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  1. Maybe if they actually installed power ports for their “free IFE” on your own device....
  2. Why would anyone be excited about an oasis conversion?
  3. When I went to Carolina, free time was never the issue. It was fundage.
  4. Wowwwww and thus begins the south end skyline as a real thing. Can only go up from here
  5. Lol, I came to two places to post this news and @JetBlueCLT beat me both times.
  6. Either they skipped over concourse E or they drop the lowest exam score like some profs did in college
  7. Interesting definition of “urban” from the guy quoted in the article. He seems to be equating “urban” with “prestigious” and sort of poops on queens and crystal city.
  8. Not massive news, but starting May 1, Air Canada is upgrading their Toronto service to an Embraer 175. Finally getting rid of the tuna can CRJ. (Per @CLTAirport on IG)
  9. Clearly you were not aware. There is a significant difference in visibility between Carolina Place, which you thought I was talking about, and The Centrum, which I was referring to in my response to the comment above. Furthermore, if you’ve ever been involved in commercial real estate, one of the key features you look for in a property (and is almost always mentioned in listings) is road frontage and visibility. Is the the ONLY factor for success of a business/tenant? Of course not; nobody is arguing that. It does, however play a role and is one of my key criticisms of development in CLT in general. Trees are great, but a lot of first time visitors think we’re in a damn forest when I’m bringing around town. Not that we would still have Kmart.
  10. Centrum has ZERO visibility from 485 and certainly not from 51. Trim the trees
  11. I should have been more specific. I was referring to Indian Trail.
  12. What the hell? I wonder if it’s still that way. I have noticed, anecdotally, that the cool kids seem to end up at big SEC schools now.
  13. There’s no getting to people if they actually equate the two. Lord help us.
  14. Cancun $114 each way with a connection in Guadalajara!
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