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  1. Headline: UCF’s Path to National Championship Gets Tougher
  2. Some of my California teammates had never even heard of Charlotte until they met me. Over/Under on the population we need to hit for everyone to know us. Okay, I’ll go: 4,000,000.
  3. For some reason, Dallas is one of those cities I expected not like, but liked a lot.
  4. I read seemingly everywhere that the Seattle crane count is either exaggerated or, if accurate, other cities are undercounted. Ex: I’ll bet Nashville has dozens.
  5. I actually just met a person who’s moved here from Charleston.
  6. Wow, I thought Charlotteans always approved referendums.
  7. Breaking: NYC vaults to #1. Subway rides are free. Simply jump the turnstile!
  8. True story: I work for a San Francisco area company. One of my Teammates out there asked me, “Are you anywhere close to ‘Rally’”?
  9. Willie, we hardly knew ye.
  10. It doesn’t have much retail, but it sure is banal.
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