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  1. Someone asked for something like this in one of the other forums so I thought Id put it here. I did this in Photoshop using some photos posted on this site - so I can't take much credit other than compiling them all together. This includes the proposed Westin Addition, the Gtech Headquarters, and the proposed Parcel 2 buildings at Waterplace park. Later I might fire up 3ds and Autocad and polish this up a bit with buildings that fit the perspective... for now Im at the mercy of the photos available. I also want to put some row houses or something along the river near the Amtrak line. Anyone know whats going up there? And anyone know about that parking lot downtown across from the Eastside? Id love to plug that up.
  2. When I first moved here every Rhode Islander I met swore up and down that that was the building used in the old Black and White Superman television show AND that it was ALSO the building used in Ghostbusters... After a while I grew to realize that Rhode Island is really something of its own paradoxical universe, where the laws of reality and logic need not apply. It is a land where cherubic mobsters with names like "Buddy" are re-elected Mayor from prison (only later to go back), where Mr Potato Head is a state official, where rivers are lit on fire and everyone claims that fricken building in downtown Providence was in every movie ever made. But, thats why we love this place. That and the Olneyville hot wieners - (which by the way, many Rhode Islanders have sworn to me are illegal in many states)
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