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  1. Drove by yesterday and the site was teeming with activity.
  2. I knew we weren’t knocking it out of the park in that category. Somehow missed that it has been “the biggest news story.” Maybe it it has been overshadowed by murders, riots and intrigue regarding Krispy-Kreme.
  3. Charlotte lowest social mobility among metros study. Distilled: born poor here, stay poor ... https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/08/raj-chettys-american-dream/592804/
  4. Dale


    Yep, more like Perimeter than Buckhead. South Park is our Buckhead.
  5. It’s germaine. I’m arguing that the economy is stable enough to go to 44 floors!
  6. Just when we were beginning to ...
  7. You this sort of feast or famine phenomenon all over the country.
  8. *unwarranted skipped heartbeat*
  9. What the reports never account for is the apocalyptic impulse almost peculiar to Americans.
  10. Throw you guys a bone ... I predict we’ll see the beginnings of the signs of a downturn December 2020.
  11. Lagging or heating up ? Do you WANT to have a recession ?
  12. If it’s any consolation, we were hearing this a year ago.
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