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  1. GRDadof3: As long as you give credit to the source for the photos you post, I don't mind you reposting them here or there. In regards to this building... I don't believe an addition on the Wealthy Street side would be approved by HPC, because a new addition to a historic building should preserve the building's historic character. Since Wealthy Street is considered the higher public right of way, an addition is more appropriate to the side or the rear, and based on the placement of this building, a rear addition is not an option.
  2. A building on the southern section of the parking lot was approved in 2010 before the renovation of Vivant. As a neighborhood, we are looking at parking programs for residents along the business districts.
  3. Wow, there is some really rude language and untrue statements being thrown around about the Wealthy Market and the Baxter neighborhood in this thread... For those of you interested in bringing your concerns to the owners of the Wealthy Market, they are more than willing to meet with you. They will be at the East Hills neighborhood office at 131 Eastern Ave SE next Monday at 9am for those of you who would like to participate in the discussion, please let me know.
  4. Parking is a good problem to have in a district with no public parking lots. However, most of the employees that drive to work in this district park as close as possible to their work.
  5. Hi, I was hoping you could define what "normal meals" means to you? Also in regards to a "known quantity" are you stating that quality doesn't matter as long as the portion is large? x99: My apologies for jumping in late on your conversation on this thread, however in response to your post on July 27, 2010 at 6:18pm, I completely disagree with you and would rally against the bulldozing of houses for parking lots. I seriously don't think you understand the meaning of "neighborhood fabric" and I pray that you never acquire (in your own words) "a row of crappy, small houses..." to dispose of for parking lots. "...Since many of the Wealthy corridor areas are still less than desirable (particularly on the south side) the properties bordering the area should be able to be acquired cheaply. This only works with foresight: The developer doing it before the development goes in. So acquired, the properties could be bulldozed and parking put in. This does nothing to affect a good street front, and has very little impact on the residential fabric. A row of crappy, small houses is disposable..." -x99 However, your statements regarding parking permits for neighborhood residents has been brought up before and I believe that it'll be within a couple of years for this program to start. Warren Ave SE off of Cherry & Fairmount is a prime example for this program. Best, TripleG
  6. We're working on planning a pre-development lunch-n-learn on this proposed project. I hope to have more details in the next couple of weeks. As far as the site location, this is a catalyst project. Building the market at this site will have a profound impact on development within the SOW-NOF corridor. In other news... We're in the planning stages for three major lunch-n-learn events to be held over the next four months. If you build it, we will come! Cheers, TripleG
  7. foursquare-ing my way through Grand Rapids, Michigan

  8. Way to catch up with the conversation Tony.
  9. Here is my viewpoint about learning experiences as we forge ahead in this experiment we love to call ArtPrize.
  10. The Shop Hop tonight is going to be a great event. I hope to see Planeteer's shop hopping around! All of us in Uptown are looking forward to seeing you and your friends at the Shop Hop tonight. The event runs from 4-9pm with three trolleys looping the area all night. Trolley rides are free! The tree lighting ceremony will be at 7pm in front of ICCF, 920 Cherry SE.
  11. Okay... Here is a link to the brochure to download for your very own copy or to post elsewhere. The link allows you to actually read the descriptions under the district listings too. Soo many fun things-to-do!!! Thanks for supporting your local businesses and Uptown! Rachel Lee
  12. Here is the information for the 2008 Uptown Holiday Shop Hop. This is the first year all four business districts in Uptown are hosting this event on the same night. Local businesses in the four shopping districts of East Fulton , East Hills, Eastown, and Wealthy Street will offer
  13. Invite from Uptown: Uptown Visioning Meeting Everyone Invited. Tuesday, August 19th 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm 941 Wealthy Street SE Consensus Building Meeting Everyone Invited. Wednesday, September 10th 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm 941 Wealthy Street SE We need your help to improve Uptown! The community is invited to the upcoming Visioning (August 19th, 7:00-9:00 pm) and Consensus Building Meetings (September 10th, 6:30-8:30 pm) at 941 Wealthy Street SE, Atomic Object offices, just west of the intersection of Wealthy & Diamond. The Uptown Forward Team, which is comprised of representatives from three area neighborhood associations (Eastown Community Association, Midtown Neighborhood Association and the East Hills Council of Neighbors) and four area business associations (Eastown Business Associa
  14. PLee, Are you able to clean this photo up? Please send it to me, I'll work on the color. Oh and next time these guys are in town, Dad said I get to go too... Thanks Bro, RLee
  15. The CAKE concert last night at the Meijer Gardens was AWESOME!!! Did anyone else go to the show?
  16. On Wednesday, May 28th from 4-7pm, Second Story Properties is hosting an open house at 53 Commerce SW. The Planeteer's are invited to this event, please RSVP on this thread if you can attend. A walking tour of the development projects on Commerce will start at 6:15pm. A little more info about 53 Commerce SW: This newly renovated 1920's style brick building once housed a vehicle repair shop. Check out the "airplane hangar roof" and the 5,000 square feet open floor plan. Appetizers and Drinks will be served. ~TripleG
  17. So much is going on this weekend in Uptown! The free Trolley rides around the Uptown shopping districts starts on Saturday from 10am-3pm. Wealthy Street Spring Fling, Farmer's Market, Heritage Hill garage sales, and more..... A wonderful weekend to spend in the neighborhood! TripleG
  18. Has anyone pre-ordered Mario Kart for the Wii? I love that game, though I've been playing a lot of Tanks on Wii Play.
  19. Mlive had a nice article about Uptown in yesterday's Travel section.
  20. Saturdays are one of the busiest days in the East Hills~Uptown area. Joe, I was waiting outside for a table at Cherie Inn, they had a 10-table wait. Thanks for visiting East Hills!
  21. Has anyone here been to one of the Green Drinks events? Join Green Drinks GR at San Chez Restaurants, Inc: Thursday 2/21/2008 From 5-7p
  22. Has anyone played around on the new public GRAR site? I'm interested to know how easy the new system is to navigate. The old site went down this afternoon.
  23. A little Muse told me: Womens Retail Clothing Boutique
  24. Bloom's old space at 962 Cherry SE has been leased. Making Thyme Kitchen will open next month and will offer a retail component to their business soon after. I'm telling you, vacant spaces don't last long in East Hills!
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