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  1. On problems accruing from faulty test ... https://blog.plan99.net/pseudo-epidemics-7603b2da839 Implications of the Covid Peak anomaly ... https://www.researchgate.net/profile/D-Rancourt/publication/343775235_Evaluation_of_the_virulence_of_SARS-CoV-2_in_France_from_all-cause_mortality_1946-2020/links/5f3ee787299bf13404d860dc/Evaluation-of-the-virulence-of-SARS-CoV-2-in-France-from-all-cause-mortality-1946-2020.pdf?origin=publication_detail
  2. Fair question. I’m saying that, owing to a deeply-flawed testing regime, we cannot know and perhaps will never know. The test cannot distinguish between active infections and dead remnants, so attribution of death is dubious. Also, deaths due to public strategies have to be factored into excess deaths. I would say that insofar as death counts are being used to justify NPI’s ... sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Or what would Americans had been told, in March, that 2020 might end up looking like a bad flu season ?
  3. Alternative perspectives pilloried and de-platformed. Then derided as ‘poorly sourced’ because they’re reduced to delivering findings via horseback. CDC reports “Deaths Involving Covid.” In all, lightening deaths involved Covid. Hanging deaths involved Covid. Accidental injuries and poisonings involved Covid. Car crashes involved Covid. Gunshot wounds involved Covid. Basically, nobody died before. Then Covid came and everybody started dying from it.
  4. “Regardless the severity of the pandemic, under no circumstances do we recommend quarantining the healthy. There is nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the virus. Everybody hide. Stay home and pretend you’re sick. We must be brave. We will fight them in the air. We will fight them on the beaches. Don’t go to the beaches. The public has no business wearing masks. Everyone must wear a mask. Wear two. Wear goggles if you have them. All we’re asking is two weeks to help the hospitals. We must eradicate the virus. We’re now in day 335 of 14 days to flatten the curve.” ”And if you disagree with the above, you’re being POLITICAL.”
  5. We’ve not witnessed the monomaniacal focus, on a perceived health concern, as we have on Covid. In 2009 the CDC ordered something on the order of a million testing kits. At one point, in 2020, Americans were up to TWO-MILLION tests a day. Given the spectacular unreliability of HT-PCR > 35 CT, Covid was being assigned to nearly everyone, living or dead. Science: “Appreciate that observation. Had not anticipated that. I’ll make the correction.” Science in 2020: “BWA-HA-HA! I’ll bet you believe there were dinosaurs on the ARK!!!”
  6. Science: “Thanks for that observation. I’ll take it into account.” Science in 2020: “WTAF ??? You ******** Trump supporter!!!” I’ve never been a Trump-lover. But it’s obvious that Trump-haters are gnashing their teeth that FL is outperforming NY, CA and other blue states. First-ever politicized virus.
  7. When hating Trump is what you do ... everybody begins to look like Trump. BTW: I follow the U.K. for two reasons: (1) its contours are uncannily like ours and (2) they have better medical data. Their hospitalizations were WAY down during the worst month of April. Remember bored nurses dancing on TikTok ? At the same time, at-home deaths spiked. No doubt Brits were taking “Stay Home, Protect NHS” to heart. Deaths from untreated heart attacks, strokes, etc., likely contributed a greater share of ‘excess deaths’ than Covid deaths in hospitals.
  8. No, I’m more inclined to believe that Covid deaths are wildly exaggerated than slightly undercounted. Death certificates are accessible to the public. The attacks on DeSantis are bizarre, given that FL is the second-oldest state, but with the eleventh fewest excess deaths over 70. FL has outperformed states like NY and CA on every metric. Back to Covid estimations: attribution of death is often challenging in the best of times. A wildly unreliable testing regime, not to mention psychological sunk costs, had the world looking for Covid everywhere and in everyone. Never in history has there been an hysterical, monomaniacal focus, on one perceived health concern, to the exclusion of all else. Back to FL ... https://rationalground.com/florida-death-certificate-review-raises-questions-about-official-number-of-covid-19-deaths/
  9. Tens of billions of private dollars suggests the Olympics will go on. But the Japanese public seems terror-stricken. Upwards of 80% want them cancelled.
  10. My favorite Covid death was the 35 year old FL roofer. Struck by lightening. Thrown to the ground. Many bones broken. Massive internal injuries. Severed spine. Brain dead. Died of Covid. Honorable mention: the dozens of hanging deaths attributed to Covid. https://alachuachronicle.com/local-covid-19-death-certificates-all-show-multiple-co-morbidities/
  11. I surmise that the virus blew through Asia before anyone had a chance to panic. Japan is a nation of 126 million that has been driven mad over a few thousand deaths.
  12. You may have missed where I submit that, had Covid never been ‘discovered’, we’d have experienced a normal deaths year. Per the CDC, the virus was in the US in Dec 2019, if not earlier. The US was winding up back-to-back mild winter burdens of death. On March 11 came the ominous declaration from the WHO. Panic and chaos turned hospitals and nursing homes into killing fields. NPI’s killed a goodly percentage of the rest of the excess deaths.
  13. Apologies, may have been off a month: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.09.21.20198796v1 Also, cross-immunity accruing from past severe flu seasons (which also were not stopped by masks).
  14. Your YouTube does not note that we should mark 2020 as the year scientists pretended we could hide from an aerosolized, submicroscopic particle.
  15. No nation is more mask-compliant than Japan. And serology studies indicated that nearly half of Japanese had been infected by June 2020. The virus had likely blown through Asia before anyone had a chance to panic.
  16. Do you believe people who didn’t wear masks murdered your departed loved one ?
  17. In my neck of the woods, whenever I’ve gone out, months on end, EVERYBODY is wearing a mask. Turns out mask-mandates are as effective as building a chain link fence around a mosquito swamp,
  18. In another grim milestone, surpassing 100,000 Covid deaths under Biden. That’s nearly as many Americans as died in WWI. Hey guys, am I doing this right ?
  19. I get it. It’s been a short run for you.
  20. Yeah, true Southerners know what it really means.
  21. I can’t imagine how agitated you’d be if there was one more dissenter on this thread.
  22. Ironically, this yahoo pretty much epitomizes tone-deaf government. In the early going, the politicians who were busily destroying livelihoods, via draconian Covid restrictions, were bleating things like: “Well, get a job at a grocery store!”
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