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  1. I’m not. Affordability and jobs are hipster-hip.
  2. Ha! It was a little crazy around midnight. But I literally parked the rental, dropped the keys, was on a shuttle and back to my car in under 15 minutes. Also noticed, flying out, that security was tons more relaxed for some reason.
  3. Just another one of those little experiences that has me appreciating what we have: as my flight from Cleveland to CLT was cancelled yesterday, due to obvious reasons, I rented a car to drive home. Based on the next available flight out, I reckoned that I could drive home just as quickly. The Cleveland rental center was a ten minute bus ride from the terminal. By contrast, at CLT, you drive into a garage, park the car and walk into terminal. Easy-Peasy.
  4. Driving back into town, last night, I noticed that nearly every streetlight on 485 Outer was out from 77 to exit 57. I hope this was due to the storm and not a normal state of affairs.
  5. Getting bigger and bigger ... https://www.thenextmiami.com/vertical-medical-city-developer-bids-115m-for-biscayne-boulevard-land-tallest-building-height-of-1050-feet-proposed/
  6. Well, I had predicted the 40 story old folks home had a better chance than this.
  7. Prediction: the “progressive” faction will atrophy, whereas the Biblical faction will thrive. This is almost an invariable pattern among the denominations over the decade. Witness the implosion of the Presbyterian Church USA since the 1970’s. Progressive Methodists long regarded the Africans the fruit of their global compassion ... until they found a voice. When asked why our own UMC had to endure schism, it’s attendant upsets, our away-from-Bible leaning pastor shrugged his shoulders, smirked and muttered, “It’s the Africans.”
  8. Orange Man Bad is streamlining unwieldy regulations. He loves the planet more than you do. China build quicker, fall down quicker.
  9. Sorry, don’t think I want to take many notes from China.
  10. What’s that on top of Ally ? Particle board ?
  11. Having salted away little fish Orlando, Ponte going bigger in Miami ... https://www.thenextmiami.com/700-foot-vertical-medical-city-being-planned-on-biscayne-boulevard-valued-at-2-1b/
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