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  1. Lightning fast. meanwhile, up the way, there’s still a parking hut at the duke site
  2. Don’t tease me. My constant begging @theoptimistatl via Instagram DM may have worked?!
  3. Trae’s a big dude...in his defense he may not fit in a Huracan lol
  4. And yet still no Ferrari dealer.
  5. This conversation has taken a ridiculous turn. JFC
  6. So the new roadways are open. Traffic is backed up as bad as it ever has been, upstairs and down. money well spent.
  7. And actual towers
  8. I didn’t see London or New York listed as potential cities for Sherwin Williams relocation. There’s a reason Charlotte, Atlanta, and Dallas come up so frequently for large domestic company relocations. What Mr. Boyd is saying is not groundbreaking and has been said before by others. Now that I’ve moved the goalposts back to their original spot, CLT is a whole heck of a lot closer to DFW and ATL in terms of needed destinations served NONSTOP, and on a more business friendly (I.e. frequent) timeline than RDU is. Sorry.
  9. I was more referring to all the Tampa decorative coverings everywhere...sidelines, endzones, advertising banners. Not really Jerseys lol. At one point we were out and about on Day 3 in London when we all remarked that we hadn't seen a single Bucs fan yet.
  10. That was incredible experience. The entire (extended) weekend. Running into Tepper walking in at the Panthers pub, late nights raging until 2-3-4-5 am, pregaming in a Tottenham soccer pub and then the most fun I’ve had at a panthers game in several years. All that red but it was DEFINITELY a Panther home game. And I still waited 35 minutes for a “7 minute Uber” at CLT just now. SMFH
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