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  1. I haven't really traveled the road. Is it necessary? Your talking about quite a few pennies here!
  2. Yeah I noticed that too, and guess what they have the SAME website layout!
  3. Your right it's not that bad. But for me I could just ge that sense that it would close. Maybe my estimate of 2 years was quite a bit off. But if it were to have a death date then 7-9 years would most likely be your timeframe.
  4. I went to Eastland about a year ago and really wan't that impressed. I kind of though someone was goin to mug me or panhandle me while I was walking in. I truly do think Eastland will end up like South Square in Durham. I hate to say this but I only give it about 2 more years before it goes belly-up. Isn't Eastland owned by Simon?
  5. So Harris Blvd is just going to dead end at some road up there till they further extend it? If that's the case then that's going to be a REAL BAD traffic problem! You're going to have all these cars just going all the same way till they hit 77. are there any plans to extend harris beyond where it is currently dead ending?
  6. I was looking on the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce website and they said that Bridges would be the same size of Concord Mills! Golly that's big! Talk about some serious road improvement that needs to be done to that road by there!
  7. I went to the Carolina Place website to try to look for more info and I went to the store directory section and when I looked at the map of the mall there looked like there was an empty anchor place. I know this is where the new lifestyle shopping center is going to be but what was here before "if" they closed.
  8. I've never been to the Southpark area so since it's a very afuent mall, are there McMansions around it?
  9. I would like to see Harris Blvd. make a full urban loop around the city. See my idea below. And, while they were at it they could add light rail around the whole loop and some greenways. The light rail would stop at all major locations including UNCC, University Research Park, Metrolina Expo, Northlake Mall, Charlotte/Douglas Air, old Charlotte Coliseum, Southpark Mall and Eastland Mall. My proposed loop would run on current roadways in Charlotte including Billy Graham Pkwy and Harris Blvd. 40% of the new loop would have to be constructed. I think it would be a great addition to Charlotte.
  10. Yeah your right, Eastland will end up being like another Carolina Circle. After that say hello to Sam's and Super Target.
  11. Here's one a photo I found online of the GA 10 I-75/I-85 interchange. Amazing what 29 years looks like in photos!
  12. Well if the next mall were in south carolina or near it. The most likely place then would be above rock hill or on 49 east of carowinds but right before the buster boyd bridge. I here there is alot of residential development going up there along with a Harris Teeter. But Rock Hill will most likely be the place in aobut 2 to 5 years.
  13. Target to me seems more inviting and livelier. Better than that old blue and white smelly neighbor of theirs. Also Target keeps their stores ALOT neater.
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