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  1. looks like things are moving along --------------------------------- When the radical design for Museum Plaza was unveiled in February, it caused a stir in architectural circles worldwide -- the celebrity architect and urban thinker Rem Koolhaas was proposing an unusual skyscraper for Louisville. In reality, Koolhaas had no role in the design. A young team of architects running his New York City office, headed by Joshua Prince Ramus, did all the work. Now, Ramus, 36, and his co-workers, including Erez Ella, 35, are breaking from Koolhaas and his Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OM
  2. that may not be true. the multi million dollar peices of art on display and the Fine Arts Masters program with Uofl, as well as the stores and resturaunts will generate a lot of money as well.
  3. thats not true. It started as a museum.
  4. i was downtown today so i went back to the exhibit for some more shots. sorry for the copyrights, i batch frame all my photos and thecopyright is automatically added to each photo. this was one of the previous deisgns close up of the base these were trial designs i suppose. going east on the freeway...this will be an amazing view. very close- close up...you can see little people in the windows lol view from the south looks like its angeled perfectly with humana and the aegon tower. from th
  5. http://www.businessweek.com/innovate/conte...0223_523277.htm
  6. only 7 replies? Tennesee is really out doing us on this topic lol
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