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  1. The Morrison Regional Library just called it wants its columns back
  2. Waverly: good design, poor layout Rea Farms: poor, uninspired design, good layout
  3. You’re surprised by our 1997 era website not being updated?
  4. And thats why Raleigh probably doesn't get Amazon i keeed i keeeeed #ncstatelol
  5. https://www.bestcolleges.com/features/colleges-with-highest-research-and-development-expenditures/ i guess the line between great and amazing is $1B
  6. I’m glad you guys feel that Concourse E is a world class facility.
  7. I am so freaking sick and tired of ground ops at CLT. On an eagle flight from ATL, landed here at 2:40 for a 3:15 arrival. It is now 3:18 and we have parked for the 4th time, this time just short of the damn corner at the top of E because it’s a one way and we have to wait for two planes to come out so we can access my gate. Such an embarrassment of an operation. Can’t wait to sit at claim for 40 more minutes for my bag.
  8. You already can’t. 485 interchange needs a diverging diamond asap.
  9. Avalon is similar architecturally to Waverly. My only problem with Waverly is the layout. Rea Farms belongs in 1992 era Southpark.
  10. Sorry to be crude: But Cary gets this: http://www.fentonnc.com/ Alpharetta has this: http://www.experienceavalon.com/ And we get this absolute architectural piece of crap. Thanks LH.
  11. View from College. Had a good look from above (8th floor of 615 College) but didn’t get to snap a pic. KJ basically covered it the other day though.
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