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  1. Hey, you got to CNU? So do I. If all goes well I'll be graduating this semester.
  2. johnhowell

    Granby Tower

    If they're not going to build it at least put something there. The empty construction mess is an eye sore.
  3. johnhowell

    Norfolk Pictures

    What's all that white stuff on and around the roads?
  4. johnhowell

    Norfolk Pictures

    I'm bumping this thread because it needs it.
  5. johnhowell

    Granby Tower

    Is this project dead or what?
  6. How many floors is the new design?
  7. johnhowell

    Norfolk Pictures

    Nice angles on the 1st and 4th pic.
  8. Have you ever been on the interstates in NC?
  9. johnhowell

    Norfolk Pictures

    I'm kind of surprised a cop would hassle you about taking pictures. I hope this will clear things up. A: Granby Tower B: Trader Tower C: Hilton Tower D: Harbor Heights E: Brambleton Tower F: Hoffler Tower G: HRT Headquaters Tower
  10. johnhowell

    Norfolk Pictures

    Great stuff lammius. You should submit that to Google Earth.
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