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    tallahassee fla
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    Art (painting/sculture) and writing (shrot story/ poetry). i intend on being a modenr day DaVinci and with my combinations of education adn ADD i think i am on the right track... wanna go ride a bike.. jk
  1. ►Tallahassee Photo of the Day◄

    That is a great shot!
  2. Welcome to UrbanPlanet Tallahassee

    He was crazy... used to drive all crazy chasing people down in cars just to chat (Thomasville!!) I miss my grand prix....
  3. Tallahassee Regional Airport

    i would love to see an authority
  4. ►Tallahassee Photo of the Day◄

  5. ►Tallahassee Photo of the Day◄

    where is that one from?! Its a good one fo sho!
  6. ►Tallahassee Photo of the Day◄

    Reflections is an amazing shot... Is that The Res back near the behind of the Jr Museum?
  7. TallySheet

  8. TallySheet

    A plane crash in an urban setting.... interesting surprise to a friday night!
  9. TallySheet

    Has any one noticed how... ummm... frustrated the capitol complex seems. A little bit blue.
  10. ►Tallahassee Photo of the Day◄

    Think 4th dimensionally FLA! Come on man! I am a poet you know?!?! Squint really, really hard and you might just see it there! Are you doing it? Can you see it reflected in Turlington's Paines? Can you!?
  11. ►Tallahassee Photo of the Day◄

    Sometimes i guess i can be a little lazy with my posts... LOL- But i type so fast... And have so little time... sigh... But Yes, the Performing Arts Center!
  12. TallySheet

    I would totally do that... Maybe not quite to his extent. But build myself a little Wayside Stories house. With the master Bedroom with a penthouse view, and spiral stairs down the center into the master bath! So hot. I must stop!
  13. ►Tallahassee Photo of the Day◄

    If you squint really hard you can see the PAC and the gulf (though i heard one of them is a myth!)
  14. Tallahassee Regional Airport

    it seemed like more than normal small jet traffic today. During my lunch hour i saw at least 6 jets pass quite low and loudly. Not so loud that i might complain, but loud enough i counted the passings! They had two engines mounted on the back. Maybe just someone practicing landing and take-offs. You never know in tallahassee.
  15. ►Tallahassee Photo of the Day◄