, I checked out the shade structure at Piazza Bergamo. I first noticed it from the Main Street side, and thought it looked odd crammed in between the existing, taller structures. I then approached it from the Tupelo Honey/B of A side. I think it looks better when you are in the plaza itself, but still feels…odd. I don't exactly dislike it, but I am not wowed by it either. Maybe it will just take some getting used to.
  21. I definitely agree about Cheesecake Factory. I'd love to see them as a restaurant associated with Haywood Mall, but not downtown at Embassy Suites.
  22. That doesn't necessarily mean it won't be good. What if it's going to be Morton's, The Palms, or something equivalent? I would be disappointed if it's simply a relocation/reopening of another downtown restaurant like Restaurant O or Devereaux's.
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