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  1. I think thats kinda ridiculous to pay 5 dollars to ride an elevator. I was curious how people get their luggage to those high floors? But Ironchpman, if you have 5 dollars, go for it. But dont forget to take some pictures for UP.
  2. It costs five dollars to take one of the two scenic elevators. It's free to get in. They just charge for riding the elevator.
  3. You can also get great shots from the Great Gasp at Six Flags. Coming up I-85 from the airport. I also like the view you get on cambelton road.
  4. I love that picture of Midtown, ( GLG Grand?Four Seasons somewhat remindes me of the Wayne Tower in Batman Begins )( though it was shot in chicago ) If you dont use it as an avatar, then I will.
  5. It may seem extreme , but I am waiting for the Bellsouth Media Group to Email me the photos.
  6. Jfallin said good night and it wasn't even night time. I got the second smaller picture from Westin Peachtree's avatar.
  7. ????????????????It's not even night time????????????????
  8. It seems to be rare, I put in searches like: Atlanta 1996 Downtown Atlanta 1996 Downtown Atlanta during Olympics Atlanta during Olympics Atlanta Skyline 1996 Atlanta Skyline Olympics Bellsouth Building 1996 ( dont forget theres a bellsouth building in Nashville) Bellsouth building during Olympics Or any combination of the Above words
  9. I just searched Google, I didn't take the pictures, but I wish I did.
  10. I know, I'm great! But i wish the buildings were still illuminated this way.
  11. I like that angle, exactly where was it taken?
  12. ^Well you said money shot^ What do you do that you are in constant transition between cities?
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