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  1. I immediately thought of Bridgestone's more adventurous kid sister as well. She's not a regular office building. She's a cool office building. It will really feel like it's time to dramatically improve Stix and the roundabout after this is build.
  2. Well, I wish I would have known there was a good possibility NASCAR was coming back soon before I moved close to the Fairgrounds a couple of months ago. I was excited about MLS being nearby, but I'm not a fan of NASCAR at all. Guess I may be considering a move again soon. Don't even get me started on how irritating it is to hear that the mayor is being more welcoming to NASCAR than MLS.
  3. I enjoyed the meal that I had from the Capitol View Central BBQ when they opened. I'm happy to hear that they're already expanding in Nashville and reusing the old Sportman's Grille space. I'll probably frequently visit this location.
  4. You would probably enjoy Maneet Chauhan's Chaatable as well. Both the food and the ambiance are great.
  5. I live just up the road from Hathorne and thought it was an event space this whole time. Guess I'll check it out now.
  6. Yikes! Someone probably had quite a wild night up there.
  7. When I spoke with one of the workers at the Green Hills location last week, he told me some of the workers were beginning to transfer to the White Bridge location as early as this week. I guess this is a good sign things are moving along. He didn't know the grand opening date yet, but he did say he didn't believe they have too much work left to do other than signage and whatnot. I'm assuming there was less work for TJs at that location since the space was already being prepped for Fresh Market before they backed out.
  8. I really love this angle and wish we could see shots from it more often. It's going to look spectacular in a few years from a little further away with more of KVB included.
  9. Without trying to read too much into FromParkAveToTN's thought process, I suspect that he's being a little pessimistic and fearing that NMAAM will be a tough sell specifically to black audiences in its current location. However, I tend to agree with you that we must start somewhere in increasing the variety of our downtown entertainment offerings and plopping NMAAM at the end of Lower Broadway seems like a strong opportunity for Nashville if we manage to play our cards right.
  10. Guys, while I disagree about his assertion that the NMAAM is poorly located on Broadway, FromParkAveToTN does have a fair point that some people of color don't find the Broadway environment to be particularly welcoming for a host of reasons. I've personally spoken to both new residents and visitors alike about this before multiple times and have seen tweets go viral from prominent black people on social media visiting our downtown that had no intention on ever visiting again. It's one of the reasons that you'll notice me continuously stressing and supporting expansion our entertainment offerings downtown beyond country music tourism with developments such as NMAAM. This is not something that we should continuously ignore just because it's an uncomfortable subject to broach.
  11. Uniqlo would be a great alternative to H&M. They provide the full range of fast fashion like H&M, but their clothing tends to be better in quality and tailoring, IMO. I don't think they have entered Nashville-sized markets stateside yet, though. Here's their Magnificent Mile store in Chicago.
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