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  1. There's one near my Berkley office that I frequent while I'm down there. Great burgers and fries.
  2. Nitro


    I heard a rumor yesterday it might be the City Flats owners.
  3. Well, it looks like they'll have their opportunity now.
  4. Dear Lord, I've been a good boy (at times), thank you for granting me this Taco Boy within walking distance of my office.
  5. I think this site when it first gained its popularity was inhabited by a lot more professionals in the design, construction, and development worlds. We all used it as a site to tease others a little and find info on stuff going on in our professional world. Then came a wave of general interest from the public and this place became over run by people (some of which thought they knew more than they did). I can't speak for everyone but I'll say personally I used to love posting to this site on a daily basis. However, as its popularity grew, conversations became dominated by certain pe
  6. I ate at the Ruth's Chris before. It struck me as kind of small if I remember right. The name came from a buyout. It used to be Chris Steaks and the woman that bought it was named Ruth Udstad thus becoming Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.
  7. Anyone know what's being built on the outlot at Celebration Village? I've been trying to guess for months but I can't figure it out.
  8. Funny, I don't remember ever seeing any figures on rental rates for these apartments. Not sure how you figure they were "grossly overpriced", considering you have no idea what the level of finish was going to be. As far as the parking issue, it met the zoning code at three stories and when the project was cut back to two stories the size of the parking lot didn't change thus making the parking ratio that much better. In fact, despite your musings this project met so much of the zoning code it didn't even require planning commission approval. It was staff approved. Bazzani has done a lot
  9. Why do all developments die in this day and age? Access to reasonable capital and lack of tenants.
  10. There may have been another Sears location but Joe is right. There was a Sears there. I have one of those Retro GR pictures in my office that has Sears labeled all over that building.
  11. Wow, that is some seriously distorted perspective on that last picture.
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