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  1. That is great to hear. I can hardly wait to see it.
  2. Who is this "oracle" anyway? I consulted the one at: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6838510816767423993 but she spoke in riddles far more complex than the conservative GR Oracle. Delphi vapors have that effect. So, who is building the hotel?
  3. Union Square definitely does NOT need a restaurant. Charonman, which unit are you in? Are you on the east side, west side, north, south... what? Do you live anywhere near where the restaurant was going to be? If not, then put yourself in the shoes of the residents who would be most affected by this folly. You need to think about this rationally, not from "a restaurant would be sooo cool!" perspective.
  4. My tuition for the coming term is over $8,500. And that's only 4 classes.
  5. Is this a one-family house? Are you kidding? Talk about excessive. Who needs 18K square feet? I wonder how much it costs to heat. Probably at least double what I make in a year.
  6. Hell, yes. The old brick has lasted waaaaay longer than asphalt. I was disappointed when they redid Wealthy St. a number of years ago and covered over the brick. People never learn.
  7. It's never going to look like that. The rendering has left out all the surrounding buildings.
  8. No photo, no sale. I will not purchase anything I can't see. That's a lot of $$$$$ for "no photo."
  9. My favorite sushi at Mikado is the spicy tuna roll. Their dragon roll is awesome (you have to ask for it... and it is expensive, but well worth it). BF
  10. Re walkability of Michigan Hill... EXCELLENT for toning up buttocks. No lie. (Walking uphill, that is.)
  11. Good point. Cooley has problems with that. Talk about the ideal canvas for graffiti. But then again, it IS an art museum.
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