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  1. I should have used the blue text lol. Your scenario is more likely.
  2. Delta will announce 8-10x DFW CLT PHL ORD MIA from SEA
  3. “Sir, your connecting flight to FAY is at E38C.” where are we? “A28”
  4. Since it’s not necessarily a joint venture one could also argue the opposite. Alaska would love access to the southeast and Texas markets but only indirectly benefits if AA is lifting them out of Seattle. By mixing the daily offerings between the “hubs” both carriers benefit by providing and receiving feed.
  5. https://viewfromthewing.com/alaska-is-joining-oneworld-and-american-will-launch-india-service-in-october/ wow!!!!! Maybe we will finally get Alaska to SEA or PDX
  6. Anything is more exciting than York, PA. source: multiple excruciating trips to visit in-laws
  7. I lived in St Louis for 3 years and the drivers there are the same. If you have an exit or a turn coming up you better prepare for it miles ahead, because getting over to the turn lane is damn near impossible with everyone going 55 and lined up bumper to bumper and side to side.
  8. What crackhead designed the 485 to 85 south ramp on the west side? All lanes merge into one and then a high speed, short merge onto 85.
  9. Thats funny, I live in CLT born and raised, but we are putting a lot of capital in Austin apartment reno's. Market is hot hot hot
  10. I took a connection on purpose in PIT on the way back from dc yesterday to keep plat pro. I’m done for the year try google flights and use the map function
  11. I like Charlotte Athletic or Charlotte FC. Royal Charlotte FC would be good. Queen City Royals would piss Cincinnati off which would be hilarious.
  12. Lightning fast. meanwhile, up the way, there’s still a parking hut at the duke site
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