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  1. Waldorf-Astoria coming to Midtown I had speculated back in May that Waldorf Astoria was one of the flags that could potentially land at Opus Place in Midtown. Well, it looks like I may have been right. This is a wonderful flag to add to Atlanta's extremely deep ultra luxury hotel offerings. Not only will the hotel land in the 74 story building but Waldorf Astoria will also brand the residences of the building. I'm glad that the momentum is moving forward with this project. Waldorf Astoria Hotel and Residences
  2. A recent picture of the rapidly changing Midtown skyline....
  3. The proposal now has a name and a website...... The proposed condominium building....which will be the tallest residential building in Atlanta....will now be named Opus Place. A new website has also been launched. http://opusplaceatlanta.com/ You can also read more information regarding the announcement in the Atlanta Business Chronicle.. Opus Place Atlanta
  4. A view from the penthouse level of Viewpoint shows the construction progress of Post Midtown and Apogee (22 14th Street). The recently completed Atlantic House is also shown in this picture. Even at 32 stories, Atlantic House looks so short. Either way, I can't complain about the growing density of Midtown.
  5. Yes, that is Metropolis to the far left. Above is a rendering of the Peachtree portion of the base of the tower. Below is a picture of the tower portion.
  6. Construction of Hanover Midtown is imminent.
  7. Anthem to invest $20 million in 2000-job IT Hub Anthem is locating a 2000-job IT hub in Midtown's Bank of America Plaza. This goes to further cement Midtown's status a serious technology center. This is just the shot that Midtown needed. Source: Anthem to bring 2000 jobs to Midtown.
  8. Core drilling on the Ascent Midtown (24 stories) and Canopy by Hilton (12 stories) lot. Photo courtesy of Ant131531
  9. Land Development Permit was filed for 120 Piedmont today. See Martinman's post four post above for more information on this project.
  10. Land development permit filed for The Sutton The Sutton will be located just south of the Shops Buckhead Atlanta on Peachtree Road. .
  11. The nearly completed Atlantic House...... One Atlantic Center stands tall above the Atlantic House. To the left, the crane of the 39-story Apogee Midtown apartment tower. The garage of the Atlantic House has turned out better than I had expected. The limestone cladding adds a touch of class to this Novare offering. Once the retail is fully leased, it will definitely add to the pedestrian experience. Thanks to Ant131531
  12. GSU plans $35 Mill Infectious Disease Research Center Georgia State University is planning to construct a disease research center in downtown Atlanta. This will be the first of its kind in the southeast. Having a research center in the biomedical industry in the heart of downtown is pretty interesting. I wonder how this center will differ from the Center of Disease Control in the Emory area of Atlanta. Either way, having a greater biomedical presence in Atlanta can only be a win win for the region. Georgia State University is to Downtown what GA Tech is to Midtown. Hopefully the new additions will add to Atlanta's growing influence as a world knowledge center. GSU proposed research center.
  13. The Mercedes Benz Stadium is larger than I was expecting. I'm pleased with the look so far. Once complete, it will be just as attractive as the renderings. When the GA Dome is razed and replaced with the park space, it will make a great tie in between the new stadium and the Georgia World Congress Center. The proposed 800-1000 room hotel that will rise just to the north of the MB Stadium will have really nice easterly views from the upper floors.
  14. Construction update.... There are nine (9) more floors to go for Modera Midtown and the NCR HQ tower starts to rise. https://www.instagram.com/p/BLMUKAHDVzq/
  15. While Atlanta may not be on national media's radar, it definitely is on the radar of major employers.... Anthem eyes Midtown for technology center, will create more than 1000 jobs. The Indianapolis based Fortune 50 health insurance firm is eyeing at least three floors in the Bank of America tower to create a technology center. This announcement cone on the heels of a string of technology oriented announcements for the Midtown submarket. With this announcement, recent job announcements for the City of Atlanta will have to be expressed in several thousands as opposed to 100s. I haven't added them up but off my head I can think of at least 8000 jobs announced for Midtown recently. Some of these jobs are transfers from the suburbs to the city. This, of course, will only further cement the necessity for the plethora of residential towers that are either recently completed, under construction or proposed. http://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/news/2016/10/03/anthem-eyes-midtown-for-technology-center.html
  16. Martiman thank you so much for the development compilation. It clearly shows how much development has taken place in Midtown in just a few years. Now for a construction site update.... In the foreground, NCR Corp's World HQ. To the left of University House is Modera Midtown. Just in front of One Atlantic Center is the recently topped out Atlantic House. The crane in front of Atlantic House is for Post Midtown.
  17. The following two permits were filed for the 98 14th St site on September 30th. 09/30/2016 QCR-2016-01050 Commercial Quality Control Review 98 14TH ST NE, ATLANTA GA 30309 Land Disturbance-Sales Center, and infrastructure. Prepare for temporary 4,000 sq ft one story building with surface parking lot and boardwalk. Land Disturbance-Sales Center 09/30/2016 LD-201600091 Commercial Land Development 98 14TH ST NE, ATLANTA GA 30309 Land Disturbance-Sales Center, and infrastructure. Prepare for temporary 4,000 sq ft one story building with surface parking lot and boardwalk. Land Disturbance-Sales Center Now it is too soon for me to do backflips up and down Georgetown Pike BUT this at least this shows some forward momentum on the proposal. I really hope there is some success with sales. This is one of my favorite proposals...and YES, it is because of the height and increased density.
  18. Yet another proposal for Downtown. The proposal is currently called International Plaza and will be a mixed use tower of retail, office and hotel. It is proposed to be 25 stories. There will be a rooftop lounge. This will make for a very interesting view. The location is at 202 Courtland Street NE. It looks as if Downtown is finally starting to get some of the amazing development that has been present in Midtown, Buckhead and Perimeter Center. http://www.loopnet.com/Listing/19919277/202-Courtland-St-NE-Atlanta-GA/?linkcode=31060
  19. Yes, yes, yes! You are right Unifour. My apologies. Modera Buckhead is about to break ground a few blocks south of this development. There is just so much going on. It can be a challenge keeping all the names right from 700 miles away. *smiles* Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I made the correction on the original post.
  20. Yet ANOTHER Innovation Lab comes to Tech Square! A Brussels-based biotech company will open an innovation center at Georgia Tech. UCB develops drugs to treat severe diseases of the immune and central nervous systems. There is no word yet on how many jobs this innovation center will create. It is definitely a very nice addition to the plethora of innovation centers that have clustered at or near Georgia Tech's Tech Square. This yet another example of how valuable having a world class research and technology institution in your own backyard can be very beneficial. I guess it's also helpful that there are direct flights between Atlanta and Brussels. Read more here: http://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/news/2016/09/19/brussels-based-biotech-ucb-puts-innovation-center.html
  21. Thank you for the pictures. I love this picture of Old Town. It has to be one of my...if not my most...favorite places in all of the Washington metro. The King Street Metro Station is very visible in this photo. I also like the fact that this picture also scans across the Potomac. You can even see National Harbor, the Wilson Bridge (I-495) and the big tent of the visiting Cirque Du Soleil over in Maryland.
  22. Hanover Buckhead rising above the Buckhead Village...with the Buckhead Business District in the background. Thanks to Ant135131 for this photo.
  23. Thanks to Ant131531 for taking this picture (from Sept 4) of the construction sites of the NCR World HQ and Modera Midtown.
  24. The Midtown skyline from Piedmont Park..... Photo courtesy of Sam Kirsch
  25. Hanover Midtown's foundation and parking deck permit was issued today. Yet another parking lot bite the dust.
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