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  1. Interesting read. I am glad that the Hyatt will be staying in downtown, and I look forward to the renovations they make. When are they supposed to begin making improvements, and when are the renovations supposed to be complete? I am ready for more downtown hotels, namely nicer ones. I understand that we need to cater to everyone, thus the need for the Holiday Inn Express, but I was a bit surprised that a Hampton Inn was chosen for such a prime location in the West End. I suppose I had envisioned something a little nicer, like a Hilton or Marriott. Anyone else have any thoughts on the Hampton Inn?
  2. RestedTraveler, I have lived in Washington, DC for the past year and actually just arrived in Boston about a week and a half ago. I am doing a six-week internship at Harvard Medical School, so I won't be here very long. As for the T, I have only used the green line thus far (Brookline Village to Longwood Medical or Fenway stop), but I plan on using the red line to hit up MGH and Cambridge before my time here is done. I am flying into GSP on Saturday for several days at home, and can't wait! I have missed Greenville!
  3. I love GSP. Living in Washington, DC for the past year, and currently in Boston for six weeks, I have taken a lot of flights to and from GSP. Through my travels, I have come to appreciate how efficient and smooth things always are at GSP. It is nice to be in a medium-sized airport that is not too big. Baggage claim is always a breeze, and parking is never a problem. As Greenville grows, I hope GSP will maintain its efficiency and user-friendly environment. By the way, I hope Independence Air stays around for a long time. I fly them frequently, and think they have done a LOT to make GSP more competitive with Atlanta and Charlotte airports. News about Southwest and JetBlue being interested in GSP is great news as well.
  4. After decades of no high rises being built in downtown (aside from the Carolina First buiding in 1999 or so), it is amazing that we have so many projects going at once! I am excited about what this will do for our skyline.
  5. Hi, guys. I stumbled across this forum a few days ago and haven't been able to stay away. I am a 24 year-old Greenville native who loves economic development, big cities, skylines, etc. The things that are discussed on this board are right up my alley! I thought I was the only one who checked the "Greenville Vision 2025" website daily, only to be disappointed that nothing new was ever added. Evidently others share my desire for Greenville to become a bigger city while retaining its charm. By finding this forum, I feel like I have made a wonderful discovery. Ha ha. I am excited about all that is going on in Greenville, and look forward to good dialogue with you guys.
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