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  1. Eastland's declining health has already been well discussed in this thread, but the WSJ just picked it as a poster child for the retail downturn and dying malls: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124294047987244803.html It's more of a local-to-the-neighborhood thing rather than a city or even nationwide thing, but it deserved a mention.
  2. Having recently relocated to the other coast - there have been a few common themes in people's perception of Charlotte when I mention it as my previous place of residence. Granted the sample size is a few dozen tech-sector people in Seattle - not exactly representative of the whole population. - Very few people have been to Charlotte or know anyone that has - not exactly a tourist destination. - Basketball is the most commonly associated sport - though Tarheels, not the Bobcats - The food people wonder if the whole barbecue thing lives up to the hype (if you get it at the right place) -
  3. More infill along Park Rd: 1) Signs have been up for a couple weeks on a small infill project along Park Rd at the Park South triangle. - 13 townhome units where previously there had been 3 SFH sites. - http://www.thehamptonsatparksouth.com 2) Just north of the Park/Sharon intersection there are two SFH lots that are being redeveloped into ~10 unit new stub-street developments. No listed websites yet. I'm not sure how the developers arrived at this [low] level of density - it seems that building more structures like the LNR building at Tyvola/Fairview would bring the density r
  4. fyi - there's a grand opening event for the Design Within Reach tonight (Thursday) with food from the new M5 Mediterranean Grill next door
  5. Nice rendering - a huge improvement over what's there - however it would block my cube's view of downtown I'll get over it though - that block needs all the help it can get. From that rendering there only appears to be street level shops on Graham - it's interesting they'd shift the focus that way vs. Trade.
  6. ^ I concur- Roosters is good, even for what they charge. Went there with the significant other last week and we shared the following: The pork shoulder BBQ, though in an odd form factor (sliced as opposed to pulled) was very tasty - good tangy sauce as well. Spinach gnocchi were presented well and flavorful, though the cheese/cream sauce was a bit heavier than I would pair with it - halved cherry tomatoes, olive oil, and a generous shaving of reggiano are all any gnocchi need imo (see Il Posto a block away for proper gnocchi) The sauteed corn appetizer wasn't as caramelized as I was h
  7. The plan does appear to be somewhat cookie cutter in the current 'tear down, rebuild as strip-mall-with-condos' theme of suburban development, and I'm not sure that would work for that part of town. There is already a large existing housing stock in the mile surrounding the mall site, as well as (rather run down) retail along Central and Sharon Amity. This would be a good tie-in to the Middle Ring neighborhood discussion we had in a different thread. Central and Sharon Amity roads are important city streets and should be treated as such and planned around. Instead of redeveloping the lot
  8. ^ Check out the Food Bazaar or Mega Food Bazaar and the different Asian specialty grocers around town for a different spin on shopping for food - prices that range from cheaper than HT to really-surprisingly-cheap - along with a more diverse selection of produce (Using the aisle-o-peppers: fresh, dried, roasted you name it at the Food Bazaar stores as an example) - even though they're typically not located in the most convenient neighborhoods it's worth the short drive sometimes to find interesting food and save some cash. For daily groceries I tend to walk to the local HT, but when it co
  9. I hope Bombay Cuisine survives into the new food format for that building - that's one of my once a week lunch spots - in any case, this is a positive development that highlights what I think is one of the main problems with downtown Charlotte - narrow sidewalks that don't accommodate real-city foot traffic nor outdoor seating for a cafe/restaurant.
  10. I'll start with a few suggestions for my side of town: the South Charlotte wedge. Impacted Roads: Sharon, Park, South Blvd Problem: More dense growth in the South Park area, further southern expansion of the city out into Ballentyne - and a lot of these residents work downtown. Observations: During various commutes through this area there are some major intersection delays: Park/Fairview, Sharon/Fairview, South/East, South/Arrowood (on the Arrowood side). Also while construction is temporary, currently South Blvd is impacted by the light rail work and Park Road is being resurfaced
  11. Not to hate on this project, as it does look very impressive, but do the living/shopping demographics not really match up to anyone else - how many people that can afford $350psf - $450psf (at over 1000 ft^2) regularly shop at Marshalls? I tend to associate Marshalls with my under $100psf lifestyle
  12. I think the only non-meat things on the menu are the salads, and even those are optioned with chicken/steak... the menu is rather limited and very campy-sounding, but the food was good overall, and they have Trummer Pils on tap, which makes everything better. Other new restaurants: Beantown Tavern out in downtown Matthews by the library - yes, it's waaay out there, but it's in the walkable 4 blocks of Matthews, and the food is very good - esp. the crab cakes imo.
  13. Dessert Options: Take out for home enjoyment: Kalinka Ukranian Market - On Park Road Extension by the Park/51 intersection - lots of interesting pastries/cookies/chocolates, in addition to standard european market fare. Dine in: yes, it's in the Middle of Nowhere compared to downtown - but the Waldhorn (way out south blvd in Pineville) has some of the best desserts in the area, imo. Closer to town: Dolce Gelato near the Harris Teeter on East Blvd - they have a gelato counter, and now a dining room area in back. Chain but still good: Manzetti's (related to California Dreamin) at Sh
  14. nope - i'd probably defer to Greek Isles for that - Little Village is pretty directly a sandwich/pita place
  15. I'm also surprised no one has promoted Little Village Grill It's a very inexpensive quick sandwich/pita grill in Gateway Village - 700 Block of W. Trade. Great gyros - pretty good grilled chicken subs too. They're also in the running for best fries in Charlotte imo.
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