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  1. teshadoh

    James Island Reincorporation

    But there just isn't much left for James Island to annex, especially considering the whole concept of the city incorporation was due to all the remaining residents who didn't want to be in Charleston. I do notice a few scattered areas towards Folly Beach but other than that James Island is surrounded by Charleston.
  2. teshadoh

    Lupie's Cafe

    I hope they still are doing well - I loved Lupies too.
  3. teshadoh

    UNC Charlotte Football

    I wouldn't be surprised if there will be several more new FBS teams in the next 10 years that were previous commuter colleges without football that transitioned into major urban universities. UT San Antonio is one relatively new FCS team that will play FBS next year, as I noted years ago the college I went to Georgia State is now playing FCS & could be planning on a jump to FBS in the next several years. One thing that does seem to be common is that for these large universities, it doesn't matter at all if they are necessarily successful in FCS to jump to FBS, but they have deep financial pockets & can fill a 15-20k stadium.
  4. teshadoh

    SC Roads

    ^ Out of those projects, only the I-20 improvement in Aiken County truly sounds necessary. As long as the Dave Lyle extension idea has been proposed (I remember it from the 80's) it would only succeed in spreading sprawl westward to Lancaster County.
  5. teshadoh

    A Case for Changing SC's Annexation Laws

    Very interesting - besides the fact that I grew up a half mile south of the Miller Pond neighborhood & used to play there back when it was a cow pasture. I had no idea Old York Rd. was being developed, I'm honestly shocked that it is as developed as the article states it is. Regarding the article, I wouldn't be surprised they try to evade city water & use well water, since my neighborhood directly south had its own well. But it is absurd that anyone would consider it 'blackmail', when the developer signed an agreement that the city has the option to annex the subdivision. Not to mention most unincorporated RH residents routinely use city services, such as driving to city parks as there are none in the outlying subdivisions. Perhaps the state should at the very least provide cities with limited control over an extra-territorial jurisdiction which other southern states provide cities limited control. Then at least it would be fair warning to residents that they may very well be annexed in the future.
  6. teshadoh

    Google Earth

    FYI that is developed by Pictometry which uses specially equipped airplanes. The airplanes have multiple cameras attached at different wings & oddly enough the aerial images, which of course include the oblique imagery are relatively affordable for their scale.
  7. teshadoh

    South Carolina College Sports

    I actually was rather pleased with Clemson's performance - they hung in close & could have won the game. Also of course, ignoring the expectations from the beginning of the year, I consider what Dabo was able to pull together to be quite impressive - getting into a new year's bowl. But it didn't help that QB Harper ran like he had bricks tied to his feet & of course the offensive line is completely inept.
  8. teshadoh

    Rock Hill Projects & Developments

    Rock Hill like most cities have long embracced shopping centers, but I admit I'm surprised about a Dollar General & a Food Lion going in there. At least since the 80's Rock Hill had been planning for the Celanese exit at 77 to be a vastly improved entrance into the city than it had been. Sadly, I think we were a lot better off when we had a putt putt golf & 2 roll-a-rinks open instead. Still, there is so much road traffic there that I would have thought more retail interest would exist. Or maybe it's just the current state of the economy in SC?
  9. teshadoh

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    2007 estimates: Denver Aurora MSA is 2.4 million, Charlotte Gastonia Concord MSA is 1.6 million. Denver Aurora Boulder CSA is 2.9 million, Charlotte Gastonia Salisbury CSA is 2.2 million. Regarding municipal population, yes Charlotte is larger. Denver is a city - county government (no excuse - just saying).
  10. teshadoh

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    It was the ABC affiliate in Denver, channel 7.
  11. teshadoh

    Perception of Charlotte Nationwide

    Happened again - the ticker on this morning's tv news in Denver reported that the Broncos would be playing in "South Carolina" today.
  12. teshadoh

    South Carolina College Sports

    USC & Clemson fans aren't too far off in terms of sophistication. Both college's roots are in the same state and have more to do with an individual's background than any greater cultural or social geographic condition in the state. Clemson & USC fans can be both Vista hipsters in Columbia, old money socialites in Charleston or rednecks in Rock Hill (I had to call out RH ). The actual colleges on the other hand, aspire to be greater & both do succeed in that sense. I know it comes up all the time, which college is 'better', but considering both have different programs I think it's nearly impossible to truly do a side by side comparison of the two. The only real comparison possible is with out of state colleges, how does USC compare with UGA & UNC and how Clemson compares with NC State & Georgia Tech.
  13. teshadoh

    South Carolina College Sports

    Glad to hear Clemson has improved, not that I really noticed how it looked in the 80's since I was used to Rock Hill. Especially considering Clemson at least had a record store where I could buy Dead Kennedy albums. My last visit to Clemson though in the mid 90's, I definitely did find it dismal compared to other college towns like Athens. But I was also living in Atlanta so my expectations had changed.
  14. teshadoh

    South Carolina College Sports

    Spartan - sorry, but distortedlogic hit the nail on the head, USC football has long had an inferiority complex. Perhaps that is why I consider myself a semi-fan of USC despite being a fan of Clemson, because USC most often poses no threat to Clemson. Maybe it's the experience of someone that grew up with USC in a major football conference, for those that remember USC from the 70's & 80's as one of the few odd teams out & rarely ever going to a bowl game - USC fans typically never expected much success from them. There was the occasional bowl game & the occasional upset win - but typically (honestly - like it should be) USC games were just about having a good time & supporting their team despite what would likely occur. Now - Holtz & Spurrier hires made a big & bold statement that USC is committed to winning football. Overall, they are better & now they have a lot more support than they did in the 80's. I think that is something we can all agree with, but the inferiority complex is a lot tougher to overcome. It will take winning the SEC championship to overcome that (no small task). As for Clemson, overall - I would agree that USC has had a better year despite having similar records & conference records. But, speaking for fans - we've already fallen from the big cliff early in the season when we were humiliated by Alabama & were out of the ACC title race. Since the midseason, Dabo has managed to do the unthinkable - salvaged the season with a bowl game. No - it's not at all what our expectations were before the Alabama game, but I'll gladly take it.
  15. teshadoh

    Midtown Atlanta District Developments

    What a huge difference between the planned spartan Tokyo Hotel & the planned Mandarin!