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  1. He was crazy... used to drive all crazy chasing people down in cars just to chat (Thomasville!!) I miss my grand prix....
  2. where is that one from?! Its a good one fo sho!
  3. Reflections is an amazing shot... Is that The Res back near the behind of the Jr Museum?
  4. A plane crash in an urban setting.... interesting surprise to a friday night!
  5. Has any one noticed how... ummm... frustrated the capitol complex seems. A little bit blue.
  6. Think 4th dimensionally FLA! Come on man! I am a poet you know?!?! Squint really, really hard and you might just see it there! Are you doing it? Can you see it reflected in Turlington's Paines? Can you!?
  7. Sometimes i guess i can be a little lazy with my posts... LOL- But i type so fast... And have so little time... sigh... But Yes, the Performing Arts Center!
  8. I would totally do that... Maybe not quite to his extent. But build myself a little Wayside Stories house. With the master Bedroom with a penthouse view, and spiral stairs down the center into the master bath! So hot. I must stop!
  9. If you squint really hard you can see the PAC and the gulf (though i heard one of them is a myth!)
  10. I Like the talks of a bike race DT aswell for bringing folks into our area! I hope they spend!
  11. Great Shot SPC! I usually only get that shot within a glimpse doing 55! Definatly a great representation of the weather and economy!
  12. Have you gotten up there recently FL or is that an archived shot?! I havent been up there since 1998, i think!
  13. I was hoping to see your shot today... or soon... my camera, as always, is not so good... lol!
  14. last weekend...sadly. It takes me a long time to go from A to B! The view from fsu parking garage under construction should be nice aswell...
  15. The view from FAMU!!!! That is amazing! I was so hoping to get a glance at some DT Excitement today! wtg fl!
  16. csmurphy8885


    Post Script. Perhapes instead of another open air market full of sweaty tallahasseans and tourist needing a break between pcola and jville, He should use his land to build a small footprinted, multi story mall. That way it can have a/c, a multi level parking facility, and a decrease in the amount of impermeable surface... plus, its got to be harder to steal within a mall indoors. That way it has something else, something to make it worth the drive for people who live in a much closer proximity to the other projects... Does he own the land east of I10 also? If not then who...
  17. csmurphy8885


    I already expect the 40acres in chaires my family has lived on for generations to grab a staggeringly better price in a couple of years. I have seen alot of folks dividing up thier lands in the area. Though i am sure the increase in population helped spur the retail some... I bet most of them wished they could've waited a little to sell. I hope, at least, that prices will be higher after some of this growth. That land is my parents' retirement.
  18. Give her a taller backdrop (or up throw?!) in the form of a nice tall building that incorporates the ticker! Maybe some down under parking and a ground level post office... yeah baby!
  19. That is a great one for sure... that clock building has a ton of potential!
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