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  1. I am intimately familiar with this project. They/(we?) were supposed to have a big hard hat n shovel groundbreaking in late June, but alas, Covid.
  2. To be fair, if you're in NY, does it really matter if you move to Hacksensack, Flemington, Short Hills, or Morristown? You really just move out to "Jersey."
  3. Union County is our own piece of North Texas.
  4. FLL would be nice. Caribbean is useless from CLT, almost everything has to go through BWI
  5. It makes getting to Wilmington much easier. No clue why it just couldn’t have been extended a bit further past stupid Masrhville.
  6. I'm really starting to love this infill project. It totally has a Medellin vibe to it.
  7. I heard this is about to change in Weddington.
  8. Other than Charlotte, a higher ratio of F500 to metro population is correlated with...having major league baseball. Just an observation...
  9. The Heathrow 1/2/3 tube stop is god knows how far from T3. It took me 20 minutes at least back in October. CLT would be the inverse situation to ATL. In ATL, you can ride straight to the airport, but the rental cars (and associated ballantynish district) are a quick people mover away. I'm talking 2-3 minutes max. In CLT, the Transit Stop and pseudo-Ballantyne would be a people mover ride away while the rental cars are in the garage right next to the terminal. Either is better than DFW, which I suffer through twice a month...the bus ride to the rental car center way out in freaking Waco or Abilene. No clue even how far the DART bus ride is.
  10. But the Roman columns from 1995!
  11. Good points re: Atlanta, however I’d posit that chick fila is doing just fine. Lines are wild
  12. That’s funny, it doesn’t look like the NW quadrant to me
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