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  1. Yeah, I've been seeing exactly what you're saying. But it's going to be quite a while before any additional lanes are added between Fayetteville and Johnson.
  2. Drove by the future bridge near the Einstein Brothers Bagels area. Didn't get a great look, but was a bit surprised by what I thought I saw. Looked like a Y shaped bridge. There is a curve there. Maybe they were worried people making a left hand turn to the bridge wouldn't be able to see oncoming traffic on the trail.
  3. Yeah, I'm really not sure why it took so long to open some of these lanes. To be honest, I was surprised ground was broken as soon as it was on this project. It is nice that the area has more control over these projects and not having to rely so much on the rest if the state.
  4. It's been quite a while since I've been that far north. I don't know the exact layout. But basically instead of making that odd turn off at Einstein Brothers Bagels you'll actually turn off the opposite direction. Perhaps closer to Olive Garden. Then it will connect back up to the trail near the part that goes under the I49 north onramp. Not sure if they are working on it yet. But eventually instead of connecting up to that sidewalk on 52nd, you'll actually head further west on the Osage Creek Trail near Cross Church. Then you'll cross a future bridge across Osage Creek northward. Going behind that retail area where the jogger was hit and killed.
  5. A few pics of the Clabber Creek Trail expansion from a while back that I've been meaning to post for a while.
  6. I haven't been that far north in a long time and didn't realize the detour was so bad. And it doesn't exactly inspire me to rush up there anytime soon either. Yes the one small detour near the future 412 bypass is pretty simple. In west Fayetteville the Clabber Creek Trail expansion between Rupple and Salem is almost all paved. Just a small section near Salem is left.
  7. Originally I think the Cato Springs Trail, was going to be a lot further out into the future. But the Walmart Foundation has been pushing a lot of funding to Fayetteville working on trails on the south side of town, including the Cato Springs Trail. It will hook up to the trail system just east of Greathouse Park on the Town Branch Creek Trail. The one that extends at the official southern end of the Razorback Greenway. In most places the future trail will follow along the actual creek. But it will get more complicated at I-49. It will end at the Mt Kessler area.
  8. Yeah, in the heat of summer I tend to stick around Fayetteville for my riding. But with the recent cool down, I headed north. Still no detours around the 412 bypass construction. No idea when the detour will take place. Over all things have seemed a bit slow on the trail construction in Fayetteville. I think a lot of focus has been out of sight on the future Cato Springs Trail. You can actually see a little bit of the future trail on Cato Springs Rd. I appreciate the focus on detail for the trailhead at Gordon Long Park in Fayetteville, but have to admit I didn't expect things to take this long. It does look like work has started on the boardwalk section of the Claire Creek Trail in west Fayetteville. Hoping that will be completed sometime later this year. I was a bit confused on the Mud Creek Trail near Academy Sports in Fayetteville. I hadn't heard anything about any future trails in that area. But turns out it's just utility work. But they're having to put in a rough trail so that construction equipment can access that area. And one more note. For those of you using the Fayetteville trail system, U of A classes start back up soon. Which will mean an increase In trail usage. Including some who won't be familiar with trail etiquette. So you may want to pay extra attention.
  9. I'll keep an eye out for you jonc123. Looks like the end of the Meadow Valley Trail, the one near the Porter Rd exit on I-49 in Fayetteville, has been repaved now. Landscaping still needs to be done, but it's now passable. Seems like Fayetteville is mostly working behind the scenes on the future Cato Springs Trail. Although I have seen one area of work just off Cato Springs Rd.
  10. I agree, I also like the proposal for the south end. I guess my concern is what if it scares off a developer who had plans for the whole lot and bigger development. But yes, another parking structure will need to be included at some point.
  11. I really like the rendering for the potential south WAC parking lot development. I guess the question is whether to wait, there's a study in progress apparently. There's also been an offer for the entire parking lot. Now it sounds like Collier has also put in an offer for the entire parking lot as well. Although he's already stated he doesn't want it developed, but left in it's current state. But I don't think the city is planning on leaving it as it is for the long term. So I'm doubtful they'll take him up on his offer. But I'm still torn on how to develop this area. Should we develop it piecemeal in smaller chunks, or do the whole thing as one big development?
  12. Okay changed name. There still may be some question over where Uptown Fayetteville's boundaries are exactly. But it's probably a better fitting name than the previous one.
  13. Southern loop will still be completed, just going to be a little while though. I think the reason no alternative route is being offered in Bentonville is because it's affecting the very northern edge of the Razorback Greenway. While an alternative route is offered in Springdale because it's right in the middle. They actually finally got started on the end of the Meadow Valley Trail near Porter Rd. To be honest I was surprised because I thought it was going to take a while because AHTD was involved. The trail will also be slightly rerouted there, taking it further away from the road. The hilly area near Maple St in Fayetteville is a prime example of why the city stopped using asphalt and has gone to concrete for all trails now. I believe I also heard the city is going to pave that gravel road that all those houses nearby use. Anytime there's a heavy rain it seems to always wash gravel onto the Scull Creek trail there. And one more topic I wanted to mention unfortunately. Fayetteville seems to be having a bad time with vandalism on the trails. Graffiti has gotten bad, particularly on the Tsa La Gi Trail and the Frisco Trail near MLK. Vandals have also been going after the lights a lot recently. Had a problem with that one particular summer a few years ago. Most of the lights are LED now, so they don't break like the old bulb lights. But now it looks like vandals are now somehow knocking the whole electronics out. Even worse is that I noticed apparently vandals knocked one of the guardrails on the Tsa La Gi Trail just east of the tunnel under the railroad. Going to be a real shame when Fayetteville has to cut back on future trails because they have to set aside money to repair all the damage being done. Hopefully we're just going through a rough period and things will die down.
  14. A few more updates. I think this news broke right after my last post. More tunnels are coming to the Razorback Greenway in Bentonville and sounds like funding has already been provided by the Walton Foundation. The tunnels will replace the crossings at 8th and J, where you have to wait and cross both streets to continue on. More signage is coming to the Razorback Greenway, especially for some of the more confusing spots up in Benton County. Particularly the odd loop around Einstein Brother's Bagels. It's great they are listening to what people are asking for. But too bad this is now coming after the Greenway has been open over a year and plans are already out about replacing that confusing spot. Nonetheless better signage will be nice for everyone. Today is the ribbon cutting for the Town Branch Creek Trail in south Fayetteville. And one more bit of Fayetteville trail news. The prefabricated concrete planks for the boardwalk on the Clabber Creek Trail have started arriving. But there seem to be problems with the edges being brittle and breaking. Not sure if they'll have to start over or what. Some have already been delivered to the work site in west Fayetteville. They appear to be 1' by 4' or 5' concrete slabs.
  15. Two big road projects will soon start affecting the Razorback Greenway. Construction on the Bella Vista bypass will close the Razorback Greenway from around the Slaughter Pen area to Lake Bella Vista for about four months. Basically the northern most 2 miles of the greenway. Haven't heard about any alternative routes being proposed for that area. Then the 412 bypass will also being closing the Razorback Greenway around the north Springdale/Lowell area. Basically the area just south of the trail that goes under I-49 in that area. If you've been in the area, you've already noticed the construction going on. Sounds like it will also be closed around four months. But it does sound like there will be an alternative route though for that section. Don't know the specifics on the alternative route though. But hopefully they'll have some signs up like they did for that section in Rogers near the golf course.
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