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    Gainesville projects

    As memory serves, the height restriction is 15 stories, passed recently, in reaction to the 26st. Midtown Gainesville proposal, which, ironically, went belly-up. By the way, as a native Gainesvillian, I'd have to agree with a lot of what you said.
  2. Dale


    ^ I actually like this design. And one thing's for sure. Afer this particular boom, Tally will certainly be, shall we say, well-gabled ?
  3. I was channel-surfing last night, happened upon our public access channel, and the county planning board was discussing the Orlando World Marriot Expansion Plan. Anyone know anything about this ?
  4. Haven't there been doomsday prognostications about water shortage for decades ?
  5. Dale


    Thanks ! Looking forward to an update.
  6. Dale


    ^ That's pretty cool ! Is Plaza Tower under construction now ?
  7. Having live in Daytona, and near Charlotte, I'd be happy with either one. Kansas City would just be wrong, though.
  8. Dale

    The Vue

    It will encourage you Charlotteans to know that Churchill is building its Orlando project pretty much on time and without the city incentives extended to other projects. In fact, it's had a significantly quicker timetable than one particular project that got millions from the city.
  9. Unless I'm mistaken, this project would be less subject to controversy.
  10. I don't think this was as much a height restriction as it was homeowners in the area objectiong to the height. Tibor Hollo, as you may know, is planning a 42 st. tower (the old Tropicana site).
  11. Dale

    Gainesville projects

    The URL doesn't work for me, but it's two buildings of 8 and 7 stories across from campus. Should break ground in a few weeks. www.ucorners.com
  12. Dale

    Gainesville projects

    tivo - The Seagle Building, downtown, remains the tallest, then Beatty Towers. Actually, the Seagle is a distinguished building.
  13. Dale

    Gainesville projects

    Isn't that the pits ? This Gainesvillian gets his hopes up for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a true highrise in his hometown, a project so controversial that it illicits a height cap for future such projects, then the project dies...but the height cap it fosters remains ! Oh well, may be sour grapes, but the design was pretty chintzy. Looked like something better built in Kuala Lumpur.
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