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  1. Four Seasons Town Centre

    Welcome to the Internet's very own UrbanPlanet! I hope you enjoy your stay here. In response to what you said about Four Seasons, I kind of agree with you. While Four Seasons is far from my favorite mall, I would like to see Four Seasons make a comeback. It just hasn't been the same since the late '90s renovation, especially when GGP bought the mall. I'm not sure what could be done, but I would like to see something... anything.
  2. Greensboro Urban Loop (Painter Boulevard)

    It's the DOT. They can take as long as they want.
  3. Four Seasons Town Centre

    That doesn't sound good. I went there a few Saturdays ago and was disappointed in the way that FYE is now.
  4. Greensboro Urban Loop (Painter Boulevard)

    I am kind of steamed about this. I have been looking forward to this new I-40 route since 2000. Now it has happened, but now they want to change it back? Can't there be some type of compromise and a better solution to minimize the noise on the new southwestern loop without putting I-40 back in Greensboro and Death Valley?
  5. Hanes Mall

    I haven't been to Hanes Mall since March 12, 2008. Wonderful mall it is. I might go there more often once I start driving. Last time I was there, I got sad when I noticed that Suncoast Video and Auntie Ann's Pretzels were gone. I sure do like FYE (Former Camelot Music) though.
  6. Greensboro Urban Loop (Painter Boulevard)

    I took a ride on the new part this afternoon. You can take a look at the pictures I took here.
  7. Greensboro Urban Loop (Painter Boulevard)

    Actually, it really did open February 21, 2004.
  8. Greensboro Urban Loop (Painter Boulevard)

    That's funny. I've never heard about that proposed road.
  9. Greensboro Urban Loop (Painter Boulevard)

    I took a ride on the new segment of the loop this afternoon. It was cool! It really had that urban big city feel to it with all of its lanes and signs. But the biggest thing that caught my attention were the extensive use of Interstate 73 shields. One of them actually didn't make any mention of the word "Future". You can take a look at the pictures I took here.
  10. Greensboro Urban Loop (Painter Boulevard)

    Here's the web article. News 2 Article
  11. Greensboro Urban Loop (Painter Boulevard)

    I just saw it on News 2 11:00 News a moment ago. I'll let this smiley demonstrate what I am currently doing right now.
  12. Greensboro Urban Loop (Painter Boulevard)

    I rode through that interchange yesterday evening. I took a few pictures, but the eastbound pictures didn't come out because it was dark. All I can say is, I'm getting pretty excited.
  13. Four Seasons Town Centre

    I definitely agree with you there. Heh, I guess I wasn't the only one who noticed that misspell. So anyway, on topic, Four Seasons isn't a bad mall, but I'd personally prefer a trip to Hanes Mall or Friendly Center for shopping.
  14. Greensboro Urban Loop (Painter Boulevard)

    On the way home from Winston-Salem today, I spotted a new sign on the future beltway. It was near a bridge going over I-40 which will be I-840 East. Since I was unable to take a picture of it, I recreated it with Kurumi's SignMaker. Yes, Friendly Ave. was spelled that way on the real sign. This is getting exciting!
  15. Hanes Mall

    Very nice pictures! Hanes Mall is definately my favorite non-dead mall.