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  1. I personally want another flat top, tiered and maybe rotated a few degrees but boxy nonetheless. It's sortof our thing and other cities do it well (Houston, Denver and Seattle for example). Something that compliments the new Gateway building would be nice (same color, lines). Bigger base (square) , three tiers (maybe oval) and a similair ornamentation at the top. I really like the new building but it's scale is awkward from a distance. A buddy building (at least twice the height of course) may ground it a bit better? Anyhow, I'd rather Richmond look more similar to Seattle than Charlotte.
  2. Brent

    Richmond Breweries

    They've built up the pad too. There are cement trucks on site pretty consistently, I can't really see where the cement is going yet though.
  3. Brent

    Retail in Richmond

    The source is the director of a not for profit located in the immediate area. Retailers have looked at his office space too and he's working on a moving plan because they are getting priced out (which even he agrees is a good thing). Things should change quickly once the CNB is finished.
  4. The building on 19th looks great.
  5. Brent

    Retail in Richmond

    The article didn't mention the Walgreens that VCU ran off either. I heard that H&M looked at the CNB property (the large space fronting Grace). I've also heard rumors of a new drug store on Broad in that area.
  6. I like it for the most part but it is annoying that the streets don't line up with the existing streets. Really annoying.
  7. Nice! Is this Southside?
  8. There's already a mcdonalds at that intersection. Are they rebuilding it there or moving it across the street?
  9. Looks like the Hess station will be demolished soon. All of the merchandise is gone and the lot is blocked off.
  10. Glad to see renewed interst in Suffolk. It has such a handsome downtown, so much potential.
  11. Are you sure that this is part of the tower site? VCU owns the parking lot where the construction trailers are located (just east of Evergreen right?).
  12. I'm crazy about the idea. Not quite sold on the design but I assume that the finished product won't look like this. I'm glad you posted this. I saw it on bizzsense this morning but it didn't have any renderings. I'm glad that there will be more development abutting the downtown expressway.
  13. It's cool Croaker Spot is entering the market down there. It is an incredibly popular (and yummy) restaurant. I like it when local businesses grow and move into other areas of the state (your Plaza Aztecas are all over Richmond, Richmond's Burger Bach is going into NoVa, Charlottesville's Christian's Pizza has come to Richmond etc.). It connects us in that we can share more common experiences. It fosters a stronger state identity. It's also nice to see redevelopment spread thought the city. I got a big crush on Norfolk working down there this summer. Things are looking great!
  14. Walgreens would make a great ground floor tenant in a multipurpose highrise here. I'm uninspired by the low building but thrilled at all of the activity in the downtown area. The momentum and interest is pretty exciting.
  15. While not technically downtown, to anyone in the suburbs, VCU is "downtown".
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