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  1. It's been loaded into the schedule, starts Sep 6. 3X CR9, not 319's. Probably best not to flood the market with Airbuses.
  2. Some more news, In addition to slashing LGA fares, US has announced that they will start 4X daily A320 service CLT-JFK. This will be on MAINLINE America West metal. It will be interesting to see whether they can fill all those seats after dumping so much capacity onto the market in retaliation to B6. SAA has dropped ATL in favor of daily IAD a few days ago. Would be nice to see SAA here in CLT, but it looks like it might be farther down the road. Any more inside info on that would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I would attribute a lot of it to US Airways closure of the PIT Hub and subsequent shift to CLT and PHL.
  4. Lenox, Phipps. Unless you want to count GA 400
  5. AS much as I like the new crazy rides, I will ALWAYS ride the Goldrusher at least 40 times when i go to Carowinds. Probably because the lines are so short, but that thing is so damn fun
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