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  1. Sorry, cycles come and go. And there was nothing in the fundamentals that had doomsayers staring into a dark impending abyss. When AIDS hit, C Everett Coop had 100 million dying by 2000 without a vaccine. There were Jeremiads about the extinction of humanity. No wholesale panic. No lockdowns. Life went on. 8,000 Americans die every day. And viruses come and go. But I predict that historians are going to look back on our time as The Great Hysteria.
  2. Just a minor point, but I find myself increasingly irritated with this seeming refusal to differentiate between the virus, and the reaction to the virus, as the cause of the lightening-swift and thoroughgoing demolition of the economy.
  3. Confirmed: virtue signal received. What is truly vile is your cower-in-place advocacy which effects will almost certainly kill more than the virus. Don’t like my numbers ? Wait until we see your numbers! Pennsylvania ... More COVID deaths over age 100 than under age 45. More COVID deaths over age 95 than under age 60. More Covid deaths over age 85 than under age 80. Rationale: have to destroy economy to save Grandma. Result: destroyed economy AND killed Grandma.
  4. Had we done nothing, I mean NOTHING, each American might have lost 2 to 5 days of life, on average, would still have their jobs and 401k’s and not beholden to the modern day equivalent of duck-and-cover drills. That would have put people like me 2 to 5 days closer to heaven with Pandemians losing just 2 to 5 days of knowing what’s best for others. Of your ‘success stories’, Germany is likely to pay a heavy price for its lockdowns. Oh, and Brave New World: https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/08/health/germany-south-korea-easing-coronavirus-measures-intl/index.html
  5. I’d love to have UCF in the SEC. But UCF fans would have to adjust to getting beaten up and losing 4 to 5 games a year.
  6. Historians will look back on this as The Great Hysteria.
  7. While on the subject, to accentuate: Federal Reserve says that 40% of households earning less than $40,000 lost their jobs in March.
  8. Well, we already know the lockdowns are exacerbating said inequalities.
  9. Very sad. And mark well: this isn’t the result of the virus, but rather the reaction to the virus.
  10. We nuked our cities for a bug problem.
  11. Hearkens back to the Atlantic’s “Death of a Once Great City.” There, NYC was in view. But these days I’m hard-pressed to think of a truly ascendant American city. Maybe when the dust clears a Houston or Dallas will lead the way.
  12. Notice how the goalposts have changed. We were asked to take a knee, so as to spare the healthcare system. We did that. Hospitals were never close to being overwhelmed. And this not due to destroying the economy. Lockdowns were affected after cases began to drop. Now we’re commanded to cower in place so we can ramp up testing. And testing centers are closing, likely because the lockdown strategy has killed off the frail elderly and so few are sick. Now they’ve cancelled Oktoberfest. Isn’t that in October ?
  13. We’re WAY past the hump, but are holding on to hope. Fully three weeks ago be like: Virus: “Watch me, I’m bell-curving.” Dept of Pandemia: “No you’re not, we’re stopping you!”
  14. You mean any already deeply-battered business that pulls up stakes and leaves because it doesn’t want to pay markedly higher taxes ?
  15. I guess the growth was fun while it lasted ? https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2020/04/28/cooper-enormous-32-tax-hike-needed-to-endure-covid.html
  16. I asked my wife the same question. Normal living is the new driving south of the border for gas.
  17. This flailing at protestors is both tone deaf and pathetic. Tone deaf because it’s easy to be dismissive when YOU have a job. And pathetic in your failure to grasp that the reason they stand unmasked, hip-to-hip, is that they don’t embrace your fear narrative.
  18. Earlier assailed with: “not the flu” Seroprevalence study: “yes the flu” https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.04.14.20062463v1
  19. BBC News: U.K. reaches grim milestone: as of today, cumulative dead from Covid-19 today exceeds yesterday’s total. Epidemiologists scrambling to understand how this could have happened ... Beloved 81-year old playwright cut down in prime of life by Covid-19. Friends shocked. Say the life-long smoker was doing fine with lung cancer and COPD ... from the front lines: distraught 27-year old nurse says she’s never seen anything like this virus. Says even the 1940 Blitz wasn’t as severe ... and from the hinterlands: 13-year old boy who died in 2017 killed again by Covid-19.
  20. In three weeks, our National Soft House Arrest Program has wiped out 70% of a decade’s job growth. Initial jobs lost has doubled total jobs lost during the Great Recession, peak to trough. Silver lining: reports of miles long food lines appear to be bogus. The six-foot rule is artificially extending food line length.
  21. I would. Peak deaths Apr 7th 112 ... yesterday: 11. Interestingly, supposedly ‘godless’ Sweden has markedly less fear of the virus than any of 31 countries surveyed. It’s almost like people key off the reactions of their government. Hmm ...
  22. Or we could have refused to panic, like Sweden. No shutdown. Deaths plummeting. Two weeks ago: Democrat governors scrambling to lock down their states. Last week: fingers to political wind. This week: scrambling to reopen their states.
  23. Better read this before it gets taken down. People all over the world ... rushing indoors ... to get the virus ... so much for shutting down arguments ... https://medium.com/@tepper_jonathan/ground-zero-when-the-cure-is-worse-than-the-disease-3c513d91393d
  24. That this was a virus so uniquely pernicious virus that we had to seed something at least as bad as 2008 and perhaps as bad as the Great Depression ... ... and I wear the tinfoil hat. And please don’t come back with the mindless “lives or jobs” meme.
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