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  1. Wonderful video from Yahoo Sports. At a Norfolk Admirals game an 8yr. old girl was singing the National Anthem when the mic cut-out, crowd at the Scope jumped in to help her finish. There are a lot of communities across the country (they shall remain nameless) wouldn't have reacted so positively. Way to go Norfolk! From Yahoo Sports
  2. Frontier will initially use 99 seat E190's then transition after a month to 128 seat Airbus 318's. Service starts May 4th. Press release here, PDF alert
  3. Cruise passengers rate Norfolk among top 10 ports From the Virginian Pilot Norfolk ranked first in the country and second in the world, behind only Venice, Italy, in Royal Caribbean International's most recently released weekly passenger ratings of ports, city officials crowed Monday.
  4. Merrittk92

    Norfolk Pictures

    I can't remember where I pulled this photo from but it is historic and I hope everyone enjoys it. I'm interested in the upper right corner captioning Fort Norfolk.
  5. Who can't be enthusiastic about developments in our part of the world Here is a follow-up article from the Daily Press on how NNW will/has brought service to the area. My question is does RIC do the same thing? Will Newport News bet on Las Vegas flights? From the Daily Press "The amount of the $600,000 AirTran gets depends on whether it meets certain revenue targets each month for the first year. If the airline falls short of its goals, the city pays the difference
  6. Anticipation builds as ODU throws first tailgate party From the Virginian Pilot "We were expecting about 2,000 for this. We didn't expect this many people." I like the the helmet design!
  7. Wait till these guys get to work!! "They Blowed-Up REEL GOOD!!" Farm Film Report
  8. Norfolk light-rail project closes in on construction phase From the Virginian Pilot "The city's long-sought starter light-rail line has finally cleared federal administrative hurdles and is now just one step away from reality."
  9. Merrittk92

    Granby Tower

    Oh my! This could become very addictive.
  10. It's a 320 From the Airbus site:
  11. Interesting OpEd I thought you might enjoy. Cruise artifacts reflect Texas man's passion From the Virginian Pilot "Today, the items are thought to be one of the largest privately held collections of cruise memorabilia in the country. But the story does not drop anchor there. It docks in Norfolk."
  12. Hampton Roads Transit planners roll on with names for light rail From the Virginian Pilot “We want a name the public really likes and can identify with,” said Alan C. Wulkan, a Hampton Roads Transit consultant. “We want it to become as common a household name as other .”
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