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  1. ariesjow


    With Amazon coming, I would love to see retailers like Uniqlo, Zara, Penguin, or Topshop enter the Nashville market downtown. These stores would do well near a large H&M like the one going in at 5th & Broadway. A DSW would also be useful.
  2. I think Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen have been in Nashville for a while off and on. I used to see them occasionally at the Whole Foods in Green Hills a few years ago.
  3. 1) There is a market there that is already being missed. I've literally talked to women here for bachelorette parties that ask me where there are dance clubs that spin pop or top 40 downtown. I could only name the rooftop of Acme and maybe HQ Beercade as a potential reprieve from the honky tonks within walking distance for them. This wasn't the case a decade or so ago when I could probably name at least a handful of places that would have suited their needs. So, in our haste to make the absolute most of our country music legacy, we've also managed to homogenize our downtown entertainment offerings in such a way that's not only leaving out potential revenue from people who crave other things in addition to the country music fare but also in a way that's not truly representative of Nashvillians either. 2) I'm not talking specifically about businesses downtown that specifically cater to people of color or LGBT people. I'm talking about businesses downtown where people from those communities can just feel welcomed. That's not really the case right now particularly on Lower Broadway where they will possibly be greeted with some random local with an outlandishly-sized Trump banner on the back of his pickup camped out in front a bar, confederate flags galore, and a bunch of drunken people one drink away from launching slurs at them for simply looking different. Judging by previous discussions, I know I'm not exactly preaching to the choir here on this particular subject, but one would have to be willfully blind in order to not see how that environment has limited appeal and is not particularly welcoming to broad swaths of people. Sure, it's popular to many people who visit repeatedly to glowing reviews for that exact party environment, but what demographics are those people overwhelming exactly? And what are the people who don't have the best experiences here going back to tell their friends? I have some insight on that. I've known professionals who have turned down job opportunities in Nashville because they just can't get past how off-putting their experiences are here when they primarily spend most of their time in and around downtown. I can pinpoint all the cool hot spots elsewhere for folks, but downtown is still the "face" of Nashville and, right now, that face isn't reading as particularly welcoming to some people that I personally know or encounter. 3) I remain very excited about how different of an experience 5th & Broadway will be and curious to see if it truly turns into something neat especially the museum. I just roll my eyes at the idea that the NMAAM, H&M, and a food hall are suddenly going to entice people who wouldn't ordinarily have much interest in downtown Nashville without much else. I view diversifying the entertainment options downtown as absolutely crucial if Nashville wants to play with the big boys as an entertainment mecca and sustain its growth for decades to come. There's no reason to be defensive about any of these criticisms. I'm a native Nashvillian and want to see this city thrive, but I have a different set of life experiences from many of you and do not have blinders on about some of our deficiencies. It would be nice if some of you would learn to appreciate people with a different perspective.
  4. Please note that I was referring to downtown at-large in most of my post rather than Lower Broadway specifically. I understand and appreciate the importance of keeping Lower Broadway honky-tonk-oriented, but does that type of vibe have to continue to engulf 2nd Avenue and increasingly 3rd Avenue as well? It has limited appeal. I'm curious to see whether the entertainment offering in the upcoming developments will actually be more varied or just lazily cater to the same type of tourist. I have my fingers crossed for the former, but I'm expecting the latter.
  5. We need a lot more than just the NMAAM to make downtown Nashville more welcoming to a broader swath of people especially those with absolutely no interest in country music. I've said this for years to mostly deaf ears here, but Nashville needs an increased variety musical and other entertainment offerings around downtown to make it more appealing to people of all walks of life for its long-term future. As Nashville's popularity has increased, the hyper-focus on making downtown Nashville a tourist mecca on the back of the city's country music legacy has worked, but I feel it has reached a point of diminishing returns and become a somewhat homogenized experience. One of the biggest complaints I hear from people I know that visit Nashville is how off-putting downtown can seem to those who only have short stays without time to explore and no interest in the type of scene and culture that Lower Broadway offers. Guys, it's just not a particularly welcoming environment to people of color, LGBT people, and others who hear great things about Nashville but expect a more varied and worldly experience out of our vibrant downtown. Downtown Nashville doesn't need to be everything to everyone, but we must be conscious of not putting too many of our eggs into one basket and making it a cooler experience and a more inclusive environment for Nashvillians and visitors alike. I don't see us achieving that by opening new Ole Red's and Redneck Riviera's every other month.
  6. ariesjow

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Making my decision to focus on job opportunities outside of Nashville very easy.
  7. ariesjow

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    They are heavily rumored to land at 5th + Broadway, right? I thought someone recently mentioned that a global financial services company was likely to sign on there. It seems likely after reading the article.
  8. ariesjow

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    I'm trying to remain cautiously optimistic that it passes. I think it will be a close vote. My 63-year-old mom voted in favor of the initative which was somewhat encouraging to hear especially since I noticed a recent uptick in some of the Black community leaders coming out against the plan.
  9. ariesjow

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    Proudly voted for the transit plan earlier this week and keeping my fingers crossed that it passes. It would truly raise some eyebrows nationally about Nashville. I've actually been considering jobs in other cities as of late. The slow reception to mass transit here is one of among several important reasons that I'm hesitant to consider my hometown a good, long-term fit for me. I'd like to believe that I'm wrong, but we shall see.
  10. I think a 750-footer would be just right for Nashville especially with 505 and hopefully 2nd Avenue Partners/Four Seasons to compliment it. Devon Tower is 850 feet. Makes me kind of happy the we didn't get a supertall. It would have taken us well over a decade to balance it out.
  11. ariesjow

    Nashville Bits and Pieces

    IKR. Let me get back to the work I need to get done tonight before I start telling some folks about themselves.
  12. ariesjow

    The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    This complaint doesn't make much sense. If the focus of the transit plan was all about tourism and hospitality, then why was the Charlotte Pike line revised and extended thanks to proactive West Nashville residents like myself? Also, if tourism was the primary focus, then why would the transit plan even include areas like Northwest Nashville and Nolensville Pike, areas that Nashville tourists are not really pining to visit?
  13. ariesjow

    Soccer in Nashville

    Poor that. They can stay pressed, though.
  14. ariesjow

    Soccer in Nashville

    Nashville's so hot right now.