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  1. I love this! Seems to complement the other buildings in RiverPlace, and add more density and a little height as well. Great job!
  2. I would certainly prefer that the empty lot across the street to be developed first, but that lot isn't for sale and as far as I know, no development is being planned there. I don't know how the city would go about encouraging development there, but if you have any ideas, I'm all for it. This thread deals with The Greenville News building, which is for sale. I don't see why an empty lot across the street, which as I said, needs to be developed, should preclude us from discussing this building. And since we are on the topic, I stated that I personally do not like it. I don't have the knowledge of architecture that you and some others here have, but in my opinion it's an ugly building that does nothing for downtown. Not only that, but it doesn't address the pedestrian well at all. It is definitely a "walk on by" kind of building, much like any other building which is not built in an urban fashion. It even has a freaking entrance to the underground parking building on Main Street, which is deplorable. For such a prime location downtown, I think that's a waste. But then again, I don't care for Brady Bunch style split-level homes either.
  3. That building doesn't have nearly enough history to its name to justify leaving it there. Just because it's old, or from a certain period of architecture (a very sucky one at that), doesn't mean we must leave it there. I can think of hundreds of better uses for that prime piece of property. Seriously.
  4. That would be a great place for a mixed use building with a Trader Joe's in it...
  5. This is a huge eyesore, and I'm excited about the idea of something else going there. Whoever buys it will almost certainly want/need to tear it down and put something else there. Good to hear that the city will demand something exceptional there. It's a huge focal point downtown. The formula will probably be the usual mixed-use concept, with height setback due to it being on Main Street. I'm not sure another hotel would work at this point, but office space (nice new headquarters, anyone?) and maybe some residential space would work. This is prime retail and restaurant space, for sure. If Greenville County wants to move its offices downtown, and abandon County Square so something else can be built there, this seem to be a great opportunity for that as part of a larger development...
  6. I know what you mean. I think the positive infill we're having will help with that. Downtown real estate will become even more in demand, and building up will be required to maximize the land.
  7. How about something like McCormick & Schmick's? Seems like it would be a good fit at NoMa, with the hotel as well as businesses nearby. Good place for business lunch or dinner, plus they have a great happy hour. I know it's a chain, but it's a pretty nice chain.
  8. That was a nice interview with Dan Radakovich. I really like his ambitious goals for Clemson athletics. The new basketball arena, the Death Valley improvements, and the new football administration complex adjacent to the indoor practice facility are all excellent ideas that I'm glad to see happening. Plus, the central campus area which currently houses Johnstone Hall, the old student union, and Harcombe Dining Hall will look totally different with the new plans. I'm very excited to see it all come together! For those who don't want to watch the video, of interest to downtown Greenville is the fact that the new basketball arena will require that Clemson play an entire season somewhere else. The athletic administration hopes that can be at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena. Radakovich even stated that they refer to Greenville as "Orangeville" because of all the Clemson alums and fans in the area.
  9. Well, Charleson was voted Conde Nast's #1 U.S. city for the third year in a row.
  10. Although I don't love the name, this will still be a significant improvement over "Bi-Lo Center." I like the Bon Secours logo and font, too.
  11. I found it interesting that they are decreasing seating from 10,000 to 8,000. I suppose they want to make room for luxury boxes, which I understand in terms of revenue generation. It will put Clemson's arena on par with Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke in terms of seating. Contrast this with places like UNC and South Carolina which have arenas in the 18,000-20,000 range for seating capacity. I for one like the smaller, more intimate arenas. All of the seats are good, and they can get quite loud when filled to capacity. For a school like Clemson, where basketball historically takes a back seat, an arena on the smaller side makes sense. A new facility is definitely needed in order to compete in recruiting, and I'm glad to see the university making a commitment to it.
  12. Interesting. Is the white part a parking building, or does it just look like one in the renderings?
  13. How is Greenville's Brooks Brothers different from the "original" Brooks Brothers?
  14. Is that Sunrise Spa with the awful sign?
  15. LOL. So the next time someone from Charlotte speaks of their city being superior to another, we can throw this in their face. Bojangles Coliseum for the win.
  16. I agree. Not even 10 years ago, we were talking about The Point (upscale, urban town center development) as well as Magnolia Park (also with upscale tenants). Now The Point is a distant memory, and Magnolia Park has been revised 14 times with downgraded plans. The Woodruff Road corridor is at a crossroads, for sure. Will it capitalize on the positives like Costco, Whole Foods, REI, and Cabela's, or move toward gun ranges, Goodwill, and a Greyhound station? Regarding Greyhound, surely this is part of a bigger plan that we can't see yet. I can't imagine that this is a permanent solution. Perhaps some sort of multi-modal transit center is planned for the urban core in the near future?
  17. Who thought Woodruff Road was a good place to have a Greyhound bus station? I thought it was almost a requirement to have such bus stations in a bad part of town. I hope that we don't start seeing homeless/drunk/high people wandering along Woodruff Road with nowhere to go.
  18. It seems like this location is a revolving door for businesses. It seems to be a relatively poor location except for those who work in the Liberty Tower buildings. I think the problem is that it "feels" like it is a long way away from Main Street even though it isn't.
  19. As stupid as Bon Secours Wellness Center sounds, it is better than Bi-Lo Center and TONS better than Bojangles Arena. And Spartanburg Regional getting naming rights to the arena in Greenville would have been a huge mistake for Greenville.
  20. It isn't my kind of hotel, but this will be a new offering compared to the traditional hotels already downtown like Westin, Hyatt, etc. The 20s-40s crowd looking for a modern/trendy hotel will like this.
  21. I don't consider a gun range on a busy retail corridor in the 'burbs as "high profile." It's not like the gun range is part of the One development or RiverPlace.
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