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  1. Allegiant spending $50 million to build a base at Concord Regl. Will base 2 aircraft there as well as flight crews.
  2. Meanwhile, an actual announcement of substance.... https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/business/article240880021.html
  3. It's now called BUCKHEAD ATLANTA, which is quite creative.
  4. Sometimes no fit is the best fit.
  5. It will be great for that region. That part of PA is about as remote as it gets.
  6. I should have used the blue text lol. Your scenario is more likely.
  7. Delta will announce 8-10x DFW CLT PHL ORD MIA from SEA
  8. “Sir, your connecting flight to FAY is at E38C.” where are we? “A28”
  9. Since it’s not necessarily a joint venture one could also argue the opposite. Alaska would love access to the southeast and Texas markets but only indirectly benefits if AA is lifting them out of Seattle. By mixing the daily offerings between the “hubs” both carriers benefit by providing and receiving feed.
  10. https://viewfromthewing.com/alaska-is-joining-oneworld-and-american-will-launch-india-service-in-october/ wow!!!!! Maybe we will finally get Alaska to SEA or PDX
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