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  1. Everyone assumed STL and Sacramento were coming together. Interesting...
  2. You would need some sort of double lumen tunnel running from the midfield concourse. Arriving international passengers would clear in the midfield terminal and re-clear security and enter the concourse (or tunnel, to head to ABCDE) but CLT-terminating passengers would be trapped with their bags. There would need to be a second tunnel headed to the curb.
  3. Probably columns and domes
  4. Probably the same percentage of the 72,000 at an ATL UTD match.
  5. There needs to be a better way to get from the far west runway to E con. Or just get rid of freaking E con.
  6. Freemore = Midtown West (soon)
  7. Going to have to disagree vigorously. Rock Hill does not in any way shape or form correspond with Alpharetta. Fort Mill MAY some day, but across that river...that’s gonna be a no from me, sorry.
  8. I was there. My 10 year old son felt it would have been better if they hadn't sold any upper level tickets, would have more filled in the lower bowl and felt better. It was a surreal experience seeing my favorite EPL team in my city. Not to mention getting the opportunity to see my favorite team (Panthers) in London later this year.
  9. an uncalled dig at the CLT (with the NC to boot!) but most of the comments defend our fair city. I laughed at it to be honest.
  10. If NC could only light its highway ramps as well as that garage...
  11. Empty on game days, as opposed to the yellow staining on the seats in Raleigh.
  12. Was on the run and didn’t want to forget to post. next time I guess I’ll add some nonsense like “really nice to see a write up in the Washington Post” for it to count as commentary
  13. Have been to Mac's Speed Shop to watch a couple Sunday/Monday Night games. Jekyll and Hyde is a cool spot, tho not really a sports bar. There is also Beantown Tavern but be prepared to find a lot of Pats/Sox fans.
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