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  1. There is no crash forthcoming.
  2. Pretty sure they chopped the height of the FTL project though.
  3. Dale

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    EpiCenter is for hooligans. But rumors are hot and heavy that an influx of high-end retail is coming.
  4. Developers to our request for more shopping: “No, No, No.”
  5. Dale

    FNB Tower 401 S Graham St

    Also left out: how much money have individual employees contributed.
  6. Dale

    Carolina Panthers

    Yep, I specifically referenced the last three passes, which were abysmal. The larger concern: low expectations for another year.
  7. Dale

    Carolina Panthers

    Not to suggest that the loss is on him, but awful passing by Cam at the end. Low confidence in this year's edition. But for Gano's golden leg, this team is 3-3 with all losses to losing teams.
  8. Dale

    The Good News Report

    South-shame is typically strong on forums like this. On one very popular page I've seen a strong movement to exclude Virginia, KY, TX, OK and even Florida from the South.
  9. Tried, but can’t make myself like it.
  10. Creative Village won’t hold a candle to Water Street. And to clarify, I am arguing that Water Street *by itself* will have more synergy than downtown Orlando.
  11. Well, Orlando needs to get going. Tampa's Water Street, by itself, may eclipse downtown Orlando for the kind of activity you're looking for.
  12. Thanks! Hope it's just a hiccup. DB can't win for losing.
  13. Hearing that construction on this has been halted and that developers and workers have quit. Think it may be from the News-Journal.
  14. Offhand, I'd say that Orlando is rapidly falling behind downtown Tampa. But to be fair, not many downtowns have bonafide attractions. Downtown Orlando is cursed with the "attractions' part. Say "Orlando" and people think attractions.
  15. Glassy is a welcome relief from all that Southpark.