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  1. This would basically be like Bonnaroo's Silent Disco with the added bonus of being able to eavesdrop on people down below with the Live Listen feature of the AirPods. I would kind of be here for it.
  2. I concur wholeheartedly. This will also quite literally be an "only in Nashville" type of setup for Apple. As a Nashville native that has been somewhat critical of the heavy-handed focus towards country music tourism downtown as of late, this seems like a natural step towards the true maturation of downtown Nashville. It will also sit across from the arena which is also a modern structure that creates its own juxtaposition from Lower Broadway. So, I give little credence to any arguments that this Apple store won't "fit in."
  3. It's a colossal eyesore and will only look worse once this project finishes. I'm starting to wonder how much longer he's going to hold out. He must be receiving good offers for those car lots at this point. If he waits too much longer, it seems less likely he will be able to find another spot near the center of town for his dealerships when an offer he cannot refuse comes along. MetroCenter seemed like a logical spot for him to move to five years ago or so, but even that area is starting to see more construction activity now.
  4. I have lots of thoughts on this subject, but perhaps a deeper discussion is better suited for a separate thread about how downtown Nashville entertainment options could evolve. I do feel that figuring out how to organically grow the entertainment options downtown to make them more appealing to a broader swath of people without diminishing Nashville's country music legacy will be a critical part of the city's maturation process.
  5. Yes, I completely understood that everyone was primarily referring to wayward white youth with dreads. I just wanted to point out how some of these posts might read differently to others who are less familiar with Nashville's homeless population.
  6. Guys, I work downtown and understand that you are referring to the specific look of many homeless people that currently hang around the parks, but please consider that not everyone reading this thread will have that experience and will raise their eyebrows when you make generalizations about people with dreads. The idea that hairstyles like dreads and braids are inherently unkept is a source of frustration for many in the black community particularly in a professional environment where our hair options are often quite limited yet heavily scrutinized by people unfamiliar with our hair. These hairstyles vary widely in methods and styles and are not always messy, unclean, or indicative of some nefarious element.
  7. Sam's Clothing - dressing Nashville's sharpest old cat daddies for over 40 years.
  8. Don't be surprised when that's the actual name, too. Regardless...
  9. I seriously cannot think of any company other than Apple if it's a big tech company that builds eye-catching stores in prominent locations. It sounds like an odd choice at first, but it will probably work out well for them with so many tourists along with workers from Amazon, AB, Bridgestone, and others nearby.
  10. The proposed Trader Joe's on White Bridge would be 23,500 square feet compared to 14,000 at the Green Hills location, too. Music to my ears. I hate trying to navigate the Green Hills location most visits.
  11. I'm very curious to see what this development means for the Nashville Center of Excellence. I wonder if there's a possibility they would add more Nashville jobs here since they already know the city is more welcoming and has the room to grow.
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