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  1. ORF’s numbers are definitely vectoring in the right direction! Great numbers for ORF in August!
  2. Hopefully we will see those new A-220-300’s here very soon! More new A-220-300 for Breeze!
  3. Good news for Breeze. Hopefully we shall see those new A220’s soon! More A220-300 for Breeze!
  4. Once again, good news for Breeze is good news for RIC! Hopefully Breeze will be expanding service here in the not too distant future. Breeze has good summer.
  5. Once again, good news for Breeze is good news for ORF! Looking forward to Breeze expanding service out of ORF in the not too distant future! Breeze has successful summer.
  6. Good news for Breeze is good news for RIC. Another $200 million in investments for Breeze! Breeze receives large funding haul.
  7. Good news for Breeze is good news for ORF. Another $200 million in investments for Breeze! Good news for Breeze!
  8. Some good news here. https://www.pilotonline.com/news/transportation/vp-nw-frontier-miami-flights-norfolk-intl-20210803-s63fgu7vrzc3tb4zx73oexxafa-story.html?outputType=amp
  9. Looks like they’re already making plans to extend the A220-300’s range. https://www.reuters.com/business/aerospace-defense/airbus-boost-a220-jets-range-newest-operator-says-2021-05-21/
  10. https://www.reuters.com/business/aerospace-defense/airbus-boost-a220-jets-range-newest-operator-says-2021-05-21/ looks like they’re already in the process of extending the A220-300’s range.
  11. Obviously ORF would probably be one of their 1st candidate cities but HEY! let’s not rule RIC out. Plenty of demand here in the central Virginia market!! https://onemileatatime.com/news/breeze-airways-a220-europe/
  12. Sounds like this could be an excellent opportunity for ORF down the road. Think about it, geographically ORF is ideally situated. That and the fact that ORF is a focus city/crew base for Breeze well…dare to dream! https://onemileatatime.com/news/breeze-airways-a220-europe/
  13. Wonderful video from Yahoo Sports. At a Norfolk Admirals game an 8yr. old girl was singing the National Anthem when the mic cut-out, crowd at the Scope jumped in to help her finish. There are a lot of communities across the country (they shall remain nameless) wouldn't have reacted so positively. Way to go Norfolk! From Yahoo Sports
  14. Frontier will initially use 99 seat E190's then transition after a month to 128 seat Airbus 318's. Service starts May 4th. Press release here, PDF alert
  15. Cruise passengers rate Norfolk among top 10 ports From the Virginian Pilot Norfolk ranked first in the country and second in the world, behind only Venice, Italy, in Royal Caribbean International's most recently released weekly passenger ratings of ports, city officials crowed Monday.
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