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  1. Yes, but who would want to pay for naming rights when everybody is gonna call it the Reese’s Cup regardless (other than Reese’s of course).
  2. If I could take elements of Crossroads and Wellness Circle and merge them I would. I like the look and feel of Crossroads but light rail seemed like an after thought. Wellness Circle was well thought out, but I need a little more density. Love the arena in Crossroads, hate the Reese’s cup in Wellness Circle… I’m all for art and creativity but NO. It would be hilarious if they had peanut butter colored seats inside. I liked the Trident Park concept, and the fact both incorporated the circle as a walking trail. I’m leaning Crossroads if they re-think light rail and a street grid similar to
  3. br0guy

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Here is the link from the Pilot: https://pilotonline.com/news/government/local/article_538c1262-68a6-5b3a-92a6-426d65797f30.html
  4. br0guy

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    New building at St. Pauls and Waterside Drive... development to extend down to Harbor Park. Very vague.
  5. My 1st impression was looks good, too short... 5 stories and up would give SPQ that DC feel. Also didn't like how some of the parking wasn't hidden.
  6. Back from the dead... http://pilotonline.com/business/real-estate/apartments-planned-on-norfolk-s-campostella-waterfront-where-squatters-once/article_f2946d85-3c46-5604-bcb9-10589d755211.html
  7. Power Point: http://bloximages.newyork1.vip.townnews.com/pilotonline.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/c/c3/cc3cdd71-9913-5b82-a263-66d4467af12e/57f28d86be935.pdf.pdf
  8. The "Norfolk Trash" element is very real... my wife and I talk about it all the time whenever the news reports on local politics. I grew up in VA Beach (Plaza) but have lived in Norfolk for most of my professional career. From the view over here in Berkley, Virginia Beach definitely makes a lot of head scratching moves that atleast make you think about an elitest attitude or the Norfolk Element perception. If VA Beach had hopped on board earlier, instead of turning up their noses to easier access to their "protected" suburban utopia, we could've had rail down to the oceanfront by now at a m
  9. I'm with you on 8a... I like the idea of connecting Military Circle, Janaf, NIA, Wards Corner, and the Naval Base. There's potential for a revitalization of Wards Corner as an "Uptown" area with the rail passing through. The stretch between the airport and Wards Corner would be kinda dead unless developments were to sprout up around the train stations. As far as the West End is concerned, I'm indecisive as to favor 2a or 3a. 2a would connect ODU with EVMS (wouldn't that merger be great) and 3a would incorporate Ghent's 21st street. Both would get me to work (ODU) without having to transfe
  10. I agree, the beat is tight (not the 1st time its been sampled though).
  11. NSU and ODU already have a home and home series slated to kickoff in 2013... It was reported in the Pilot. I'll see if I can find a link.
  12. Disagree with you there CarolinaBoy... an annual rivalry contest between ODU and NSU would be great for the city of Norfolk ($$). Give them something to play for (like a Mayor's cup, or an Oyster Bowl perhaps) and you set the stage for exactly what the "higher level programs" have... an intra-state/city trophy. It could be a lasting relationship even if one school is FBS and the other is FCS (which do exist).
  13. Two well known/liked geography professors at ODU: Don Zeigler and Gilbert Crippen.
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