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  1. pip

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    ridiculous. completely ridiculous. So now what, a homeless person asks for some change, and you are supposed to say, sure, here you go, and put it in this meter. I can only imagine the curse-out you'd get from the homeless person. And who is going to just randomly put change in a parking meter - definitely not people parked on the street since they'll need that change for their own parking space meter! What a complete waste of $10K. It will take years for these meters to collect enough coins (if ever) to account for $10K - before the meters break, or if you add the additional cost of maintaining and repairing (if they repair them). The most likely result is that they will eventually all fall into disrepair and be broken, rusted, leaning (or laying on the ground) reminders of a terrible idea. And BTW, isn't it a LOT easier just to donate a small percentage of the existing parking meter fees and donate to homeless causes. duh!!!!
  2. pip

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    Nonna is very good and more casual style. It's the same owners as K Restaurant down the street from it in college park, which incidentally is tops for my all around favorite restaurant in the area.
  3. pip

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    IMO.. Best Italian restaurant closest to downtown - "Rocco's Italian Grill" in WP on Mills/Orlando Ave. (right next to "El Bodegon" which has pretty good Spanish itself - think Ceviche on a smaller more intimate scale). Rocco's has pretty much taken the flag Limoncello once had many years ago before their chef left and everything went downhill, eventually closing). Also on my best Italian restaurant list, though further from downtown, is "Terra Mia" in Altamonte. Either of these shouldn't dissapoint.
  4. pip

    Orlando Restaurants & Bars

    There is build out underway in the former Rythm & Flow space.. i have no idea what it is though, could be anything, another club, restaurant, or even a bank. anyone have any insight?
  5. pip

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Info on new exit: http://www.trans4mation.org/?id=286
  6. Any word on the exterior building materials (besides the glass of course). Meaning a stone facade, type of stone, etc..? (hoping not pre-cast!)
  7. pip

    Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium [Renovation Completed]

    i'm starting to fear that this design will look more like something that would be best built in Savannah (hope i'm wrong). I'm all for adding a southern touch to the details, but perhaps because the architect is not local, he may be missing the point that Orlando is not a "southern" city, despite its geographic location.
  8. pip

    The VUE

    Too bad about Harmoni Market. I agree about the Vue supporting restaurant dining, the area is a bit too far removed and Rosiland doesn't serve as a good street front (at least IMO). I'm excited about the Beacon Hill groups tequila bar though. they seem to be pretty solid for getting things done.
  9. pip

    Church Street Station

    Is Rustic really that close to opening?! I never got the idea that much progress was going on there, but I admit it is difficult to peak in there with the windows and all blocked off. Hope it opens soon!
  10. pip

    The Plaza

    Think you're right. Their website is down as well..
  11. pip

    The Plaza

    and with Cold Stone seemingly NEVER OPEN, there wouldn't even be any ice cream competition. also, noticed a coming soon sign on build out for Bola italian restaurant, it now says, The Black Olive Coming Soon, I belieive. Anyone know, did this thing change hands or just names?!?
  12. pip

    Metro Orlando Headlines

    true. U-Club is leaving there regardless of how TT goes. The building is coming down eventually...
  13. pip

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    looks like the website for the Orlando Wheel is not up yet, but here's the closest thing to a rendering i can find..
  14. pip


    Thats the first good news in a while.
  15. pip


    this is looking gloomy. i cant beleive after all the hurdles to get funding, local sign-off on stations, etc.. that a project with the necessary funding and local approval will be killed by ignorance. The nerve of those south florida politicians who are complaining about the liability language with CSX, the same language that serves their own commuter rail just fine. unbelievable. how blatantly hypoctricial. So, any chance of negotiations with CSX going forward without the liability or will they just walk away without it?