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  1. Does this mean demolition might begin again tomorrow?
  2. Ch 12 WPRI news just reported on it, I taped it and then wrote the quotes down... Janet Zwolinski of Preserve Rhode Island spoke in favor of the station which "would provide the community with real opportunities for economic development." "But the developer and neighborhood group advocating for the low income residents who live around here want a new pharmacy not a commuter rail station." -WPRI reporter "Residents in the neighborhood, the vast majority of them can not afford to take the commuter rail to Boston. They're not going to be taking the commuter rail to jobs where they're go
  3. NBC 10 also just mentioned it on one of those brief newsbreaks for the 11pm news tonight, sounds like the lead story.
  4. This is terrible. I had thought that since the station was over active railroad tracks it would have made this silent overnight demolition scenerio impossible. How can a building like this be torn down while making sure debris doesnt fall on the tracks below? I'll try to get pictures to post here but it probably wont be for a few days.
  5. i heard a "teaser" on the news that "a train station is being renovated and as a train station," they said more details would come monday morning but i take they are refering to this and that there will be some news coming out tomorrow about it.
  6. Anyone see the enormous and highly visable "Be Patriotic... Impeach Bush" billboard near the Thurbers Curve along I-95? It was put up by Carl Sheeler who is running for US senate on an impeachment platform. He is also a former Gulf War I Marine Veteran. http://www.carlsheeler.com/
  7. For a pawtucket station, wouldnt a station at the old Pawtucket Central Falls Train Station make more sense being that Pawtucket already has a suburban park & ride commuter rail station (South Attleboro)?
  8. So "by 2008" means Dec 2007? The North Kingston Station, is that the Kingston Station? Sounds Good... You'd be able to take commuter rail from Boston to NYC although you'd have to take 3 seperate trains. Somehow I wonder how this Kingston-New london link would happen... more disputes over how to pay for a service running into another state, plus that area around the CT/RI border isnt exactly the most populated area and also happens to be Acela's fastest stretch. Then again who knows this whole MBTA extension to Wickford could be delayed yet again if the Northeast Corridor is pr
  9. Any one know of any good off-the-beaten path neighborhoods/towns in the Boston area with great architecture? Ive been to Lowell, Watertown and Milton to name a few.
  10. will it be a park? any rough idea approximately when this might happen?
  11. I'd really like to see something on that empty land across from the mall (between it and the train station and across the street from the state house). From what I understand they dont want any buildings there so as to protect the views of the State House, therefore I think a park or garden of some type (like a Japanese, Chinese, English, Rose or Botanical, to throw out a few) would be great there which could also be a tourist attraction in itself, and put something attractive and useful on that dead spot.
  12. Not really sure where to post this but... Finally the WWII memorial in Memorial Park is coming together, they just installed 8 granite (or some other kind of stone) blocks engraved with what appear to be key battles. They might just finish the memorial this year.
  13. I was wondering what is going on with the Hartford-New Britain Busway? I heard it didnt get reccommended for FTA money earlier this year but is the project still on?
  14. The historic photos in Whole Foods of the dense historic neighborhood that was on the site before demolition make me not want to shop there (and I dont, I go to Eastside Market which is actually further away for me).
  15. Have you guys ever had any problems shooting pictures from parking garages? I always feel like a security guard is gonna give me crap for trespassing, maybe I'm just paranoid.
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